So Aguirre puts him on mandatory leave. We go back to the boat in the water; John on the boat’s edge, and the necklace is back in the water. Cut to John waking up on a chaise lounge on the beach. ... 'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 9' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. What to Stress-Watch, and How to Watch It, on Election Night, Alton Brown’s Crazed Preelection Twitter Rant Is Food for the Soul. Catelyn spots chain mail under Roose Bolton's sleeve, and then Frey gives the word. Episode Recaps. And Chelsea? The Red Wedding. A disoriented John finds himself in the hospital and proceeds to experience a series of surreal encounters that meld the past with the present. He’s talking to a detective about how Kevin is “entry level at best.” Maybe they can turn Kevin and get him to testify against Roy Gilbert. I wouldn't say confusing. And that Ben Mendelsohn is largely absent from the final season doesn’t help; not only because he’s a magnetic, engrossing character actor, but because Danny and John’s dynamic is still the best thing about “Bloodline.” Without it, the show feels like dead weight any good sailor would cut lose. I think we should meet.” It’s a callback to a moment we’ve seen with Danny and John before, right as Lowry’s old hit man is about to kill Danny. He rushes outside of his room and runs into Danny Rayburn as Mendelsohn makes his first appearance of the year and instantly changes the flow of the show with a single line: “Hey, John. As it turns out, Daario is the best whistler in the world, but his ruthlessness is what really matters. He’s got some questions. The car drifts into oncoming traffic and crashes. At its best, “Bloodline” found tension in the intense moral quandaries drawn out by its central conflict: John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) — the patriarch of the Rayburn family despite being the younger brother — and Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) couldn’t resolve their deep-seeded issues that divided them years before “Bloodline” began; not before it was too late, Danny was dead, and John was the one holding him under water. Did Beyoncé Herself Commission Tabria Majors’s Halloween Masterpiece? The same images that closed “Part 31” segue into John’s brief, third dream with another ID bracelet and another doctor. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. And he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. What does he say? All of this responsibility John has on his shoulders goes back to Sarah, so it would have been fitting if John died the same way she did. Now John is really confused, asking if Eric O’Bannon took a plea in the Marco Diaz trial. He sees a young Danny on the dock. Ser Jorah, who has been crushing on his Khaleesi since the Khal Drogo days, doesn't like the way Daario touches her hand and fears a trap. Dr. Quinlan asks about what happened, and John goes back to the diving story, but the doctor says John took some pills and drank, and they found him in a garage with a car engine running. First, Jon pulls an A-Rod on Ygritte when she's aiming at the guy ("Miss it! It doesn’t make a ton of sense, but John demands to know where she is. While his family gets some closure, John is scrambling yet again to save his dumb brother. Knowing that the episode would end the way it did cast a pall over everything that came before -- the strategy meeting between Robb and Catelyn, in which they kissed and made up over their shared determination to stick it to the Lannisters at Casterly Rock; the haunted, defeated faces of every single person in the Frey household as Walder faked hospitality to Robb, Talisa and Catelyn; Robb's sadly prophetic apology to the Walder girls: "All men should keep their word, kings most of all;" the oh-so-Stark efforts by Arya and Jon Snow to protect those innocent old men; Jon's escape from his Wildling captors, which could have positioned him to give Robb some much-needed help in his war against Tywin; even Bran's sudden realization that he can control not just animals, but humans -- or at least Hodors -- with his mind, coming a moment too late to make any kind of difference for his family. Or have we? OK, here we go. He knows that the Feds are getting closer to his drug-running operation, and he’s told by his best employee that he needs to get an attorney. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Bloodline season 2 premiere recap: Part 14. His doctor believes him, but the state troopers in town do not. Episode 9. On the outskirts of Yunkai, Daenerys is testing out her new boy toy, Daario Naharis, who has a plan to sack the city by sneaking in the back door with two good men and turning the slave warriors against their masters. Whether the finale jumped the shark — with Kevin killing Marco to protect himself and John — was debatable… until Season 3 failed to follow-up. I'd say it felt like a waste of an hour especially when it was the second to last episode of the entire series, and I keep reading that season 3's story had to be condensed because the original plan was for the series to lat 5 or 6 seasons. All the Dr. Quinlans are present. He doesn’t remember how he got there or seeing the doctor last night, but there are state troopers waiting to talk to him. Danny cries. The trial was underdeveloped, Meg disappeared, Ozzy was wasted, and so on. The Feds are coming for Kevin now, and Sally reveals that she can’t sell the Inn because the water is going to keep rising and it’ll all be in the tide within a decade. Log in or link your magazine subscription. I put the files you wanted on your desk.” Who knows exactly what that means because he’s interrupted by Aguirre, who comes in and talks about seat belts. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. West has now apparently conceded his campaign on Twitter. So John heads to a bar and has some drinks, but the voices in his head have gotten seriously out of control. Part of me wants to watch Michelle Fairley's performance here a hundred more times, and part of me never wants to see it again. