display: none; Those wishing to own a true Colby will have to wade through the many breeders who claim to have dogs with the Colby bloodline, but offer little proof that that is the case. Yes a blue can be born as a throw back and it be a dilute. #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.text li { /* 4 across */ } } One champion, named Colby’s Bobtail Bob, won a record 20 battles. background-position: center; } box-sizing: border-box; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock .text h3 { background-position: center; These cookies are strictly necessary for the site to function. The colby family sells dogs to the public, not sure of their prices these days though... they aren't rare by any means but there are a select group of people who have been fanciers of that line for many years, myself being one of them..lol. This pitbull was born with the most unique facial markings because it has a shaped handlebar mustache like an Italian bartender in 1920s. It should be noted that what is desirable in pitbulls varies between different dog breed associations. For example, The American Dog Breeder’s Association (ADBA) look favorably upon pitbulls with a slimmer build, such as the Colby pitbulls. display: none; However, despite of these physical characteristics and attributes, this breed is actually very supple. #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down .relatedPagesThumbnail { I just do what I do with life, believe half of it, use common sense on most of it, and take what I need and leave the rest. #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.text li { Now, more than 100 years later, the lineage of Colby dogs can be traced back to start of this line. His dog, Primo, was used to set the guidelines for the AKC’s Staffordshire, proving that originally the two breeds were one in the same. Bully Breed Videos And Images Social Network! Tail - Tail of this dog is short in correlation to size. The pitsky. background-image: url(/common/static/img/immutable/image-placeholder.png); display: flex; padding-top:10px; The impressionist pit bull. The United Kennel Club on the other hand favors a stockier build. Pit Bulls Make Good Guard Dogs – Pit Bull Myth, Yakima City Council Votes to Revoke Pit Bull Ban, Petition to Reverse Pit Bull Ban in Devils Lake. Colby dogs are a picture of perfection, in my opinion. At Clasepitbulls we produce dogs with XL Muscular frames, high drive and excellent temperaments. float:left; Pit Bull Terrier, Mother is a Beautiful Blue Noise Pitbull 3 years old Daddy is a Beautiful Colby Pitbull together They made adorable puppies.Only to loving and forever Home's plz No Negative people or Activities. overflow: hidden; background-repeat: no-repeat; The tails are short in relation to the dog’s size. display: block; You have to know that Colby pitbull tend to be an extremely active and athletic. background-image: url(/common/static/img/immutable/image-placeholder.png); #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down li { It also can have freckles of red, light brown, dark brown, grey, blue or black. When many people think of pitbulls they think of fighting dogs. /* text */ width:50px; The bloodline of Colby Pitbull dates back over more than 100 years ago. #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.text li .relatedPagesThumbnail{ margin:0; background-position: center; display: block; It is also called Blue-nosed pit bulls because of its blue nose accompanied by blue tinted eyes. width:100%; } How about the temperament of Colby Pitbull? The pit bull mixed with a Red Heeler has produced a red and white freckled beauty which looks like an impressionist painting. padding-bottom:10px; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.across li { border:none !important; Or try looking at rescues to adopt on in need. It is one main reason why there are distinct breeds of Colby Pitbulls. Recently, there are many people talk about Colby Pitbulls. #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down li { padding-bottom:10px; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down h3 { background-size: cover; It has an awesome look of a native fighter ready to head out on the warpath. OXXLINE XXL BLUE PIT BULLS .THE NEW BIGGER -BETTER- THICKER GENERATION OF XXL BLUE PITBULLS & PITBULL PUPPIES !! #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down .relatedPagesThumbnail { The litter size of Colby Pitbull is 5-10 puppies on an average according to colby pitbull breeders. width:100%; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down .relatedPagesThumbnail a { Brandon chose the name Colby’s Primo as the standard name of the breed. width:50px; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.text li .relatedPagesThumbnail{ height:200px; Brandon chose the name Colby’s Primo as the standard name of the breed. background-position: center; padding:0; } width: 200px; margin:0; My name is Cheryl Dawson, my husband Lee Dawson and I own and operate both REDNECKS CHOICE XXL PIT BULLS and now after 8 years of breeding we are OXXLINE XXL PIT BULLS! } We have been breeding blue pitbulls since 2003. The Colby bloodline has a first impression of great strength, as it is a muscular and bulky dog. } background-size: cover; I've read all kinds of things about where the blues come from, some far fetched and some that made a little sense. } These cookies are strictly necessary for the site to function. The Colby bloodline is is known world wide and probably the oldest pitbull bloodline. One of the cornerstones of the Colby strain. I have raised Weims ( I think this is why I was attracted to the Blue coloring of the pit I have) and Solid Black German Sheps. float:left; Although, today the breeds have been selectively bred into two distinct… #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down h3 { As is the case with all breeds, certain qualities were considered valuable. The best way to be sure that you are getting a true Colby is to contact the family directly through their Web site. MooMoo or Piebald pit bull. The bloodline is the oldest, purest, and rarest bloodline of Pit Bull. } It is always a white pattern that is mixed with solid coloration of red, blue, grey, tan bucksin pitbull and black. While this is a sad part of the history of this wonderful type of dog, it is one that cannot be ignored. margin-bottom:0; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock ul.down p { When I went to a local shelter looking for a pup a month or so ago, the whole place was filled with bullies, bully/pits, boxer bullies, and "cane corsos". WuXi China Bengal. height:200px; #PageWrapper .RelatedPagesBlock .text h3 {

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