Wally took a deep breath of the fresh air. No doubt that she, John, and this Keyes woman had some history. "It's a long story, and you have to rest first, trust me when I say it is very complicated." The league receives a device that allows them to view through various dimensions. she spoke. "The person spent his end in order to preserve these for other people to see. "These means that you could take a Gauss round at point blank range and still keep fighting, this new alloy also reduces the Mjolnir weight by half, and since it was designed to withstand energy based weaponry, the Covenant loyalist plasma and energy based weapons would be practically useless against you, it would take a platoon to take you down if you stood still." I don't want that to happen. Maybe being human isn't a weakness, but instead, an underestimate. "I don't think he has hair, at least not the kind you let down. "Commander, are you all right?" "Well what are you waiting for John put it on, I want to check put the new BIOS we installed as well as my new accommodations." I may have twisted a lot of things including the timelines backstories and e.t.c. "Like what you see John?" he asked the floating machine. I will be writing this story along with the others, so don't worry about me abandoning them. "There you go.". she asked again wishing she could see his face to look at his reactions. she asked. While the world and I will no longer exist, my favorite internet show will forever live on. Once on the base the children were informed that their lives as civilians were over and that they were needed for the safety and security of the human race, so under the watchful eye of Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, they were trained in all aspects of the military, Mendez was a harsh taskmaster with them pushing them to go beyond their limitations, but he was also fair to the recruits by teaching them loyalty, teamwork and honor, he became a Father figure to the Spartans, just as Doctor Halsey would be a mother to them. "Looks like they're here for me. The rest of The Team gathered as he began to read, and a somber atmosphere appeared. "I want engines at full once we are near Mars, engage cloak, something is definitely not right here." She said as the images showed men and women fighting in colorful costumes against others, some seem to be flying under their own power, others firing beams of energy from their bare hands or eyes, lifting objects not even John could with the armor on by strength alone. Sequel to JLL: Act 1. It was there that the screen grew larger and projected on a wall, allowing the group to watch it in full color. she asked as she addressed the monitor, John facing as well to ascertain the implications of this. Not a moment latter the Dawn made another appearance only this time they opened portal that was as massive as the one used by the fleet, as the new forerunner star reactor was powerful enough to open such a thing, the fleet having no real semblance of control was pulled in. "We also found this box full of movies for us to watch," Wally added. Nightwing tucked the line into his glove and it *fit*. Offensive processed her answer and found no fault in the words spoken. The A.I spoke. "Are the communications still damaged?" They also had to say that his weapons looked incredibly advanced and powerful. Who's Oracle and why was this guy calling about her going into labour? Cortana said in her avatar form. One of the ones they find, happens to be a team up with a certain super soldier.

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