He will sit on a groove and stay there. They'd gone from red clay players to extraterrestrials - down-to-earth to out-of-this-world - in the span of two albums. Forever ever? The idea of life for André, on this album itself, weighed heavily on his writing in comparison to Big Boi’s, and it was in the fearful, introspective tale of a girl he hoped to one day save that we the listeners started to understand just how conflicted a person André was by this point. "Even though we have differences we can be better human beings, more united human beings, more loving human beings, equal human beings, just human beings. And Ray says it was a play off of a "Wonder Woman" [TV show] sample. 1 spot on the U.S. It was pulled from “SpottieOttieDopalicious.” J. Cole sampled the same track for his own 2010 single “Who Dat,” also lifting the beat of “Da Art of Storytellin’, Pt. Their Lifetime biopic The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel became the highest-rated movie on the network. He'd go into his world and just get down. Andre 3000: It was a groovy kinda thing. So he was doing his verse, and we were just passing the Hennessy back and forth. Wheres Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik was chaotic and almost unsure of where its own confidence was leading, Aquemini challenged that bravado at every turn with tales of paranoia and terror. Sleepy Brown, Deep albums cuts: “Return of the 'G,'” “Aquemini,” “SpottieOttieDopaliscious," "Slump". Go ahead, imagine it. He started playing these chords and then we all started vibing out and kicking in, and what you have there is the jam session. Who says a player can't trade his Braves fitted for a polyester turban without getting his ghetto pass revoked? Towards the end, around the time we got ready to do this album, we just cut our dreads off. It was the counterpart to "West Savannah," so with different albums we might throw like a bonus in there for the listeners, to give them something that's nostalgic of the times and Dre said, "We need to throw that 'West Savannah' on the record." There was very little overdub involved. And the Lord just gave me that. And if you start with 'Y'all Scared' you're going to get graded on everybody else who is on that song. I just call what I do [on guitar] tinkering around. There was Hennessy, there was some other stuff, and everybody just kicked it for a minute and it just worked out. Mr. DJ: That was one of the first tracks Big [made]. Cool Breeze was the guy that coined [the term] "Dirty South." I remember Erykah being in there with them. Location matters more than you might think. But Masada got a chance because she was talented. It's been five years [since I've been playing], but back then I was just doing stuff with my mouth.

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