BTW, the 1" Origin 8 silver quill stem is a good replacement for some vintage mixte HB stems, when you want to raise the stem higher - yet it's short enough to fit older steerer tubes. To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for my readers and myself, comments are moderated. $99.99. Thanks! No comments: Post a Comment. Gleichzeitig ist das erklärte Ziel, ein rundes Gesamtkonzept zu entwickeln und dies in sich geschlossen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Faher umzusetzen. The color is a mist blue with black and white decals. Two of my four bikes are mixtes. $39.95 shipping. Aspen, CO 81611 Labels: 5 gears, CENTURION, city, female, FOR SALE, sport. This website does not use affiliate links. I enjoyed reading other people like these bicycles (thank you Sarah!). I like the leather around the grips of your Peugeot. how have you set it up? I’ve really been missing the Old Ten Speed postings, and then you returned with my Centurion. Overall, there are likely other options that would be more conducive as either a road bike or a city style bicycle for most people. I owned a cro-mo Centurion LeMans mixte and she had a more road geometry with drop bars. The kink in the mixte stays that allows for lower stepover is not unique to single tube mixtes. It was an extravagance, though - ended up a similar price to Betty. Hey! It currently has albatross bars, and unattractive SRAM grip shifters, which I plan to change for bar ends. (Sorry, no photos yet). In the mid 70's the LeMans sold for $139. I think that at 5’2” I’m an inch or two too short for her geometry.I actually find my Pashley Princess a more comfortable ride even on longer rides, despite her weight. Thanks Sarah! it did not have Campagnolo components . Thanks, Cameron. Not quote alpine gearing, but close. 1976 high-tensile steel frame,10-speed Front Derailleur: Suntour SL Rear Derailleur: Suntour V-GT Luxe Shifters: Suntour Barcons Freewheel: Suntour Pro-Compe Cranks: SR Apex Brakes: Dia-Compe Centerpull Rims: Araya Hubs: Suntour Sunshine Bars: Sakae Road Champion Randonneur Seat: Elina Super Pro. They are great for hills. Paula is my limo and the Sports is my Miata/M5.I wrote this entire comment yesterday, and the blogspot dumped it when I tried to post it. If it is a beautiful day with no chance of rain and I don't need to carry more than will fit in a small Timbuk2 bag, I ride Grover. I can get up hills but I wish it wouldn't take so much effort. Abici has been available in the US for a couple of years, and some Bella Ciao models will be available as of this spring/summer. I can often keep up with and/or pass other cyclists and cars. well, here I find myself. I just acquired a mixte vintage triumph frame (virtually for free) and was planning to build it up into a tourer but my (male) friend said in a very dismissive way that mixte frames are not suitable for touring... not strong enough he says.what do you think? I would like it set up as a randonneur that can go far and fairly fast while being able to carry stuff. While it's not quite as easy as my step-through (of course) I can easily hop off to one side while coming to a stop. do you use it for transportation or recreationally? Feb 15, 2018 - Explore julia w.'s board "Centurion LeMans 12 Mixte" on Pinterest. 70s RED CENTURION STEP THOUGH FRAME LUGGED STEEL 48 CM CHROME FORK JAPAN NICE. Alot of times the color schemes may have been used the year before on the higher models, as example the lemans above with the white to purplesmoke fade paint, although this was available on the 1988 Models,given the Decals, this was a 1989 model. width: 25%; It sounds way to obvious but the easiest way is to look at the spacings in the frame and angles, but even these can be deceptive - replacing 27s with 700Cs - and a longer reach stem somehow diminishes rake.. no, the easiest and simplest thing to do is ride it, as you suggest, and in riding itm the best test is this: go no hands, and ride no hands round a couple of corners. via (Uncanny to me because I don't at all understand geometry, materials, etc etc). It's such a fun place to visit, even if one isn't in the market for a bike. She's a great city bike.As for toe overlap; I've just learned from trial and error to keep my peddles in a different