Parkwood Estate also has some great history and creepy vibes I parts. landed on the property and began their new lives. Ghostly activity here includes the sounds of a large feast being prepared, music, footsteps and more. Abandoned Places? 53 miles from the center of Oshawa, ON. Imagine being a young girl, running. I’ve seen an abandoned building connected to vacant land. They were also buried in the cemetery, which was the first Loyalist Cemetery. share. Not known to many, this location can be found behind the Minacs and GM office building on Col. Sam Drive in Oshawa. Our fantastic guide Zac was spooky, engaging…” more, “I went to this attraction last year and I would say it is one of the best Halloween events in North America. Press J to jump to the feed. Abandoned Places in Oshawa Click to Browse. On December 2, 1919,  Ambrose Small disappeared and was never seen  or heard from again. For more information on the village, visit their website at A Haunting is History Waiting to be Heard! Jester's Court Pub and Eatery, a former private residence, is believed to be haunted. The Oshawa Community Museum and Archives are made up of 3 individual Museums: The Guy House, The Robinson House and The Henry House. This historic community club has been in existence for over a century, and is believed by many patrons to be haunted by an evil entity. One of the best known haunts in Durham Region, Jester's Court is home to a handful of ghosts as well as some very delicious food. While the church closed in 1890, the cemetery is still in use. World War I hero and Victoria Cross recipient Charles Rutherford, who ... At the Hockey Hall of Fame, once a bank building, the apparition of a teller named Dorothy makes appearances in her 19th-century attire. The unseen presence has been known to smash plates, move furniture around and scream. It now operates as a historic house museum of 1860s Victorian life. We were the only two people there and it was a quiet, sunny, Sunday afternoon. I’ve actually seen a ghost or some kind of entity there. An apparition of the Grim Reaper, cold chills, and voices also have been reported here. Near the bottom is the Cave of the Evil ... My husband and I pulled onto Woodchuck Alley and found an old cemetery there. Keg Mansion is said to be haunted by Lillian, a maid who hanged herself in 1915 on the premises. Books falling off shelves, papers blowing off tables nowhere near a window or heating/intake vents, etc. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario at Lakeview Park in Oshawa (1450 Simcoe St. S), each building is said to hosts its own paranormal activity. The Kempenfelt Bay area has been active with UFO sightings, a lake monster called Kempenfelt Kelly, and ghost lights (will-o'-the-wisps). But there were a few specific incidents that really spooked me; sitting in the basement watching tv and hearing someone banging on the patio door that was less than 10 feet away. The Pickering Museum Village is a multi-building location that has been hosting many visitors, both living and dead. Sutton, the Bala Bay Inn is located in the picturesque town of Bala, Ontario. In the quaint, little town of Greenwood, Ontario, sits a little village all of its own. There used to be an old farmer's silo around the Harmony Valley conservation area that I believe is now long gone due to suburbia. I know it’s a long shot but I figured reddit wasn’t exactly the worst place I could ask so lol. Oshawa Creek Family Golf Center: 3 42 1 The Neilson House: 1 22 Thornton House: 1 25 White Carpet House: 1 24 Winchester Abandoned House: 1 21 Winchester House: 4 47 Witnesses at the Omni King Edward Hotel have experienced unexplained sounds, elevators that seem to operate by themselves and playful activity with the faucets and toilets in the ladies' restroom. Built on the banks of the Napanee River in 1826, it was the first private home to be built of the north side of that river. Located in the south end of Oshawa, this building has seen some tragic events. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. She was employed by its owner, industrialist Hart Massey. The blue misty ghost at Merritton Tunnel, aka Blue Ghost Tunnel, has been known to touch or push people or even make them violently ill. Life inside these walls was nothing like they made it seem. Another local ... Glendon College, a bilingual liberal arts college with about 3,000 students, lies on what was once the 1900s estate of well-known financier Edward Rogers Wood. Built in the 1900's, this house sits on a property that once had a private hospital located on it. This location can be found in the South end of Whitby, Ontario, near the shoes of Lake Ontario.

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