Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. The weird fence next to the shop is a feeding station. Please choose a different date. In 2004 15 sheep on a nearby property were taken by a mountain lion, or perhaps a breeding pair. That was the first I had ever heard on the subject and I never really believed him until the morning that animal crossed the road in front of me. Study of Lion Demographics in the Black Hills. The neighborhood, which backs up to nearby hillsides north of the 101 Freeway, is in the thick of mountain lion territory. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. The colors went from something like a chestnut brown on the head and upper half of its body to a much darker brown toward the rear and rather long tail. Neighbor James Maddoz reported hearing his dogs barking and coyotes howling during the night. "An adult will kill one deer a week," Nicholson said. "If we can find a freshly-killed animal, we can set a snare. The following is an article from the Moab Times Independent newspaper published January 21, 2005: Loved walking across the bridge. Also in November the division received a report of cougar tracks in the wetlands. A few months ago a Mosquito Abatement guy working behind the shop came upon a mountain lion walking toward him on the trail. He was tranquilized and released into Gold Basin. Use of this site signifies agreement to terms of use.      Two cougars were spotted about 200 yards from a Riversands Drive home last Friday morning in the most recent of about half a dozen big cat reports since November. We are both from “away” but have vacationed here for the past decade. Which brings us to mosquitos. They are massive blades like a rigid garden rake, only larger. Good parking spaces and restroom available. "There are two ways we can deal with it - with a trap or with hounds and a tranquilizer gun. It was…, The Girls’ Inc. and Health Connections Programs, both operated by Youth and Family Services in Rapid City, have been awarded a grant of $100,000 by…, In 1920, Congress certified the 19th Amendment, giving women in the United States the right to vote – in 1971, Congress declared that August 26th…. Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Evans said the mountain lion was expected to “head back into the hillsides” Saturday night. Mountain Lion Range and Habitat Information. A domestic cat in a trap is agitated and afraid, but the stress of containment and manipulation is life threatening to a wild animal. Bo Yerxa: It was the fall of 1970, just after dawn. Skunks and badgers do what you let them do to your house. As we reached The Flats, where blueberry fields stretched to the east and west, a movement caught my eye coming out of the rising sun towards the road. It also goes by different names in different parts of the U.S., like cougar, puma, panther, and catamount. (sic) "They are just wandering through, several hundred yards away from residences. Nathaniel also does freelance play-by-play broadcast work for high school football and baseball. . Nathaniel Percy has worked for the Southern California News Group since 2014 covering a wide range of topics including community sports and cities in Orange County, as well as crime and public safety in the South Bay and Long Beach. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries. Laura Casey: I read your article in BDN via Facebook about mountain lion encounters and I know I saw one in New Sharon. "It has been our experience with bear and cougar that rumors of sightings lead to numerous reports, many of which cannot be identified," Meyers said. Yell, flap your coat, and try to make yourself look large and menacing. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. “We went out (Sunday) morning during daylight and talked to some of the neighbors — he left at some point during the middle of the night.”. Avoid the crowds at Arches National Park with this 4x4 adventure, with multiple departure times, that takes you off road to explore the rocky terrain of the park from areas where only rugged vehicles can go. As I slowed, I noted the colors which Ms. Kelly described and the colors were the reason I found the entire episode so unreal. As I was traveling down a secondary road, one emerged from the right of the road (by a farm) and disappeared to the left, less than 100 yards from my car. I was so startled, I pulled over to collect myself and then I texted my husband before heading home.

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