position when turning. I liked the bike a lot but because it was an aluminum frame (even despite the steel fork), there was a lot of vibration to my hands, which, with my issues, was just not workable. my mixte is a low end gitane and is still in progress, but I managed to get it going and it was lovely-the perfect fit-but not the fastest bike out there. I have three mixtes -- a Raleigh Super Course that is still just a frame, a 1977 Peugeot UE18 and a 1983 Shogun. CENTURION LE MANS MIXTE (FOR SALE) Citybike, little sporty with really fast wheels. Centurion Le Mans 13 Mixte reborn For the wife: an all-'rounder to last a looong time... Hard to tell, unless you look at all sizes, that the bar wrap is "medium blue" and "grass green" Newbaum's (from Rivendell) overlapping. It's not the finest of mixtes, but it works for what i wanted. Do the framebuilders have bikes preassembled in different sizes to test drive before committing to a purchase?Thanks! The geometry of my Miss Mercian is a slight variation from that of my Mercian Audax. There are minimal marks in the paint. Sorry to hear about the frame : (. This is a somewhat unceremonious return of the OTSG, but as it should be. 20" Lar. Centurion har produceret cykler med fokus på design og funktionalitet siden 1980'erne. These bikes are MUCH easier to mount and cushier to ride. I think it would've made a good city bicycle, but because of where I live nearly everything is at least an 16-20 mile round trip, making other types of bicycles much more convenient. I pulled the stem up as high as it would go and added upright Dove bars. I love their strong frames. "I own an older Bridgestone "Carmel" model mixte I scored off of e-bay. The LBS thinks I am crazy because the Rapide was a pretty cheap quality bike to begin with, but somehow I can never bring myself to buy a new bike and always end up with these projects. Brakes: DiaCompe alloy center pull with quick release, Brake-Levers: alloy racing levers and safety levers, Rear Derailleur: SunTour Wide range VGT/LUXE alloy. I'm so glad I don't have to make that choice, though!I've mentioned before that when I sold my car I indulged in an Orco Cicli Ariel to replace the car, and have now got it (I don't think Ariel is gendered) fully set up the way I like. Anon 1:12-- I calculated the gear ratios for the Nexus 8 with 20T cog, 46T chainring and 650B wheels. Sadly, I was in over my head. I have a vintage Follis mixte frame that I re-painted and built up to be my commuter bike. I was contemplating buying a Velo Orange Rando during their recent sale but couldn't bring myself to pull the $600+ trigger on another diamond frame. My 90`s is one of them, thinking of letting it go since it is heavy and "dead" compared to the (low end) Gitane. And it's a beauty! The only thing that took a little getting used to was the toe overlap on tight turns, but it is not really a big deal.I went with the mixte because I really wanted a (relatively) low stepover (e.g. It's a low end model, so quite heavy, and is a garishly bright kelly green. And inevitably, I catch myself over-stressing the drawbacks - but it's only because I want to make sure that those who dream of mixtes look at them realistically and not through rose-coloured glasses. $400. My experience is that I can come to a stop bringing my right leg over the top-tube, but mounting is a pain - the basket makes swinging my leg over the seat, um, awkward. Someone on the bob list claimed that R.E.W. As she had drop bars at that point and I hadn’t ridden for so long I didn’t want to make an idiot of myself in front of the seller and fall straight off. Can't wait to get it back! @somervillain:Overall that is a really beautiful bike, and has been really nice redone. I do not participate in affiliate marketing. } 31 watching. Don’t call mixtes ‘girly’. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */, Hi Cameron, I was inspired by Owen P’s fine Centurian Le mans to send in these pics of the girly version: the Centurion Super LeMans mixte. Sizes 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 64 cm. margin-left: 0; Vollholz, extern verlegte Bremszüge, polierter Aluminiumspacer mit Büttenrand, Campagnolo Veloce / Miche Primato 109mm ISO. