my other was born in Brealau in 19-19, but I didn't read anything Hi Patty, What a lovely story. In 1913, the newly built Centennial Hall housed an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the historical German Wars of Liberation against Napoleon and the first award of the Iron Cross. List of ten public colleges and universities: The Tourist Information Centre (Polish: Centrum Informacji Turystycznej) is located on the Main Market Square (Rynek) in building No. It is disheartening. Breslau could be german if germany didnt choose in democratically elected Adolf Hitler.. Dita: I can only read the English part of that page and it seams an internal legal German problem. It was ruled by Silesian Piasts (first royal dynasty of Poland) till 1335 when Casimir the Great traded the Silesia to Chechs for their rights to Polish crown. She probably was born in "Lehmgruben" a village which is part of Breslau since the early 1920's. [13] The city's name first appeared in the 10th century probably as Vratislava. I was born in London 1950. . In 2011 appeared the 1104-page Lexicon of the architecture of Wrocław and in 2013 a 960-page Lexicon about the greenery of Wrocław. Stanisław Rospond, „Dawny Wrocław i jego okolica w świetle nazewnictwa”, Sobótka, 1970. It cost more than 900 million PLN (c. 220 million euro). During Wrocław's early history, control over it changed hands between Bohemia (until 992, then 1038–1054) and the Kingdom of Poland (992–1038 and 1054–1202). Anna. By the end of the Battle of Breslau (February–May 1945), half the city had been destroyed. ", "Remont Piwnicy Świdnickiej we Wrocławiu dobiega końca. How do I find relatives? I have little to go on first and last name. Wrocław is home to the Audiovisual Technology Center (formerly Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych), the Film Stuntman School, ATM Grupa, Grupa 13, and Tako Media. interim camps, those Jews who had not already died were sent on to Theresienstadt (1,050 Jews), I think you will get the answers you are looking for. But I do remember that most nights we slept on the floor in school gymnasiums. It is utterly primitve, to put it mildly. I didnt know much about the history of Wroclaw untill I read this article. Interesting as others have commented. He had a brother who ended up an academic in Austrialia. No problem. Identify yourself by name ! i live in Cape Town South Africa ,was born in Germany and my fathers family came from Breslau/Wroclaw -my grandfather was an architect(trained in Breslau)(he was taken prisoner by the russians) and also my father who trained in Germany(after esacping with my grandmother)-I am a Interior Designer and I very much believe in Genetic Memory and am hoping to visit this very interesting place so I can learn more about where my father grew up and why I am drawn to ancient historical towns, Paul, the Address again: URZAD STANU CYWILNEGO, ul. The 7th Guards Mechanized Corps was withdrawn on the night of 15 February due to a German counterattack in the Strigau area; by the evening of 14 February, Korchagin's command was down to 108 T-34s, nine ISU-122s, seventeen SU-85s, and thirteen SU-76s, showing its heavy losses in the encirclement of Breslau. To all the Nazis out there, please come to Wroclaw and see for yourself how fantastic job the Polish nation did in rebuilding that city, maybe it was yours at those times? I know that both my Great Grandparents died from cancer and were buried in Breslau. I plan to travel to this city and retrace my mother's childhood if it is possible. This was the worst of times for my mother. His papers state he was a mechanic although I'm led to believe he was part of the aircraft team, possibly captured during the war. The intelligence directorate of the 6th Army estimated German strength at 18,060, with 141 guns and 45 tanks and assault guns at its disposal. When you address an envelope start with the new line where I've placed the slashes . Daniel: There is no "Forever," except in eternity. His failure to do so meant that it was six hundred years until Wroclaw was returned to Polish hands. [102] he was jewish. Perhaps when people matter more and are simply measured by the content of their character instead of their ethnic or religious identity, national boarders will mean a great deal less and if we are just a bit lucky, this world will know peace. Apparently one may be able to deal with them in German. His parents ended up somewhere near München towards the end of the war. famous Osborn, Volker Bradley you can go to Wroclaw Archivum, Archives,there are German "tagesbuecher" up tp 1942 I think, with names and addresses of people who lived there, maps of Breslau in Polish and German are available in the tourist office, hope you find your parents address, My husband and I will be traveling to Poland in May as both of us have roots in Poland and my father was born in the Reichenbach area outside of Breslau. Although the city was only bombed once, massive destruction took place in the aftermath. Following the fragmentation of the Kingdom of Poland, the Piast dynasty ruled the duchy of Silesia. [10], For the attack, one assault battalion in each regiment was specially formed for urban combat, totalling ten in the entire shock group, including the 22nd Rifle Corps reserve. paai from Netherlands, please educate us and list all those "polish lies" and "polish propaganda", if you care ? I was born in Breslau in 1940. They could be church, genealogy or government ones. 5072 WROCLAW My E Mail is Maybe at shot in the dark but my fathers name was Josef Michael Jedrzejczyc (he might changed the spelling - I don't know) And his mother name was Sofia Sonka. