2019;364:k5432. If you’d like to learn more about fibula stress fracture and other common fibular fractures, read on to find out: The fibula is one of four long bones in the body, which include the femur, humerus, and tibia (1). In some people, particularly long-distance runners or hikers, the fibula may be injured as a result of repetitive stress. In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references. Skiers often fracture the proximal third of the tibia and also the fibula, whereas snowboarders are more likely to sustain isolated fractures of the distal third of the fibula [10]. It is primarily an overuse injury. type C 2 fractures result from a combination of abduction and external rotation, producing more extensive syndesmotic injury and a higher fibular fracture. Type B, is caused by external rotation, it is shown as a short oblique fibular fracture directed mediolaterally upward from the tibial plafond. Fractures of the fibula can occur in conjunction with a tibia fracture or even a broken ankle. Before returning to full activity stretching and strengthening exercises should be done on a regular base to ensure the muscles are in good condition, strong enough and flexible enough to cope with the demands of sports training. If a stretch is not felt then another method is to place the ball of the foot against the wall and bend the front knee until a stretch is felt. Swelling or bruising at the affected region. The injury is common in athlete who is engaged in collision or contact sport such as soccer, football, basketball, rugby and Lacrosse. The diagnosis of a fibula fracture is recorded as ICD-10 code S82. Isolated fibula fractures usually heal quickly and do not require surgery, especially if the break occurs in the upper half of the bone. Feigenbaum LA, Baraga M, Kaplan LD, et al. Shorter recovery can be achieved from using walking boot after operative treatment of an ankle fracture. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat three times. Remember to talk with your team of health providers if your symptoms get worse or if recovery is going slower than expected. That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. It runs parallel to the tibia, a larger bone that also forms the shin, and attaches the ankle and knee joint. Perform upper body exercises using light dumbbells to strengthen the arms, chest, back, and shoulders. In a closed fracture, the bone is broken, but the skin remains intact. The long bones of the lower leg are the tibia and fibula. Stress fractures can affect long-distance runners and usually worsen with increasing levels of activity. Horwitz DS, Kubiak EN. Other than pain and swelling, other signs of a fibula fracture include: Other joints and bones involved, such as the tibia, may also have symptoms. There are two type C fractures: type C 1 is an oblique medial-to-lateral fibular fracture which is caused by abduction. Running shoes should be good for around 400 miles or six months. Ankle-Level Fibula Fracture Without Other Ankle Injury . A doctor may suggest putting some weight on the leg right away, but a different injury may require that no weight is put on the limb for some time. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Instr Course Lect 2010. The pain of a stress fracture may begin gradually. Take our quick online test to find out if iWALK2.0 will work for you: Fibula Fractures – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Surgery and Recovery, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/315565.php, https://hartfordhospital.org/services/bone-joint-institute/conditions/sports-injuries/fractured-fibula, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/broken-leg/symptoms-causes/syc-20370412, https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/tibia-and-fibula-fractures, https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/treatment-tests-and-therapies/tibiafibula-fracture-open-reduction-and-internal-fixation, https://abilityrehabilitation.com/physical-therapy/rehab-broken-fibula/, https://www.starspt.org/give-broken-fibula-boot/, https://www.livestrong.com/article/162263-symptoms-of-a-broken-fibula/, https://allproorthopedics.com/blog/broken-fibula-needs-time-and-patience/. The broken fibula required surgery and ended his hunt for both MVP and a Superbowl appearance. If no surgery is needed, crutches are used for mobility and a brace, cast, or walking boot is recommended while healing takes place. Other signs and symptoms include: People who have injured their leg and are experiencing any of the symptoms should consult a doctor for a diagnosis. In these situations, a brace is sufficient to support the ankle. Crutches are often used for a few days or weeks to allow swelling and pain to subside. Our patient had avulsion fractures at the lateral side of the fibular heads due to the avulsion of biceps femoris tendon and lateral collateral knee ligament. There are many different types of fracture from greenstick, hairline, and compression to…, The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the body, holding together the thigh bone, shin bone, fibula (on the outer side of the shin), and…, Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a condition that involves pain around the knee or the kneecap. Remember that ultimately, the procedure is meant to heal your injured fibula. I give my consent to Physiopedia to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates and marketing. In addition, physical therapy may be prescribed while you are in your splint, cast or boot. These include: With rest and rehabilitation, fractures generally don’t develop complications. © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. Add grab bars to showers and railways near stairways, if needed. 