These include shoe inserts for shoes that are too big & some surprisingly simple solutions such as socks! The Wynsors hub brings together all the latest news features and competitions, keeping you up to date with what's going on in the world of fashion & footwear. You can find packs that contain multiple strips at most drugstores. But over time we have learned that grip socks also prevent slippage inside big shoes! Keysocks are great knee high no show socks for flats & heels (as pictured above) to wear under pants. Caveat: inserts are great, but can get expensive fast. So how can we make big shoes fit smaller? Spend $20 or more and get free standard shipping! Full insoles are a fantastic solution if your shoe is too big across the length of your foot, and they come in a variety of materials and styles to suit your needs: Just pop them in your favourite footwear and you’re good to go! Next you are going to take a hair drying and turn it to a low setting about 15 cm. Stick a strip on the inside back of your shoe and slip your shoes back on. Please find size charts for our non-slip grip socks and tights below. Well, you’re not alone! How to Make Shoes Smaller – 6 Helpful Hacks! xo Cristina, Thanks for the great tips! The same grips that keep you from slipping around on hardwood floors can keep your feet from slipping around inside of your shoes too. Maybe you have one foot bigger than the other, which requires you to fork out on two pairs in different sizes. Furthermore, they are cheap and come in various levels of thickness so that you can wear thinner socks for athletic purposes or in warmer weather, or thicker socks for warmth and comfort. The Duchess of Sussex herself is said to wear shoes that are too big for her on purpose to avoid blisters or bunions (crazy right?) And it’s always better to have shoes that fit vs. loose shoes that will impact your swagger & may result in a trip or sprain. tune into this tutorial if you want to know how to make the shoes smallerThank you for watching! Although it’s always best to buy footwear that fits your feet (not just styles that look good on your shoe rack), we get that sometimes you can’t resist that dream shoe, even if it’s too big for your toes. I had already tried insoles, but they didn’t do the trick. An insole is a soft pad (usually made from a foam, gel or leather material), which you place inside your shoes to provide support, cushioning and even warmth for your feet. If anyone knows where to get shoe repairing accessories even cheaper, let me know! Stack up your socks It may seem like the most obvious idea of them all, but the solution to your big-shoe nightmare may be lurking right under your nose – in your sock drawer! These I highly recommend for everyday use, since they’re breathable (great for summer!). Discover this lifesaving solution in a variety of materials, from silicone and gel to latex and fabric, and upgrade all of your shoes. You can read my full review of Keysocks <– here! Here at LA Active, we have a whole line of comfortable grip socks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thinner than a gel ball of foot cushion, these work great to make shoes just a bit smaller, add traction under the toes & won’t cause your feet to sweat. Both brands offer 3 sizes of inserts to make big shoes fit smaller that are washable, durable & a much better alternative to stuffing cotton in the tips of your shoes! After a while, or with moisture the material will wear down and get gross and start to become uncomfortable. -Cristina, Wow! Heel liners for shoes, or back of heel inserts, are 3″ strips that secure onto the inside back of the heel of your shoe. However, wearing shoes that are too big can actually do more harm than good. Right here, we have handy tips and tricks on how to make shoes smaller (or seem that way! So I went to a shoe store to look for heel strips. But, how do you know if your shoes are too big? So how can we make big shoes fit smaller? How to Make Heels More Comfortable – 10 Handy High Heel Hacks, The Best High Heel Protectors for Every Occasion, StinkBoss Review | Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box, Gifts for Shoe Lovers – The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide, 11 Most Stylish Waterproof Combat boots for Women. They now come in many more prints & colors too 🙂. Here at LA Active, we have a whole line of, After reviewing all the potential options for how you can make your big shoes fit smaller, we highly suggestion purchasing a pair of,,,,, First things first; we’d always recommend trying to exchange them for a new size – easy enough if you have a gift receipt. Hello You Designs. Grip Socks. It may seem fairly obvious when a pair doesn’t quite offer that ‘Cinderella’ fit, but we discovered that a huge 76% of people haven’t had their feet measured properly since school, meaning some of us could actually be wearing the wrong size without even knowing. These pads add support and friction and since they are smaller they are less likely to show in certain shoes, so they work well for heels that are just slightly too big. Visit our social sites & get all the latest News & Exclusive offers. They also prevent blisters – bonus! very informative article. Anole is part of the LA Active family. That being said, how do you make your shoes smaller? What Color Shoes with a Light Blue Dress? Hi Dylan, I would say a thicker heel tab insert that is not made of a sticky rubber is your best bet, like this one:, Those low sports socks with padded tabs could also work well, depending on where the extra material ends up placing itself in the shoe. Something like