Take some of the pressure off of yourself by remembering the only way to figure out who you really are is by understanding who God is and by becoming who He made you to be. 2 pieces of posterboard, paper, butcher paper ), Family (e.g. Some examples of categories that can be useful for identifying values: Once everyone has their values written down, have the participants share with their first partner why they chose to write down the values they did. once will who is abe lincoln is stolen he stays on the team that stole him. Free ideas & step-by-step instructions for classrooms, workplace and corporate training, youth group games, party games, ice breaker games for kids, and college group activities. ). So for example if Stevo and I were partners he has a name tag, let’s call it, and I’ve got the same thing. Interview Game - Icebreakers,Ideas, Games, Activities! Race (e.g. Fantastic. Half the fun is found in the genuine reporting of incorrect information about others. This is not an art class. Given this, you would think it would be possible to retain three bits of information, right? What type of group? Identity Crisis is a fun interactive game for groups that know each other well. You could probably fill in the gaps of what happens from there. I have played it with my group and it's a good ice breaker :-). You might not have actually been there, but I want you to share with your partner that part of the world, wherever that may be, would be paradise. You’re going to actually write that as big as you can on the card. Discourage this behaviour. Do you know a fun variation? Also purchase pens so that each participant has one to use. We keep our emails short, sharp and shiny and we only send them out every few weeks. Brand NEW book featuring 150+ outrageously fun group games & activities. Continue this process until all participants are each left with one card — their most important value. Meaning the teams will never completely form one team. It’s a bit like Chinese whispers where sometimes the information gets lost in translation. If they guess right that person then joins their team. What strategies do you use to remember names and information about others. And Lion King? :). Ten of the best no-prop, interactive ‘get-to-know-you’ games & activities. We should just give a little hand to all… those first two people, I forgot for the first person. Here's a Youth Group Game on Identity based on Colossians 3:1-3. I want you to share with them what’s your favourite film. We need you to spend no more than five seconds writing your name. A creative, interactive use for name-tags. Okay, you’ve got it. Permit the banter to flow for 10 minutes or so, inviting each person to complete as many exchanges (of identity) as possible. And – here’s the fun bit – each person will now assume the identity of their partner, and share only those three bits of information they learned about their ‘old’ partner with a ‘new’ partner (plus anything else they may remember.). Hand out the index cards and pens to each participant. So in my case it’s Mark. So to repeat, you’ll start with your own card. Does that sound like you, James? I introduce myself as Stevo and I share Stevo’s favourite film and I share Stevo’s favourite part of the world that’s regarded as a piece of paradise and he does the same for Mark. Please check your post before submitting, you will not be able to edit it again. Upvoted. So Lucy, who are you? So James, where’s James? The problem with this game is, if each team manages to guess some people, they are bound to that team. The bottom line is You discover your true identity by understanding who God is and by becoming who He made you to be. Scan QR codes to connect to tons of digital content including video tutorials. Or you could go with the team that has the most on their side at end. Name Aerobics - Icebreakers,Ideas, Games, Activities! Game goes until all players are on one team and that team is the winner. Divide your group into 2 teams. Allow a minute or two to pass, then halt the conversation and explain that you would now like each person to swap their ‘name-tag’ with their partner. ), Religion (e.g. And we’ll just keep going around the circle for a minute or so. It sometimes occurs that an individual will receive their own ‘name-tag’ back during the exercise. Notecards More information. For example, you could ask each person to think of: Having thought about this information, ask everyone to start mingling and greet one other person (to form a pair.) I found that it was ok to end the game once one team had guessed identities of all members of the opposing team. Do you have useful advice for other users? Your favourite movie is Boondock Days and rainforest is your paradise. Teams sit together and posterboard is displayed by the corresponding team. Click an option below & discover our simple pricing. ), Socio-economic (e.g. Each inner circle person will pair up with an outer circle person. After sharing for 5-7 minutes, ask all participants to rip up one of their