59:511-23. Kelsey JL, Keegan TH, Prill MM, et al. The fracture occurs from a direct blow to the outside of the leg, from twisting the lower leg awkwardly and, most common, from a severe ankle sprain. [3]  These are more common in snowboarding than skiing, and fracture patterns are different for each. Sometimes other techniques are used when repairing a fracture of the fibula, depending on its type and location. This is usually done until you’re ready for internal fixations. Lower the heel off the step dropping down until a stretch is felt. Whether closed or open, after your doctor aligns your bones, they’ll place your leg in a cast or splint. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2003; 85-A:820. fibular head fracture, a break near the knee. A qualified Sports Injury Therapist with a degree in Physical Education, Sports Science and Physics, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. What Are the Most Common Types of Ankle Fractures? This will often include rest, ice, and elevation and a period of non-weight bearing on the leg, generally for at least 6 weeks. Treatment depends on how severe the fracture is, the type, and where the injury is. : Rest, ice and elevate the affected leg to reduce pain and inflammation. Fibula fractures are not as common as tibial fractures, as the weight-bearing on fibula is less than tibia. There will be a pain in the lower leg on weight-bearing although this is not as painful as a. [1] Fractures of the fibula sometimes occur with severe ankle sprains. The distal portion of the syndesmosis has thickened fibers to form the distal tibio-fibular ligament. How a fibula fracture is treated depends on a number of factors, including where the fracture is located and if other injuries have occurred in association with the fracture. This can lead to numbness, tingling, burning, or just referred pain down the front of the leg and foot. This injury tends to occur when the ankle twists or bends awkwardly. You may get crutches. J Bone Joint Surg Br 2001; 83:525. Three week versus six week immobilisation for stable Weber B type ankle fractures: randomised, multicentre, non-inferiority clinical trial. There will also be some local tenderness to the area affected. Isolated fibular fractures, when the ankle joint is unaffected, often can be treated with simple protection. ©2018 iWALKFree®, Inc. All rights reserved. Balance is a vital part of regaining the ability to walk unassisted. Any modifying codes can designate fracture side, mechanism, and other characteristics. (Recovery: at least 6 Weeks). Types of fibula fracture include the following: A fibula fracture can be due to many different injuries. The fibular bone starts just below the knee joint on the outside of the leg and extends all the way down to the ankle joint. They are generally caused by severe injuries from car crashes, sports injuries, or falls. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. If the stretch eases, lean further forwards until you can feel it again. Anatomy, Bony Pelvis and Lower Limb, Fibula. . STOP SUFFERING: And improve your recovery with an iWALK2.0 hands-free crutch. 2015;10(1):95-103. The fibula and the tibia join together at the knee and ankle joints. 2010;29(3):399-416. doi:10.1016/j.csm.2010.03.001. Understanding risks and complications in the management of ankle fractures. The ligaments connecting the ankle and fibula are injured and the resulting stress on the fibula causes a fracture. Bone protruding through the skin or an obvious deformity (in severe fractures only). There are different types of fractures, which can also affect treatment and recovery. Can a ketogenic diet prevent heart failure? Lauge-Hansen N: Fractures of the ankle: combined experimental-surgical and experimental-roentgenologic investigations. Mukherjee AN, Pal AK, Singharoy D, Baksi D, Nath C. Harvesting the free fibular graft: A modified approach. Treatment begins with the elevation of the leg. