These houses show detachment from siblings. to take decision, it another headache, how he is taking decision for country confused with the Udaya Lagna as the Udaya Lagna is the Lagna that has risen at Sunrise on the day the native was born. Read here. If benefic planets are placed in the Kendra house, it enhances the internal strength of an individual. The are said to be evil and malefic houses. These houses plays an important role in our life. What are the effects of Rahu mahadasha? Kendra Balam (Kendra Strength) of the horoscope. Chandra Dosha: Features, Effects, Remedies And More! Terms of Service, Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology, Guru Chandal Dosh: Facts, Features, and Remedies. These houses are mostly about our good luck, growth, spiritual, lifestyle, religious, good deeds, dharma, etc. They bring spirituality, knowledge, goodness, generosity, wealth and fame, especially if they are well endowed. For 2016 first deep and detailed article on transit of Rahu-K... Rahu is strongest planet of opposition ( against  or vidrohi) and sun is king of his kingdom, Rahu is strongest opposition leader which o... Jupiter planet of wealth, expansion, success, destiny and stable growth or stable life going to move in next sign Virgo which is one of t... Saturn, King of Kaliyug, King of Gains, King of Sorrow in Sagittarius which is king of Discipline so one of the great transit going to hap... Master of spirituality wants to take you another world, where satisfaction, peace and moksha are there. you already know a part of me. The 9th house- your destiny, father, social image, dharma, religious & spiritual activities, traveling, higher education, guru, philisophy, etc. Both the Lagna and the Udaya Lagna can be same for a native whose birth has taken place in the early hours of the morning that is the time of Besides Udaya Lagna, the Ascendant or the Lagna of the horoscope is the most important and it is a kendra. chart. The 1st house- yourself, personality, health, aura, overall luck & life purpose. Yoga. Kendra houses make a person's married life and vocation enjoyable. discuss about Angular houses or “Kendra house” after completed Trine house. Permanency in authority also comes from Kendra Balam. Lagna is a self activating force. Hope all these articles would be helpful for all of you. I am the Astrologer/Palmist/Face Reading/Healer & Reiki specialist.This Blog, mainly for astrological articles. I shall post the link for ©2001-2020 An understanding of the houses and the intention of the house lord is critical in this predictive science. 10 house > 7th house > 4th house > 1st house. Tenth lord is also a karaka for Raja yoga. The person can get favorable results from inauspicious planets if they are located in the Trik houses, Kendra houses bless a person with good health. The the complete kendras are like chain process as the native born with his basic trait and personality - the range of happiness and luxury he can attain -the life partners contribution - the professional overview all comes under the kendra bhavas.hence, all the 4 kendras play an important role in the natives personal and professional life and more than 60% of the life of an individual is judged through the kendras.

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