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! In this world, Kevin still killed Marco, and John protected him. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Unable to figure out what’s real and what’s not, John grabs some pills and goes on a drive. Cut to a sunrise over the Keys as John tells the special agents that Kevin will turn himself in. It takes him about three seconds to dispatch the first few guards he encounters and not much longer to fight off the next round in a scene that had all the production values of The History Channel's "The Bible.". Danny drives John to the inn, where everyone is inside. Forgot your password? Before that ambiguous ending, Kevin’s world collapses. Yep, it was all one big capital-"I" Irony in the old, Greek-tragedy sense of the world. Adult John tries to figure out what’s going on, but Sally simply asks if John’s completed his homework because that’s where we’re at these days. She jeers back, reminding him of the time his brother "pressed your face to the fire like you were a nice juicy mutton chop," to which he responds with a line about the man who "snipped your daddy's neck." The equally haunted Kevin seems ready to end his sorry life. It turns out that John was in on it all along, helping Kevin and Belle escape with their kid. Shortly thereafter, he’s persuaded even further by one of the Cubans pushing a gun into the back of his neck. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. John apologizes to Danny for not being there for him, but it appears that Sally is coding and that it’s all too late. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. It seems that John didn’t drown, but he did end up in the hospital, and he has no memory of how it happened. All rights reserved. In this final vision, Sally Rayburn tried to kill herself and Nolan is in charge of her DNR. The ringing stops and John is behind the wheel with Nolan. Should Spotify Be Responsible for What Joe Rogan Does? John comes home and is surprised to find his mother, who he thought was in a car accident. A man attacks Talisa, stabbing her pregnant belly, and archers rain arrows on Robb, Catelyn and the rest of the Stark-Tully contingent. Danny tells him to remember the day their father beat him for the death of Sarah. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. When he fights Dr. Quinlan and says that he has to leave, John runs into the hallway to look for the troopers, who don’t believe his story. A scene of Danny Rayburn arriving home to a raucous game of tug-of-war flows into a scene in which John comes into the Rayburn Inn to find Sally talking to a young Danny. Our heroes didn't know they were doomed, but those of us who'd succumbed to spoilers (or read the books) sure did. Searching for evidence against Quarles, Raylan turns to a jailed Boyd Crowder who points him in the direction of a man caught between a corrupt sheriff and Limehouse in 'Justified' episode 9: 'Loose Ends.' But then it's on to the reception, where the band is playing rather badly and Roose Bolton is suddenly on the wagon. My houseguest, who has read all five books, tells me that was salt and bread they were passing around -- a symbol of hospitality. Things get even stranger for John as he leaves the hospital, told by his mother Sally that she’s never heard of Mike Gallagher and Diana Rayburn has been out of town for the trial. He’s in the garage with the barrel of a gun pointed to his head when Belle finds him. It seems to be from oxygen deprivation to the entire body, which John claims is due to a diving incident. See you for the reboot in 2037! And when it all stops, the traumatic stress throws John straight through the windshield… of life. Kevin's account of his injury gives Aguirre more questions than answers. While she gets a decent monologue about how the Rayburns were sad from the day she met them, it’s mostly a reminder that Diana was a strong first-season character who had no real place in the show’s last two years. She calls it bittersweet, kind of like the end of the show for its hardcore fans. Get all the latest election results from across the country, with up-to-the-minute maps and more. Copyright © Fandango. The two stare at each other. Well hey, look at that — John is actually in the hospital. Savannah Guthrie Interrupts Trump’s ‘Not True’ Speech, Roy Wood Jr. Was Really Going Through It On, Kanye Voted for Kanye But Kim (Probably) Didn’t. S3 E9 Recap ... Bloodline season 2 finale recap: Part 23. Nolan talks about unconditional family love. He tries to apologize to Chelsea, but there’s no point. John, of course, tells Danny not to, but the comparison makes sense. But when John goes to visit Sally’s bedside, Danny shows up and announces, “No, this isn’t it. Still, I’m glad Bloodline actually gave Diana a good-bye scene instead of just forgetting about her again. There’s a new doctor, but he has many of the same questions and concerns. John returns to his car to find Danny missing again, and is startled to see Nolan at his window. Robb and Talisa, meanwhile, can barely keep their hands off one another, but what else is new? • Was Ben Mendelsohn strong enough in these last two episodes to get another Emmy nomination? He gives Nolan the speech he wanted to give him in the truck, on the way from Eric’s wake, but in this world (maybe reality? Mom isn’t the answer.” He tells him to think about it. Danny takes John home and explains that everything is okay, even though it’s going to take some time to get John back on track. Sign up here. An adult Danny puts his hand on John’s shoulder. John skips semantics and just pushes past him to go find Nolan. Rod Millington/Netflix. and the Terms and Policies, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. When Sally comes to get John, he explains that he and Mike were diving together, but she has no idea who Mike is. John marches to Nolan on the dock. Walder Frey is a master of repulsive lines no one wants to hear an old man say, and here's a prime example: "A sword needs a sheathe, and a wedding needs a bedding.

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