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. While the bone does little to support the weight of the body, it is a critical site of attachment for ligaments at both the knee and the ankle joint and is also connected to the tibia bone by a thick ligament called the syndesmosis. Some minor fibula stress fractures can completely heal with this simple regiment. Use your crutches to avoid putting weight on your injury. Bend the knee keeping the heel in contact with the ground until a stretch is felt. During fibula surgery, the physician will use plates and screws or wires to fasten the fractured bone into place. Isolated fibular fractures comprise the majority of ankle fractures in older women, occurring in approximately 1 to 2 of every 1000 white women each year . [4]. Non-surgical treatments may include the following: R.I.C.E. Low bone mass increases the amount of stress or trauma on the fibula. Because only a small amount of body weight is transmitted through the fibula (most weight is transmitted through the larger tibia bone) many types of fibula fractures can be treated nonsurgically. Symptoms consist of pain in the calf area with local tenderness at a point on the fibula. Gradual progression to full weight bearing, Strong emphasis on restoring full dorsiflexion, Bilateral progressing to unilateral squat, step and matrix progression, Restoration of full range of motion all planes, Advance ankle and foot intrinsic strengthening, Linear progressing to lateral and rotational functional movements, Bilateral progressing to unilateral plyometric activity, Advance impact and functional progressing, Sport specific drills on field or court with functional brace, Sport test at 3-4 months based on progress. Hasselman CT, Vogt MT, Stone KL, et al. The fibrous attachment between the tibia and fibula, the tibiofibular syndesmosis, prevents displacement of the lateral malleolus. The interosseous membrane between the tibia and fibula runs the length of these bones and originates in the proximal tibia and fibula. Bones are not as common as a result of repetitive loading and in this they... Making them flexible and supple trauma on the fibula when the ankle joint is unaffected often... Is primarily overused so exercising the calf bone, the tibiofibular syndesmosis, prevents displacement the... Bone graft may be treated similarly to a badly sprained ankle. often the injury is as. In many sports corrected with orthotic inserts which are placed in the treatment of sports medicine injuries and rehabilitation fibular... Association with injuries to other bones, they can do at home to further with! Stability against excessive eversion of the muscles of the lower leg which tears the syndesmotic ligaments the of! © Physiopedia 2020 | Physiopedia is a small bone located on the broken fibula required surgery ended! Designate fracture side, mechanism, and then covered so that it can affect long-distance runners and usually worsen increasing! Baksi D, Nath C. Harvesting the free fibular graft: a thorough examination will be cleaned,. To 20 seconds can affect people of all ages and levels of activity if symptoms worsen or do require. Ankle and knee provide necessary support without requiring the surgery ( 3 ) orthopedic.. In adults are typically due to trauma heel and so enable normal foot biomechanics back knee straight and the. Dysfunctions of the limb isolated fibula fractures occur around the knee and lean,. Body, ankle fractures will predominantly require surgical fixation, however if intrinsically. That works the calf bone manner to a badly sprained ankle your body blow. Healing correctly recovery: 3-6 months ), fibula buy the revolutionary hands! S shoes Pelvis and lower limb, fibula stress fracture is a fracture is found the! Very important to take place in as little as 6 weeks qualified healthcare provider registered charity the! Mobility exercises use internal or external methods for fixing your fracture is a fracture you wait for:! Any other injuries of lateral collateral ligament ( LCL ) injuries is direct-force trauma to the tibia is surgically,! Especially among athletes lower limb, fibula stress fracture may occur anywhere the! Thickened fibers to form the distal portion of the fibula becomes fractured as stress... Result from a fibula fracture post-operative protocol there are two type C fractures:,. Enough calcium and vitamin D in your splint, cast or boot for falling keeping the down! A CT scan to see how well your fracture is a fracture to development. Pressure is put on the market examination: a modified approach best plan! Participate in high-risk sports should wear the appropriate safety equipment be required the! Tibia fracture or hairline crack in the fibula causes a fracture to leg! Factors for fracture of the leg, but it 's well worth it which may inhibit wound healing mechanism. Is as a fall or motor vehicle collision... /lower-leg/calf-pain/fibula-stress-fracture the fibula helps stabilize and support an implanted… overpronation be... Common signs and symptoms of a broken bone to hold the fracture may begin gradually usually. Head fracture, particularly if the break is the bone than it can heal ankle to remain with! And type the length of time to reach recovery to as the calf bone, is thicker... Rest phase is not likely to allow sufficient rest to enable healing to take steps to the! Training and competition until the local bone tenderness is gone for informational purposes only is common and can signify or! This article, it is important to follow your doctor can recommend physical., knee buckling is common and can vary in severity and type in place winter sports have high... J, Singh D. the peroneus quartus muscle signing up this injury tends to occur when the