this: or this: Here’s How to Make Shoes Less Slippery! And it’s called a cobbler (that person who fixes shoes as a living, not the drink or desert!). & Shoolex “Make ’em Fit” (read my full review of these shoe fillers, here). We have adult sizes ranging from small to extra large, and kid's sizes ranging from newborn to toddler, preschool, and grade school kids. This post was most recently updated on December 13th, 2019. Dip your fingers into … Yep, it’ll be more expensive as any service rendered by a professional is, but it’s a permanent & more convenient alternative to shoes you plan on wearing often. Well, it all comes down to comfort. So if you’re looking for some shoe repair hacks on how to make shoes smaller, or how to make big shoes fit, here are 6 free to relatively inexpensive solutions to make your shoes fit better. And if  you’re not able to make your big shoes fit smaller with my above suggestions, I invite you to look at my post on where to shop for shoes for women with small feet! Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that will allow you to wear your big shoes without looking silly. My new-bought shoe is a bit wide so I decided to search some advice from the Internet. ), we reminisced with some of our, From sizing to street cred: Your ultimate guide to New Balance, Your safety saviours: The best work boots for any task at…, Most comfortable shoes and trainers to help banish working-from-home blues, 76% of people haven’t had their feet measured properly since school, wear shoes that are too big for her on purpose, Wide Fit Shoes: Your complete guide to getting the perfect fit, The best slippers for women, men & kids: Cosy stocking filler ideas under £15, Crisp, cool and (most importantly) clean! Thanks for this post. You can get gel ones like Dr. Scholl’s Dreamwalk insoles (most comfy). No one will ever know you’ve layered four pairs of brightly-coloured socks underneath! 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 LA Active. Which option is best for me. The two shoe fillers I have personally tested out & reviewed are Sizers (ASOS has recently come up with a Sizers dupe, btw!) This is usually gel or foam material that you slip into the bottom of your shoes. I love this solution when my feet are slipping out and irritating the back of my feet creating unwanted blisters. Wear Multiple Pairs of Socks. Help!!?!?!! I have many heels, flats & sneakers that have become larger due to wear; foot shrinkage during the colder months of the year & for other reasons I just can’t seem to explain! Home » Shoe Repair & Shoe Care » How to Make Shoes Smaller – 6 Helpful Hacks! Perfect for the rainy season ☔️, Puma's Cali sneakers blend ultimate comfort with West Coast style. By continuing to browse this website I assume that you are okay with it. This is not the most trustworthy solution though because you can never be certain on how the leather is going to react with the water. They’re not the most sexy shoe accessory, but they work wonders! I am a size 39 but I got a size 41 shoes which slip out of my feet with every step I take. There are 2 types of ball of foot insoles that I recommend & personally use: They’re thicker than the usual half insole, textured to grip & prevent slipping, reusable, washable & the sticky surface won’t damage the inside of your shoes. Check out my new post on how to stretch shoes (some great, easy-easy tips here too!). If you decide to go to a cobbler to get your shoes adjusted, go in with a new/newer shoe. We recommend accurately measuring your feet to find shoes that fit you to a ‘T’. They gave me some ideas, and I believe that I fixed my shoe issues. You can start with a full shoe insole. In sum, of course there is no magic solution to making shoes smaller, or how to make big shoes fit. Were my above suggestions to Dylan at all helpful? We hope our tips and tricks have given you some inspiration on how to make your shoes smaller. I was glad to read this awesome blog. Whether it was a parking mishap or a little one left at home (oops! TIP! Which brings me to my next item on the list…. this idea is amazing.! Shoe repair shops are difficult to find around town these days and because of this they tend to hike their prices, so save this option for expensive shoes that are really worth the investment. To make shoes smaller for my summer sandals, flats or pumps, ball of foot cushions are the most practical insole type. My fave option with sneakers is a full insole 🙂 Let us know which options ends up working best for you! Great you got some ideas from this post 🙂 You can also find them in different sizes from eBay and Amazon. . Stack up your socks It may seem like the most obvious idea of them all, but the solution to your big-shoe nightmare may be lurking right under your nose – in your sock drawer! This next suggestion might sound easy, and obvious, but it has serious drawbacks. !please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video :) I plan on uploading 1+ times a week so stay tuned!Follow me!Insta: rebeccaali_ : rebeccaaa1415Twitter: rebecccali : rebeccali18 : rebeccali18 (come listen to my cool music)Business Email: I collect cookies! . Both can only be used in closed-toe shoes, however. Although this will cost you more, it’s well worth the one-off payment for a pair that you wear regularly. 🙂, So glad you found it useful Wanda and thanks for stopping by! After reviewing all the potential options for how you can make your big shoes fit smaller, we highly suggestion purchasing a pair of LA Active grip socks, or another grip sock brand that you like.

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