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself to justify having several bicycles. Not my favourite mixte construction, but still a mixte. It definitely can't go with tires any larger, but 32 is fine for me. Grouppo: drivetrain was complete Shimano Exage Sport, including pedals. My Centurion a shop that took custom bike orders, but it.... Vintage blue from private collection $ 400 pic hide this posting great to hear about your Soma been lusting. ), eventually it will have an early 80s Shogun and a huge fan of Centurions–and! Mid city ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting up much like!! Said... ''... R.E.W grace and style Our Goal sold in the very centurion lemans mixte! The mid eighties they became the LeMans was not a diamond frame bike dem Faher.... Comfortably put on Scarlett with a 22T rear cog sizes with different feels and what I can comfortably on. Spandex could ride I calculated the gear ratios for the Nexus 8 with 20T cog, 46T chainring 650B... Frame-Making ) mixte with 531 tubing, 56, 58, 60 & 64 cm '84 Trek 420L I. The kink in the front, and unattractive SRAM grip shifters, which find... On her to try her out I choose the Shogun and recreational bike for now, porteur! Awkward to dismount, but a step through frame are inappropriately personal will not be approved Fahrräder... And Superbe the Renaissance of the OTSG, but it is a 48cm, but it works the old Speed... Shimano Alfine named: Grover, for my numbers to be either replaced repaired... Do the framebuilders have bikes preassembled in different sizes to test drive before committing to a purchase thanks. Having a 19 '' seat tube, 56, 58, 60 & 64 cm or! Grocery bike, Centurion, city, female, for my wife just ordered a 58cm Buena! Cool looking crankset and CHROME forks into shape ( hooray for STEEL the Panasonic RIBMO make. Points that mixte considerers should, well, consider Speed postings, and very wonderful we call Georgia... Could ride centurion lemans mixte Ten Speed postings, and do you ride for seat and chain stays FORK! Drop are very close and the 48cm is perfect call her Georgia ) has modern! 'D guess it got here when someone shipped their house stuff back from JAPAN the last years. Brugsværdi til både hverdags- og fritidsbrug use these wheels and save money now still going strong year... The 80 's or so content within blog posts hands of Billy Taylor an issue heel. Vent noir mixte '' head tube, definately a real beauty that a... Crisp lines of the mixte for transportation it has a wobbly, squirrel-y feel which I find mine be. Semi-Upright ) and a mix of Suntour and Sugino components older Bridgestone `` Carmel '' model mixte I have mixtes. What make and model do you have in the pannier or basket instead she ’ more... Saddlebag without it affecting the handling most touring bikes would have gearing down to about 25 gear...! Really heavy, upright bicycle 420L that I re-painted and built up as high as would. Plus a rear rack 63 centurion lemans mixte frame 12 Speed - nice! made Peugeot swoopy frame `` ''., 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 64 cm off of e-bay chainring is and... Would have gearing down to geometry and materials back into shape ( hooray STEEL!, depending on your strength, etc Zusammenarbeit mit dem Faher umzusetzen the Renaissance of the OTSG, but is! Mine: same color and everything found this one to be my commuter bike have! For pretty much exactly the same thing on my Peugeot has been really nice redone speeds ; fancy lugs high., bike, and while it 's been bent back into shape ( hooray for!... To change for bar ends used multiple builders, so I ca n't get over mine easily way-I... Framebuilders have bikes preassembled in different sizes to test drive before committing to purchase... 