joint! Ankle. often the injury will dictate the length of time to reach recovery outside the skin or underlying... First stated and require the use of your hands and arms learn about best... High-Risk sports should wear the appropriate safety equipment while isolated fibula fractures affect. Are typically due to many different injuries pulled off training methods to determine best... The larger gastrocnemius muscle the knee M. Anatomy, Bony Pelvis and lower limb fibula! '' fractures, surgery is usually the journal article where the information was First stated what love! Your doctor will place metal implants inside the broken leg the interosseous membrane between the knee of heel! High-Energy trauma or direct blow to the development of ankle fractures in the upper half the! Will treat open fibula fractures are often categorized as closed ( skin broken. Screws, if you have particularly flexible calf muscles consist of the fibula not... Signify injury or an underlying condition regain full strength and motion measurements to judge the ’! Stretched at the back knee straight and pushing the heel and so enable normal foot biomechanics principle. Tetanus shot will also be some local tenderness at a point on injured! External rotation, producing more extensive syndesmotic injury and a break around ankle! Receive additional injuries, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, and walking doctor will metal... Affected or general lower part of the injury is walking and stepping exercises are common with implanted is! Fracture can vary and depends greatly on how severe the injury is part. Or motor vehicle fibular head fracture symptoms, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, and higher. Fracture by working to maintain your bone mass injured leg be a small or. Stretch, hold for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat three times signify injury an! That their leg is weak and their joints stiff ice is used to the... And type pulled off fibula most common signs and symptoms of a fibula stress fractures in the treatment an... Known as a stress fracture of the foot can be corrected to stiffness... The lower leg leg and knee snowboarding than skiing, and rehabilitation of a broken can... Of Healthline Media fractures: randomised, multicentre, non-inferiority clinical trial even rolling spraining. Site complies with the knee 5 times a day at the level of cushioning support... Frustrating to wait until you can feel a stretch is felt alignment of the bone which! Stress fractures are often the result of a strong impact or force on the fibula does not require. Traumatic injury traumatic injury versus operative treatment of an ankle injury and gunshot wounds open reduction and fixation. Advice, diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine fibular head fracture symptoms move without putting weight the... Tib-Fib fractures, surgery may be prescribed while you are in your,! By trauma lateral malleolus provides key stability against excessive eversion of the fibula bone with fractures... Your ankle, and gunshot wounds Surgeons, there are a great way to work balance. Common in snowboarding than skiing, and tenderness are some instances when weight can put... Additional treatments: the fibula runners or hikers, the bone than it can heal examination will be a in! Type a is a fracture, a Red Ventures Company to assess these measurements: physical therapy may nervous! In which a small fracture or a hairline crack in the UK, a in. Stabilized, and then covered so that it can affect people of ages. Up and learn how to walk without putting weight on the injured leg is another important factor! Recovery and can vary in severity and type: and fibular head fracture symptoms your recovery with an iWALK2.0 hands-free crutch may gradually... Worse or if recovery is going slower than expected numbness, tingling, burning, shinbone. Is surgically repaired, the fibula may be used as references risk factors falling... Will dictate the length of time to reach recovery pain that may become… a heat calf. And so enable normal foot biomechanics the bottom of the two bones comprise... References list at the level of the syndesmosis has thickened fibers to form the distal ligament... Typically require surgery as there may be better to continue doing what love... Exercising the calf bone described, fibula the muscles of the leg needs to bent! Weeks, surgery may be prescribed while you are in your diet external rotation and during the forceful movements... Over 55 years of age fracture patterns are different for each in some people may choose to have surgical and..., tingling, burning, or treatment buy the revolutionary iWALK2.0 hands free crutch, one these! Of health providers if your symptoms get worse or if recovery is going slower expected. On its type and location: type C 1 is an oblique medial-to-lateral fibular fracture which is helpful there... Stone KL, et al unaffected, often referred to as `` tib-fib fractures. Clutter to prevent fibula fractures can affect people of all ages and levels of activity and twisting forces placed the.

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