And Ensign Kim gets up and does his impersonation at The Doctor, of Janeway, of whoever.” And they were like, “Eh…. But he changed very quickly into this people-pleasing helpful… he was like the social director, it was very soft. Rick Berman gave us TNG’s first two seasons, and it’s widely acknowledged that Michael Piller’s arrival in season 3 is what really helped the franchise take off. There’s just not enough episodes to go around. Jake and Nog were the only ‘youth point of view’ characters that were permitted reasonable growth and 1) they were recurring characters, and 2) they were on DS9 which was not only serialized, but also plotted growth and change for all the characters. Shatner, I finally get to meet you.’ [Shatner’s handshake] it was limp wristed, he gave me this, like he was the Queen of England or something. Have you guys made any progress on trying to revive Captain Proton? is your daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews, interviews and culture. A tree branch grew into a 500kV transmission line which caused the chain reaction. I would like to here others’ versions of the story who were there before I choose to believe this account. Garrett Wang: Regarding Neelix, I really felt that his comedic sensibility is awesome. Robbie McNeill: They never did really, no. So, I was disappointed when Wang was struggling in the first season. I’d love to introduce some other martial arts where Kim gets to do that, maybe on the holodeck.” And I even went and trained—I chose Krav Maga—but they said no to that too. We provide the latest updates on Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek: Discovery, along with coverage of past television series and films, conventions, video games, books, humor, comics, collecting and more. Well, you can’t fire me so I can say whatever I want to say, right? And then another time I said, “I know that Worf did judo in TNG. “Without the [Star Trek] fans here, there would be nothing. Evelynclaire . Garrett Wang: Yeah, there’s definitely a certain level of disconnect from the management, just like Robbie said. I really really enjoy these interviews. [laughs] So Bryan is dead-on in his analysis that we just became sort of dull guys. Wang chimed in, saying “I also heard he stole everybody’s lines too.”. I’ve been very critical of him in the past. Wang said he continuously told Voyager producers that the show needed more action and more comedy. We were like, ‘Okay, so what do we have to do, we have to call somebody’ and we went to the little fire extinguisher thing on set. As scheduled, at 5 PM on Saturday, the Star Trek panel kicked off with Garrett Wang, who was later joined by Original Series guest stars Bobby Clark and Celeste Yarnall. Robbie McNeill: I don’t recall. no.”. Berman took after Gene. “That is no way to treat someone,” Wang added. That always kind of ate away at me and I felt that we kind of lost out on that. Garrett Wang: I definitely agree with Bryan. And so the only thing they finally agreed to over the seven years was I said, “The clarinet is not a very manly instrument. In the long run, it could have been made for a much more interesting character. Another point I’d like to add, I’m glad Behr and Moore were kept on a tight leash by Berman, especially during TNG, I just watched Moore in an interview on the TNG Blu-Ray’s and it was clear he wanted to make Star Trek dystopian. Good call by the producers. Looking back to when Jennifer Lien was let go and Jeri Ryan was brought in, do you remember how they presented that to the cast? THANK YOU MR. WANG FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT ROLE MODEL FOR STAR TREK PRODUCTIONS! When you’re watching from the beginning… I know you guys talked about the Maquis, and how wacky Neelix was initially—do you feel like there’s potential that wasn’t explored as much as it could have been on the show? Robbie McNeill: They took all that away from him very quickly; he had it in the pilot. “Listen guys, my strength is my impersonations, my ability to do accents and presentations. Garrett Wang: Mine was pretty basic. Very rarely, to be honest. “I was at the Tulsa Trek Expo, I was in the green room, so this is a backstage room where only the actors are. They should have done more to keep him (and Beltran and McNeil) engaged, but he was lucky not to have been let go instead of Lien. Robbie, you went to that dinner, I’m sure. Kate Mulgrew as Arachnia in “Bride of Chaotica,” loving every moment.

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