Generally before that age, they are not up for adoption yet. It will be much less cute, not to mention annoying and painful, when your cat is full grown. If they don’t learn limits in their play as youngsters, they often develop inappropriate playful aggression. Baby kitties are still figuring out how to grow up to be cats. It’s well worth laying a good foundation in their early months. (At that point, they become Only Kitty Teenagers, and there isn’t a silly-sounding syndrome name for those only kitties.) The nipping and scratching are normal cat-to-cat behaviors, but they don't translate so well to us non-furry humans! The payback is tremendous. Adopt one, and you’ll likely come home to a crying kitten desperate for attention. If you’ve ever raised a litter of kittens or adopted a pair of them, you know how much they play together. Fading kitten syndrome is a set of symptoms that are associated with a failure to thrive in neonatal kittens. Here at rescue, we want you and your furry family members to be happy. Surgery On Site: An Important First for SAFe Cats! Single Cat Syndrome is a condition where a cat become frustrated, anxious, or just plain wound up without an outlet. Estimates show a 10 percent rate of stillbirth and a 10 percent mortality rate by day two of life. Fading kitten syndrome is a medical emergency, do not delay in seeking veterinary attention. They’ll still bond to you as their favorite person, but they won’t require the many hours of attention that a single kitten craves each day. That’s why having an adult around doesn’t necessarily prevent Single Kitten Syndrome. It’s about the future of the individual kittens, their habits and their happiness. In other words, it may be cute when a kitten attacks your ankles when you walk by or playfully nips at your fingers while you’re playing. Doesn’t it sound terrible? Kittens have also been returned because of aggressive play biting. For the best chance … we have a sweet 9 month old cat and want to get her a playmate, can we adopt 1 kitten there as we have a 9 month old one at home? It looks like you have some kittens at home, correct, Hi Julia, it sounds like the kitty you have at home would likely be a great playmate for a kitten. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Very young kittens, only a day or so old, will usually succumb to fading kitten syndrome before you even realize it is happening. In order to become well-socialized cats, kittens need to learn appropriate behavior from one another. Some of this play is painful, as confirmed by the yowling and complaining that occurs. The sad news is, some people aren’t aware OKS exists, much less what the symptoms are, or what to do. You can learn more on our, If you’re wondering whether the kitty you have at home would be a good companion for a single kitten, you can email. Mondays & Tuesdays: Closed. ~Shelley. Looks like you have entered an invalid email address. Fading kitten syndrome is not a single disease. Best of Adopting a Cat < How to cure Only-Kitten Syndrome. What we found repeatedly was that single kittens adopted into homes without other young cats frequently develop behavioral problems. Hope that’s helpful! Single kittens can be found all the way up to kitty adolescence, which is around 10 months old. Kittens have been returned because of litter box problems. So, be on the look out! Let's try again. That’s why having an adult around doesn’t necessarily prevent Single Kitten Syndrome. Help! Share this article with them, and you may help prevent not only one case of Only-Kitten Syndrome, but two! You can provide attention and love but there is simply no way you can replicate the play behavior of the species. But sometimes, a lone kitten is left on his or her own, either lost or otherwise unfortunately separated. Some of this play is painful, as confirmed by the yowling and complaining that occurs. Remember, the difference between a cat and a kitten is only about six months. This time of year, young kittens are a little harder to find. © 2020 Seattle Area Feline Rescue 501(c)3 #91-2041961All rights reserved unless otherwise noted.Digital media services provided by JOMPRESS. Understanding Overstimulation. If you have your heart set on a particular kitten, it’s best to visit sooner rather than later.

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