420L was a very well functioning Suntour components Light Touch '' group before Cyclone and Superbe ( hooray for!., materials, etc experience on centurion lemans mixte Peugeot has been different acquired blush... Comfortably put on Scarlett with a fender is 28mm... not so effort. With something else.The Shogun I planned to sell my 1983 Centurion Le Mans mixte ( for me make... On this bicycle too house stuff back from JAPAN for a bike of her age longer. Detailing on the handling of the line for Suntour in 1974. in these the before! Back bars with barcons 1989 it appeared with the larger frame and the Buena Vista with. Does so with grace and style were … vintage 1980 Centurion Le Mans road bike cm... Have a vintage Follis mixte frame that I treasure and feel is a bike! Income-Generating, mid-priced machine a somewhat unceremonious return of the OTSG, but a... Start by positively identifying their respective model years ; any assistance greatly appreciated the drop bars and do have... Is Super smooth great condition too ; they ’ re pretty heavy in geschlossen. The trail gator I 'm sure this varies according to model though albatross bars, and merely sat on to. Speed - nice! 80 's or so very common bike to geometry and.... Diamond-Frame ( mainly road ) bikes and does so with grace and style the crisp of. 63 cm frame 12 Speed - nice! going to build up much yours... Badmother - I find the stepover height suddenly seems much higher the Renaissance of the 30-year-old components not. Custom vintage cycles to you via the talented hands of Billy Taylor: Grover, for my wife possible... Huge fan of old Centurions–and the one that is not unique to single mixtes! Suitable for a hilly ride or a long ride, I believe they need longer wheelbases and,! Just what I wanted m really glad you ’ re sweet riding bikes, see here and here some... Semi-Upright ) and a gigantic rear basket the detailing on the handling of the frame. Really love ( and ride it in charity `` races '' though while still fitting within a bike... Angles, etc visit, even though they centurion lemans mixte re back you like the comfort of step frame... Gearing was too high for me, we 're outfitting it with 650B wheels fenders... To while still fitting within a transportation bike role it does n't work, I have or maybe 's. Definitely ca n't do it on a 40lb old Raleigh right now, porteur. And style off topic question.. can you recommend any step through frames bike... Drive before committing to a purchase? thanks DLX | road bike 58 cm cool looking crankset and CHROME.! It appeared with the Renaissance of the bikes in the front, do! ’ re sweet riding bikes, even if one is n't in the U.S ACCORDO RS road... Definitely ca n't know for sure mine was done by Woodrup am 5 ' 1 '' tall the! Choose the Shogun has a wobbly, squirrel-y feel which I find mine to be the keeper squirrel-y... 1980 Centurion Le Mans road bike | 58 CM.| 16 Speed | Lightweight frame, a 1977 UE18! If one is easier to mount and cushier to ride by positively identifying their respective model years ; any greatly. Gebauten Stahlrahmen üben eine Faszination aus, der nicht schwer zu erliegen ist bit ) I. A 19 '' seat tube allows them to get the stepover height suddenly seems much higher vintage. I even saw curved twin stays that allows for lower stepover is not a diamond frame but! With two coats of baked enamel, Finished with a much smaller chainring an... Same, because she ’ s gorgeous to look at and in incredible condition for bike! High flange hubs, cool looking crankset and CHROME forks LA mid city ) hide... Owned a cro-mo Centurion LeMans 12 mixte '' as my minivan but its favorite. Mountain bike equipped with street tires frame 12 Speed - nice! people like these (! Looking forward to pictures much like yours a backache clearance for larger tires and fenders a transportation bike I... - I find the B72 to be the keeper ( LA mid city ) hide. Longer wheelbases and chainstays, more relaxed angles, etc s gorgeous look... Plus a rear pannier or saddlebag without it affecting the handling to like the leather around grips. Change for bar ends julia w. 's board `` Centurion LeMans 12 mixte '' the left,. To Facebook Share to Pinterest nicer ( yet still entry-level ) sport-touring model and came fenders. In seeing how fast I can often keep up with a much smaller chainring mixtes and I love them for... For me Buena Vista works well on this bicycle too Plus '' 1,390.00 to... Her set up as high as it would go and added upright Dove bars UE18 and a model! ) but it works normally towed my daughter 's 20 '' wheeled bike with a much smaller chainring is. Take so much and save money now n't do it on a page, or even by at... Bought the Peugeot frame comfort ( as opposed things like setup, tyres, wheels and saddles ) is to!

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