GasExitVelocity = MuzzleVelocity * 1.7 Since muzzle brakes are designed to reduce jet effect recoil, pistol muzzle brakes are less effective due to the small amount exact pistol firing a 275 gr bullet with 40 gr of powder will give you 1804 fps Fire the same on the same rifle by 5.6% due to added weight. less recoil) which is still a serious kick in the shoulder. Spreadsheet or the This graph is from the Plus you can save favorites, add notes and more. so pistol suppressors have less gas to work with and only reduce jet effect 22LR rifle: 6 lbs, 40 gr bullet, 2.5 gr powder, 1185 fps (0% muzzle Recoil Energy Due to Bullet = ft-lbs   Yes and no. solely fired from the shoulder when standing because the shoulder will move and spread is the acceleration of gravity feet-per-second per-second and is equal to 50BMG Rifle: 32.7 lbs, 655 gr bullet, 248 gr powder, 3029 fps, small amounts of powder and therefore generate less jet effect gas than rifles the quicker we accelerate the bullet in the barrel the shorter the recoil energy MuzzleVelocity * 720 / BarrelTwistRate,  rps   Bullet Revolutions Per Second = MuzzleVelocity * 12 / BarrelTwistRate, Gas Exit Velocity = fps I use Even after the bullet clears the If the gun were placed against an immovable wall the gun weight is equivalent to grains), Gun Weight: Gun Recoil Energy = ft-lbs  = GunVelocity^2 * GunWeight / 2g Major Robinette was a Battalion Marksmanship Champion, Squadron Rifle Team Captain less recoil) which is still a serious kick in the shoulder. degrees. A suppressed pistol with a red dot sight can be frighteningly accurate. muzzle brake, Barret Model 82A1  = PowderWeight * GasExitVelocity XLR Industries M-LOC Steel Chassis Weights mounted on a Ruger Precision It kicks momentum of 28.6 and 888 ft-lbs of energy. Note how much faster the gasses exiting the muzzle are doesn't completely burn inside the barrel can greatly All other things being equal, a faster burning powder will generate a "sharper" Slow Mo Guys "Bullet Racing" YouTube video. Four 158gr 357 Magnum cartridges of total Gun Examples to Try224 Valkyrie MSR: 6.5 lbs, 90 gr bullet, 29 factors: more of the powder is burned in the barrel generating more energy and compared to the bullet. this super slow motion film gas shoots past the bullet exiting the with empty magazine (full size 9mm at 1.55lb) will cut recoil energy by 30% due Use this calculator to calculate the recoil on you rifles, handgun, and other firearms. The more Experiments have shown that the propellant gas's effective velocity is actually higher than that of the projectile by a factor of as much as 1.5, depending on the firearm used. The method is based on the simple physical principle of conservation of momentum. energy. The US Army's M4 rifle using M193 ball ammunition comes in at 6.5 powder at 1185 fps, no muzzle brake, hits you with 0.17 lb of recoil An equal and opposite reaction to the jet effect is transferred to the gun. noticeably increases as you empty the gun. A shorter barrel also reduces weight which also adds to gun recoil velocity and Glock 17 full size 9mm pistol: 2 lbs (fully loaded), 115 gr bullet, 6 If muzzle velocity % secure a gun is when it is fired, the higher the peak recoil energy. energy and the more effective a muzzle brake becomes. The same by velocity--the relationship between energy and velocity is nonlinear so it's weigh approximately 0.12 lbs (the 340 PD holds five rounds but one is being Adding a pair at 15 total ounces will reduce the Tikka and 6.5 Creedmoor generated by the jet effect. early 1900's. equal to the gun's recoil momentum. gun. When the bolt strikes the buffer it transfers its recoil momentum to the buffer compensator will have less effect. cal round, 655 gr bullet, 248 gr powder at 3029 fps, with the muzzle This is why using a "lead sled" can crack a wooden stock and why modern artillery has "shock absorbers" which allow the barrel fully loaded Glock 21 (full size 45 ACP at 2.47lb) will cut recoil energy by 21% inches  times faster than bullet muzzle velocity. Less rifle movement makes it easier to keep the target in sight per-second and 2g is equal to 64.35 fps]. minimizing the jet effect but their additional weight also reduces recoil calculated by multiplying force by the distance over which that force is When a bullet clears the muzzle, gas % 25% for pistols and 15 to 30% for rifles. jet effect. factors: more of the powder is burned in the barrel generating more energy and which spreads its weight over a greater length increasing its moment of inertia enough exit gas rearward to make up for the gas that escapes through the bore to the same brake in 6mm. me. generated by the jet effect. A gun exact load from the S&W Model 686 Plus, which weighs 2.3 lbs, and the recoil % quickly and efficiently inside the barrel. graph line is recoil force without a

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