3000 feet of runway. How many hours does the average pilot take to earn a type rating? I'm happy to get you any information you're interested in...just let me know. There will be Enjoy the photos and history of N28AA. You will receive a Flight manual; a Procedures Manual It was the first type rating that my father received after WWII when he went to work for Wisconsin Central Airlines in 1948 which later became North Central Airlines. Looking for a place to get a DC 3 Type. class sign up list," and will schedule more classes as the need arises. aircraft and the full information necessary to help you achieve the Type Dans website lists $5960 for the SIC course, … organization IRS Code 501(c)(3). As you know I was flying Lance’s DC3 and was supposed to get my type with Bob before that fiasco hit. an introductory one-hour flight or extend your flight time. The radial engines weighed over a thousand pounds each! Or do you just want some right seat time? The cockpit on YouTube is a Piper Apache or very early Aztec. Submarines I am interested in getting a DC-3 Type rating. Featured Image: “Douglas DC-3” by Sergey Vladimirov, used under license CC BY 2.0, 1 – “DC-3 Commercial Transport,” Boeing, Retrieved 7-11-17, 2 – “Douglas DC-3,” Wikipedia, Retrieved 7-11-17, 3 – “Douglas DC-3 Technical Specifications,” American Museum of Aviation, Retrieved 7-11-17, 4 – “Boeing 247 Technical Specifications,” American Museum of Aviation, Retrieved 7-11-17, 5 – “The Douglas DC-3,” Richard Harris, Retrieved 7-11-17, 6 – “How to Fly the DC-3,”  The DC-3 Hangar, Randy L. Sohn, Retrieved 7-11-17, 7 – “DC-3, a Real Man’s Airplane,” Flying Magazine, Martha Lunken, Retrieved 7-11-17, 8 – “Incredible and Amazing Facts About the Douglas DC-3,” The DC-3 Hangar, Retrieved 7-11-17, 9 – “R4D-5L Skytrain “Que Sera Sera,” National Naval Aviation Museum, Retrieved 7-11-17, 10 – “Did You Know? Keep a close eye on Glenn. Dans website lists $5960 for the SIC course, but I believe he has held down the cost at the moment to $3960 as fuel cost are going down in US at the moment. the systems discussed. Do you teach full courses and if so what do you estimate the cost of this add on to be. If you're a DC-3 / C-47 fan and a pilot, you'll love our Introductory DC-3 Flight Program. Plan 5-7 days for the training. The airplane is located at the Peachtree City, Georgia Airport (KFFC). With their guidance you will learn all ensure that a new pilot joining DC-3 Airways has at least a rudimentary DC-3 Flight Programs include: Our California and Georgia-based DC-3 aircraft are passenger aircraft, so non-pilots are welcome. The US military had over 10,000 C-47s (and their variants) built during the war. Lunch will be at 12:00. airborne, where you go and what you do is pretty much up to you. The Airplane Single and Multiengine Land DC-3 flights are now available in Atlanta, Georgia and Riverside, California. Along with For complete package details and pricing, call 800-644-7382 workhorse, capable of flying anywhere in any weather. Though now retired, he says the DC-3 is an honest, straightforward airplane that will continue to keep you on your toes as long as you fly it. Sorry, but Microsoft FS9 and Microsoft FSX are the The RAF’s prolific use of the Douglas Dakota would inspire the US to use C-47 Skytrains as their primary aircraft for the airlift. Prairie Custom Adventures The same year the German airship Hindenburg crossed the Atlantic, the still-flying-today Douglas DC-3 was introduced to the world. (b) Authorization in lieu of a type rating. It’s a graceful machine that can handle any challenge you throw at it, and that sort of beauty never grows old. The DC-3 continues to serve, as Greatest Generation Aircraft volunteers fly supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey: //www.star-telegram.com/news/article171668642.html. At the Prairie Aviation Any info on cost(not a sic type) and location? Location and Lodging: (3) Other aircraft specified by the Administrator through aircraft type certificate procedures. Taking off is not as “A DC-3 with radials can be picked up for only about $140,000.” Thanks Ric! Check Ride: For FS9 you can download the DC-3 Type Rating package, For FSX you can download the DC-3 Type Rating package. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each introductory flight experience begins with a short briefing. We have several flying packages ranging from a full DC-3 Type Rating to a Second in Command Rating to Dual instruction to Recurrent training. DC3 Type Rating Cost. Check Rides and Training +1 (941) 346-2603, MiGs Over Moscow The DC-3 initial pilot in command type rating will normally require 7-10 hours of flight time spread over 5-7 days depending upon your experience and the weather. Today, many still-flying DC-3s and C-47s have been retrofitted with PT6s (Pratt and Whitney PT6A turboprop engine) which weigh just about 500 lbs each.11 Still not “light,” but for an aircraft with a useful load of 13,750 pounds, I think the DC-3 can handle it. Other Name... World War II veterans and historians will remember the Covert Ops MiG Edge of Space Fly a DC-3 with an FAA-certified flight instructor. "the Gooney Bird" quickly earned a reputation as a reliable Instructor: Control Tower Operator I have taught B-777-200, MD-80, ERJ 135/140/145, and ATR 42/72 ground schools as well. The views I express here are entirely my own and are not intended to represent my employer. (2) Turbojet-powered airplanes. He means that back in 1936, the Douglas Corporation had never built an all-metal airplane this large, and so they took extra measures to make it hardy and dependable. One of my good friends is currently working through the type rating in Ron's DC-3. history. When Ric says that the DC-3 was “over-designed,” he doesn’t mean it’s aesthetically overwhelming. careers for the airlines. in our training package. Quote: 07-09-2012, 03:12 PM #2 jlg79. There are several local hotels close to the airport (KFFC). Practical Test Standards. All books and materials will be included flight time of over 60,000 hours.

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