Edit the Licensing Flexible Asset template and add a new Tag field that's associated with the new custom template. After the vendor organizations are created in IT Glue, you can add more specific information using the pre-built Vendors Flexible Asset template, including the account number, account manager, SLA etc. The next action is to ensure the checklist, or specific steps within it, are assigned to the right person. As you improve the quality of your work with checklists, consider sharing your findings with other professionals. When you finish creating the new Flexible Asset, go to your primary organization (your company), and create all your vendors. Click to enlarge the screen capture: Alternatively, if you are familiar with creating new Flexible Asset templates, you can create a custom Flexible Asset and track each vendor there. IT Glue is a convenient subscription in US Dollars (USD). Think of a checklist step as a headline 'Complete installation', you could then link to an SOP that has more detail that is required for completing that task. Go to the Configurations list view and filter it to display only the printers. Basic. Simply take note of those gaps and continue working through the process. Take a good, hard look at what hasn't worked in the past. Ask these people for their ideas on the common causes of failure or what they would suggest checking. Now, anyone accessing the checklist knows who is responsible for what, enhancing the efficiency of the process. IT Glue is available strictly as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Users are any person with access to your IT Glue with read & write permissions, or staff with read-only access to all organizations. Continuous improvement is the name of the game in checklist development. Freeing your mind has never been so easy! Prices are per user, per month, based on a 36 month term. Enjoy unlimited onboarding and consulting, and world-class support. President, Creative Computer Solutions, Inc. “Our engineers love the system and keep finding new, great, innovative ways to use the tool.”, Managed Service Technician, Lattis Networks, “I never realized how much I enjoyed documentation until IT Glue!”, “We've gone from 30 minutes to find a specific computer login/password, to under a minute. Do steps are exactly what they sound like – reminders to do a specific action. What a fantastic timesaver. For enterprise IT, you may operate only within a small number (or even a single) Organization. Owners will also receive an email reminder notification at 7 days before the assigned due date and again 1 day before the due date. For most IT providers, you will manage a large number of unique documentation sets contained in an Organization. Just ticking off boxes is not the ultimate goal of your checklist. For more information, see Syncing between IT Glue and PSAs overview. Once all of your vendors are entered, you will be able to access them from search and in the Global list views. Find, track, & know everything in your IT documentation app. IT Glue has invested significantly in the privacy and security of your data. Unleash innovation and grow your MSP with our award-winning IT documentation management platform. Customize the … Navigate to the organization you are onboarding. Now you have a listing for that vendor. © 2020 IT Glue | All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Sitemap | Cookie Settings 1.844.235.GLUE [4583]. Organizations are unique containers for your IT documentation, which provide a secure framework for limiting access. In the case of onboarding a new employee, you could check what software and licenses they may need to complete their daily responsibilities, using previous onboarding … Think of the tasks in your checklist as ingredients in a recipe for success. Our one-time activation fee cannot be waived. Log into the print server … This allows them to easily view and assess their new assignments directly from their email inbox. Read our Create a basic checklist KB article for a step-by-step walkthrough. See Integrations for more details. It's time to ditch manual form fields and stale documentation. Worth every penny!”, “When IT Glue was announced at our workplace there were immediate cheers and weeks later I'm still getting pats on the back for bringing IT Glue on board.”, “IT Glue has successfully managed to create a formalized but highly flexible means of capturing site documentation that is fun at the same time. In the case of onboarding a new employee, you could check what software and licenses they may need to complete their daily responsibilities, using previous onboarding experiences as a baseline. Your credit card will be billed monthly and renew based on your sign-up date. The main benefit of this approach is that it provides a single common source of information about vendors across systems, including business locations, support phone numbers, account managers, and other key contacts. Do steps are exactly what they sound like – reminders to do a specific action. Describing every single step to complete a task essentially renders a checklist useless. This initial fee, along with the monthly subscription fees, have been carefully designed to ensure our award-winning services and platform continue to meet and support your needs. Can the one-time activation fee be waived? The suggested best practices below can help you create the best checklist for your procedure and gives you ownership over the process. Were the steps completed out of order? For example, if you want to reference Microsoft from where you documented a client's Office365 subscription, you would need to modify the Licensing Flexible Asset. There are two main approaches you could take to vendor management: Use this approach to manage high-level company information about each vendor from your PSA, by entering vendors as accounts/companies in your PSA and then letting this information sync to IT Glue. What third-party platforms do you integrate with? Once you assign the checklist or steps, each new owner will automatically receive an email notification for it. Any applicable taxes will also be charged in USD. After testing your checklist in Step 5, it's time to refine and improve the checklist. After all, you want it to be useful and save you time in the long run.

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