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany is formally called upon to communicate this resolution to the Republic of Poland as the expression of its will.". My great-grandparents were from Breslau and they died in the camps in the early 1940s. In August 1945, the city had a German population of 189,500, and a Polish population of 17,000. W³odkowica 20/22, Wrocław's population is predominantly Roman Catholic, as the rest of Poland. Is there any way to find birth records etc. Rein Hilton. I was talking with a friend who said it was difficult to trace her family history because her mother came from a city that no longer exists. with nothing but a couple of suitcases! in Germany, with 20,202 members in 1933. With the city having been declared a fortress, thousands of forced laborers from local prisons and concentration camps were brought in to build defenses and clear rubble. I would have been thrilled to meet him. Victor, if you scroll down on this site you will find address of registry office in Wroclaw where you could find out more informations, Petra -me- and Polonus gave same address for searching family history, hope you have luck, I live in the state of s.a. where do you live? I recommend to start research at ........Urzad Stanu Cywilnego , Wroclaw . These photographs were taken during the Second World War before the widespread destruction of the city in 1945. Is your family history oral or can you guide me to sites I can find older records. In 1963, Wrocław was declared a closed city because of a smallpox epidemic. I hope to go there again. If you want objective, informative articles related to the subject, go to Wikipedia and read "Generalplan Ost", "Lebensraum", "Drang nach Osten", "History of German settlement in Central and Eastern Europe", "Devastation of Europe after WWII" and many, many others on the history of Germany, Poland and Europe in general. [5] A last breakout attempt was made on the night of 13–14 February by elements of the 269th Infantry Division and other units trapped in Breslau, who attacked the inner ring of the encirclement. before the surrender of Festung Breslau. In our case my grandfather was only interested in the male inheritors who carried his last name and to his luck, there was always at least one. The 1900 census listed 98% of the population as German-speakers, with 5,363 Polish-speakers (1.3%), and 3,103 (0.7%) as bilingual in German and Polish. it was Rheinhardt (Reinhold) Winzig. Davies, Moorhouse, p. 396; van Rahden, Juden, p. 323–6, Mazower, M(2008) Hitler's Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe, Penguin Press P544, Fitch Rating Report on Wrocław dated July 2008, p.3, border changes after the Second World War, flight and expulsion of the majority of the pre-war population, National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise, World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace, Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union, Order of Friars Minor, Conventual (Franciscans), List of universities and colleges in Wrocław, University School of Physical Education in Wrocław, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts, Tadeusz Kościuszko Land Forces Military Academy, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Monument of Remembrance of Animals for Slaughter, Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew's Collegiate Church, Hydropolis Centre for Ecological Education, Museum of Natural History at University of Wrocław, Microcosm: Portrait of a Central European City, 2009 Women's European Volleyball Championship, 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship, 2016 European Men's Handball Championship, List of twin towns and sister cities in Poland, "Wrocław-info – oficjalny serwis informacji turystycznej Wrocławia", "Wrocław – Dark Tourism – the guide to dark & weird places around the world", "Russian Universities Lead 2016 Rankings for EECA Region", "GaWC - The World According to GaWC 2020", "20 beautiful European cities with hardly any tourists", "Historical Overview of Wrocław – Wrocław in Your Pocket", "Edmond Halley, An Estimate of the Degrees of the Mortality of Mankind, drawn from curious Tables of the Births and Funerals at the City of Breslaw; with an Attempt to ascertain the Price of Annuities upon Lives, Philosophical Transactions, 196 (London, 1693), p.596-610.

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