cards. This is a very easy, low-maintenance group activity that requires little preparation and can work for as small as 8 people to as large as 50 people. If nothing else, you’ll remember their names because of the name written on the card. Maybe…. "Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln). And once you have been guessed you are out. So for example I would share that with Stevo, Stevo would share those two things with me. When you’re a member of playmeo’s exclusive activity database, you can unlock 400+ premium activities – just like this one – immediately. Divide your group into 2 teams. (I’m Rob. I think this might be a quicker way to do 4 on a couch, but I'm not sure about the mechanics. I want you to actually fill as much of the card as you can with your first name. After a few groans and feverish re-checking of data, the process resumes, but this time, each person assumes the identity of their most recent partner. Pose three questions and invite everyone to consider their responses, eg favourite movie, ideal holiday location, and what they would do if they won the lottery. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Also check out our. A slight advantage given to the team who begins the game. Then start with one person calling out someone and guessing what/who they wrote down. In a moment I’m going to ask for a volunteer, one person who will be the first, often the one who thinks they’re about to forget everything they’ve just been learned, to introduce the person that you are holding the card for. Home > Activities > Ice-Breakers > Identity Crisis. The people in the outer circle should face inside, and the people in the inner circle should face outside. Explore plans for10, 50, 200, 1000or more potential users. Got the idea? sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son, etc. This fun icebreaker is a fun way for a youth group to learn more about each other. Go. PLAYMEO is a registered trademark of playmeo pty ltd. We offer a range of membership plans with no surprises. I think it would be cool if the kids, instead of being in a team, just acted as Madonna or Abe Lincoln or whoever they have chosen, and attempt to guess who each other is, even if they get put into pairs just to work together to work out who is who. Ideal for all groups, 100% fun & free. However, ff someone guesses my identity then me, Will, and the rest of my team would join the new team. This game works best indoors. Scan QR codes to connect to tons of digital content including video tutorials. presented by Mark Collard. … compiling a list of favourites is only available to our premium members. ), Activities (e.g. Further to the above point, people often want to write down the information they receive from their new partner to help them remember the correct data. Who would like to start? Quick (5 - 15 mins) Cooperative. Instruct them to write one value on each index card. We wrote our choice of person, or character down and one person does not play but reads to the group all the names twice. Video Transcript for Identity Crisis Why? So pass the card over to James, and James will now introduce himself as…, (Favourite movie is “Man on Fire” and paradise would be Switzerland.). When done correctly there should be two team leaders in the end, whoever guesses the last leader gets everyone on their team. Distribute a set of blank index cards to your group, one per person. This inventive name-game is a little like Chinese Whispers meets Partner Introductions. So, James. What did it feel like to forget or tell the wrong information? Terrific. What worked, what didn't work? Of course naturally at the end of that next conversation that Mark has, the cards are swapped again and Mark is now assumed by a whole new person. Ask everyone to write their first name on a card, in large letters. Hispanic, Asian, Black, Caucasian, etc. (I’m really into The Lion King, and just sandy beaches are the best.). Markers. Sometimes people feel the urge to get the information right, and seek out the person belonging to the card they are holding. Memorable Catchy Names - Icebreakers,Ideas, Games, Activities! Subscribe me to the YouthGroupGames.com.au mailing list for occasional updates about new content. "Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln). If team A guesses "Will is Abe Lincoln" correctly, why wouldn't team B guess the same and get Will back. Yep, me too. Okay Lucy, does that sound like you? Nothing worse than greeting someone who is wearing a name tag with very small writing. What they love most about where they live; What they would do if they won the lottery; or. And now Stevo becomes Mark and he has a crisis of identity because now when he moves on to a new person he introduces himself as Mark. It has to end with the largest team. Okay. This is one reason phone numbers feature an average of 8 digits across the globe. The winner becomes the last person who's name or character was forgotten or not chosen.

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