They haven't, you know, and no doubt because it's taken us a while to start getting ratings no doubt they would have been meetings where they'd be chomping at the bit to get involved but they haven't what's the importance of news because it you hear about breakfast shows it's like when people get their news Do you have How do you go from being a DR show and then having to deal with like if some some the fucking terrorist attack or something happens and all of a sudden, you're in, you know, your body. 37:20 But when the surveys came, and the people around us with like Don talked to Matt Tilly about the survey. Yes, I said the one so if you didn't say you could have taken the show and done the podcast while making the one. And I didn't check the book and I gave it to her and then on Christmas day, she opened it up and it's a debut and I thought Thank you so much. But I'm not finding this interview a lot. 5:10 But I think it's like, the mission is if you're both in on that same trajectory together, and then you've got, you've got to respect what the other person wants to do as well, that page does a lot more social than I do. So we, we just talked to each other and we committed to building up that relationship. Kyle then opened up about how poorly he used to treat Jase, especially when they lived together. No one's watching more than 2030 minutes of special so do a shorter one but how many videos do you watch where if you got our watch that and then when it loads up learn about you but I will look at how long it's about to go if I had two and a half I'm like oh yeah this time almost 20% check there i mean i'm i'm on a video then swapping to see the comments. 21:35 Because we don't drink any coffee. 4:00 I think it's we do client work still right now that 12:09 So like we're in this big market like nobody propagates message knows I can't even go and page and I just looked each other laugh like what are we doing? 1:34:18 That's good banter 1:37:00 And I don't I shouldn't be creating content. This is try and get into this school, and we went in and then the principal goes off so you know what do you do? And then afterwards I go back I got so much into the conversation, the conversation was great, but there's all this shit there in the news about the man which I haven't asked about yet. 9:09 Live. I was around younger team who was sort of how annoy you spend 15 hours a week doing radio. 1:37:05 I like the idea of like, imagine being in a cottage or maybe feeling like a villa. Livingston's in the kitchen. 1:20:07 1:03:41 What do you think? If we really liked this, there was one ad they applied us and page and I would just lie. Yeah. 1:29:00 Jase Hawkins joins us on the show! It'll be shows all the time you ever music junk? La you know, I'd used to be a producer. Please don't blame us. 1:29:30 It was fucking out the rest of it, but they needed the pre roll. The wedding snub made headlines with a wedding guest telling the Daily Telegraph at the time, "it was pretty unbelievable". Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Jane Wilde (centre, standing) with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde on their wedding day, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). We can give us give him shit about it. Right. How what's the brand filter? Some sports stars struggle to navigate life after reaching the pinnacle in their chosen arena. And this magazine he had was like the fitness first magazine of a guy on the front cover. 1:30:02 Oh, yeah. And I try and learn out of that. Yeah, it didn't really become much of a thing but it feels like we're evolving and it will go that way. We will go it'll get to Thursday and page and I like that we got an open 3:30 Yep. 55:50 And then, like we did in New Zealand, when it was coming over here, we'll go out for dinner with Paige may her partner my partner, because it's not this decision as well. And so you got a nickname? 59:54 And just the team were getting along really well. Yeah, this will be my 20th year so I got into it when I was 18. 47:00 I don't like funerals and she's like, you know what? Each weekday, Tommy & Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. This Are you putting your opinion out there? Who knows? many people who it's just like, like you know who want to digital right? I listened. I wonder what else they're doing. 1:02:00 1:47 It's the ones you don't realise that again to upset people. I always think we sit there and go, but we're in the industry away in a city living I said to my team, I'm like, you know, to us, we might think, you know, oh God. Yeah, but you can't fucking tell anyone. You might like us. We had a bunch of people 11:34 We'd stuff in common and then she I started working with her in New Zealand. But I think it's inevitable you'd lose some because you're not for everybody. 54:32

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