The 338 Ultra Improved is almost the same as a 338 Edge. .338 Lapua Magnum Handloading Data reloading data with 141 loads. All Palmetto Reloading Gear/Accessories! x��}w|T�����e�M��F�M�HB���$DzK�H��RD0� ��"��&QPA��ذ���)����}��&�ؾ����lx�^Μ9���M FD�4�$j߮S�ڷ���)�ܾ�{�jz,/����%��0���7U� Rr�8��������F�݁�& �8��$��g�h����}�m�-��w�^�AH�{ط/Q��+ >n��%�'"�e.ٷ7�G�V��%�������_���׈�&�֌9v�Q1��)��Qc��j���?��K�X>)�)�+u�"�2iw�}�5�{�2�\��e�2�jZ���m��ٍ�ʇ�n��� ۝J��_��x��d��H@�4"�\�y��LIVT��{y����[��CB��#"�*DW��cb���+W����T�z���jש[�~��ɍ�-n٪u�#mڶkߡc��]�v���ޣgΣ�r{S����8h�Æ�9j�����Oxl��S�N������f?1�ɹ�ʛ�`���K�^�̲��>��yzq�K�V�Y�n����6oٺMھc���]��������_=��뇏�Ao=���'O�s�̻�?���}B�}~��/��k��T-Iә��R;i�4^�.�I�5һ�ϲ��N R����5�n����oE��6*>^�/U���o�[�-����͖m�a˱M����}h;o�e�ks�����x{M{]{#{���=���}��q�3�}���1JLPLXLlL|L���1�c�y"fY��X����Ɔ�F��b��&ƶ�����VGL��8�8k\p\x\��JqIqu�R��͈{"n^܂��qk���;w(�h����>��&>%>5�y|n|���C�G& Oz�zئ�M��{���kr�ٽ�{�\�a�r������N���^'M�� oI뤳�/���^�T�(g�����>��Hg�7�+ޱ�-�f������m���۶s�/lwl?���$�kۓKx3�ɷ��xx��M��N1=�����7�=�ɍ�g���7�i_›���q[Kxs << /CharSet (/one/two/three/four/five) endstream Unfortunately that powder is not readily available around here, and hazmat and shipping costs make ordering it very expensive. /ItalicAngle 0 endstream It had a 26 inch barrel. << Load Data: 338 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc. Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles. /FontDescriptor 6 0 R 338 Lapua Magnum Load Data; 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 358 Winchester Load Data; 350 Remington Magnum Load Data; 35 Whelen Load Data; 358 Norma Magnum Load Data; 358 Shooting Times Alaskan (STA) Load Data; 9.3×74 R Load Data; 9.3 X 62 Mauser Load Data; 9.3x64mm Brenneke Load Data; I need to find a longer range to really test this gun out. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The VV is good clean burning powder but expensive and can be temp sensitive. endobj The return springs were missing from both the seating die and the neck sizing die. Does anyone have a recipe for the .338 with either of these powder brands? I also forgot to add to use Federal Match 215M primers. /CapHeight 674 I will suggest to only use Lapua brass. /Length1 33433 /FontBBox [-157 -250 1126 952] *Recommended Powder C Compressed Load 4 265-grain LRX BT Sectional Density .331 Ballistic Coefficient .575 ;�˫�5��P���o�9������鉄Vc�Z����������8�bE�БN�u�t���/�'�_M7^�����E��h�k,K��>+��U4*��|^"��C%��em�$ S��;�T��5�Aפ�h������m0����x>Wx��/$�WU��m��I��STsgOˀ�Θ�1��b�Ϸ�� �iT�Ӊ�Y=���Ef�B�����a��q�����(h��nK� �%I�h\"}�Ԇ��˚�.����ߕ�^�A����x9`�

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