<> Software: Ubuntu v-16.04.4; SynapseAI v-0.2.0-1173 Processor hardware for machine learning is in their early stages but it already taking different paths. But at Batch =1 their performance drops more than 50% to 7,107 images/second. Habana’s Goya inference chip launched in September 2018 and is commercially available today. endobj Gaudi and Goya. Thanks to those who joined us at NeurIPS2019 to see Gaudi and Goya live demonstrations, workshop and more, Goya outperforms T4 on key NLP inference benchmark. As we reported back in June, when Habana unveiled the chip, seven of the ports are used to connect Gaudis within a node, leaving three to link up to other servers. %���� Single Die Cost ~ $1000/670 ~ $1.5. There are no host processors in the box, for that you link up to other CPU-based servers of your choice that allows you to select the desired CPU-to-accelerator ratio. The tested topology is BERTBase encoder, Layers=12 Hidden Size=768 Heads=12 Intermediate Size=3,072 Max Seq Len = 128. <> endstream Workload implementation: Precision INT8; Batch size 10; GPU Measurement: Is there any information on actual performance numbers for these chips in TFLOPs or TOPs anywhere or anything from Hotchips? endobj x���S[e��� `]�T[�������8ꎶNW-�� Find more information about Intel at newsroom.intel.com and intel.com. ... Additionally, Habana’s Goya AI Inference Processor, which is … Together, Intel and Habana can accelerate the delivery of best-in-class AI products for the data center, addressing customers’ evolving needs. Exciting News: Habana has been acquired by Intel. endobj A high-level The demand for more powerful AI capabilities is creating a highly competitive market where nimble execution is nearly as important as architectural design. NVIDIA’s GPUs have dominated the cloud data center AI training market for several years with many customers now regarding NVIDIA as having a vendor lock on them. :�ᗗ&�Y�2�L��?u����&�� J;��AX�"�����^���ş'��D? 3 0 obj Inference processors need to provide reasonable amounts of mathematical performance (using a mix of lower precision floating point and integer), medium amounts of memory, and latency-hiding features – all at relatively low power. The company’s engineering expertise is helping address the world’s greatest challenges as well as helping secure, power and connect billions of devices and the infrastructure of the smart, connected world – from the cloud to the network to the edge and everything in between. 2019 – Another Turbulent Year Ahead for Automakers? �}�@�� g�ࣕ9!� ��c��.�_]0[���ʜ©�S��V !\T.���K��iC�$$m��nv2��9�9�}rғ�3��~���s�y߼�� �@ ���&VGV+�B[!���_ٷ��^����M�N�V7g�fT�����GsLʭ�r���e��>�-G#�Uc( ژ��%��ޣ��i Goya can get the latency down to 7.2 milliseconds with a batch size of 8, which reduces throughput only modestly to 1108. 260 W TDP. Our growing team of industry analysts and thought leaders should address all your needs. Habana chief business officer Eitan Medina recently described his company’s architectural strategy at this year’s Hot Chips event. Processors purpose-built to unlock Today, Intel AI solutions are helping customers turn data into business value and driving meaningful revenue for the company. <> Thumbnail. Learn how your comment data is processed. Gaudi builds on the same basic architecture as the Goya inference accelerator and uses eight Tensor Processor Cores (TPCs), each with dedicated on-die memory, a GEMM math engine and Gen 4 PCIe (Exhibit 1). Habana chairman Avigdor Willenz has agreed to serve as a senior adviser to the business unit as well as to Intel. The GEMM operates on 16-bit integers. (Courtesy: Habana) US tech giant Intel Corp. has signed a deal to acquire Israeli startup Habana Labs, a Caesarea-based … Gaudi builds on the same basic architecture as the Goya inference accelerator and uses eight Tensor Processor Cores (TPCs), each with dedicated on-die memory, a GEMM math engine and Gen 4 PCIe (Exhibit 1). I�f��8)�h��.��n���vg"M��\�(5�� Below are performance results measured on Goya, for a question answering task, identifying the answer to the input question within the paragraph, based on Stanford Question Answering Database (SQuAD). AI accelerators are used in their multiples in large training farms, with many devices collaborating on training the same neural network. The first generation of TPC cores was introduced in the Goya inference processor. A 128-Gaudi processor cluster can be built with 16 HLS-1 systems using 10 Ethernet switches. Following this step, ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation is used to optimize the model and create a working plan for the network model execution on the Goya hardware. Exhibit 1: High-Level Architecture of Habana Labs’ Gaudi Processor. Not only do these two application areas present significantly different requirements for the hardware, but the markets for these systems also present their own particular needs. 1,527 sentence/sec on BERT. In addition, the company claims that Gaudi uses only 140 Watts of power when running the benchmark, around half that of the V100. Data parallelism works fine with standard network components, and as we said, is the conventional way to do training. This combination gives Habana access to Intel AI capabilities, including significant resources built over the last three years with deep expertise in AI software, algorithms and research that will help Habana scale and accelerate. The equivalent T4 results are a throughput of 736 at 16.3 milliseconds of latency. The combination strengthens Intel’s artificial intelligence (AI) portfolio and accelerates its efforts in the nascent, fast-growing AI silicon market, which Intel expects to be greater than $25 billion by 20241. Shenoy continued: “We know that customers are looking for ease of programmability with purpose-built AI solutions, as well as superior, scalable performance on a wide variety of workloads and neural network topologies. This can be managed through a software API, which modifies the data type accordingly based on the desired accuracy. For more information about Gaudi. “If you want to look for that tumor in an X-ray, that 0.4 percent is probably too much,” explains Medina. 3. https://github.com/NVIDIA/TensorRT/tree/release/5.1/demo/BERT, https://developer.nvidia.com/deep-learning-performance-training-inference, Available – available now for purchase/deployment, Preview – on a path to availability; not yet there, Closed – tested to match the specification, enabling comparison with other closed results, Open – tested to a set of parameters defined by the vendor to present product results in most favorable light, Number of accelerators contained in the tested solution. Habana was one of the first AI chip startups to make its silicon available to datacenter customers. Habana’s training chip, known as the Gaudi HL-2000, shares a number of design elements with Goya, but overall is a much different architecture. In fact, it’s the only processor we know of that incorporates RDMA directly onto the package and certainly the only one that offers 1 Tb/sec of connectivity to each processor.

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