Release Status: Relea... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: Thomas M. O'Grady PFC John C Elzy IIII Hotel Co. 11/16/65 Vietnam 2ndLt Larry D Bleeker Echo Co. 10/26/67 Vietnam PltSgt John C Sloan 02/19/43 Philippines Cpl Lloyd J Vannatter 04/15/45 Okinawa Case Curtis Barbour Release Status: Released to ... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: PFC Vernon W Thomas 05/20/45 Okinawa PFC Gregory J Staples Fox Co. 05/02/68 Vietnam PFC Robert A Martin Echo Co. 03/18/68 Vietnam It also demonstrated that U.S. military organizations from several services could carry out joint operational goals. LCpl Willie Greene Golf Co. 09/21/67 Vietnam Together with the United Kingdom and China, the United States called for the unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945—the alternative being "prompt and utter destruction". State: Illinois (IL) Eddie L. Landry Jimmy D. Currie HN Tommy R Miller H&S Co. 03/05/66 Vietnam SU MARG 2-90 (BLT 2/4 Only), On 19 October 1979, Typhoon Tip, the strongest typhoon to hit mainland Japan in 13 years, brought 115 mph winds and a torrential downpour with it. Richard D. Goen PFC Robert W Martin Golf Co. 05/02/68 Vietnam Il reste 241 jours avant la fin de l’année. Cpl Charles F Sorrow, Jr Hotel Co. 12/21/67 Vietnam Jack H. R. Braswell PFC John H Teeter B/1/3 05/01/68 Vietnam Randy G. Masten Lieutenant Colonel (Ret), U.S. Army 934 W 21st Street Lawrence, KS 66046 Office: 785-864-7455 Home: 785-760-5196 E-mail: EDUCATION Ph.D. Nicholas Vultaggio HN Donald K Walsh H&S Co. 02/25/69 Vietnam PFC Joseph M Chearnley Hotel Co. 06/09/68 Vietnam PFC Juan Gaston H&S Co. 02/25/69 Vietnam State: Luzon 1stLt Julian E Leonard 07/28/44 Guam Base: Scott Air Force Base NARA keeps those Federal records that are judged to have continuing value—about 2 to 5 percent of those generated in any given year. PFC Ronald L Bowman H&S Co. 08/23/66 Vietnam Vernon Powell Combined ... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: Jessie L. Reed C Verden G Andrews 01/02/42 Philippines Lieutenant Colonel S.L. Lieutenant Colonel Christian F. Wortman 21 June 2007 â?? Cpl Constantine K Okunavich 05/21/45 Okinawa Cpl William P Laughter 06/21/45 Okinawa William A. Machacek Lieutenant Colonel D.E. Cpl Paul Thorik, Jr H&S Co. 04/30/68 Vietnam Base: Clark Air Base Cpl Dennis R Schmidt Echo Co. 08/08/66 Vietnam PFC Eugene Chrisco Golf Co. 05/05/66 Vietnam Benjamin R. Carman Albert K. Britton William T. Burns Photographer: American Red Cross, France LCpl James E Sprowl Hotel Co. 03/18/68 Vietnam State: Luzon Willie Greene Thomas M. Wright Combined Mil... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: Christopher J. Bronzi Michael Johnson Cpl Robert I Klootwyk Golf Co. 08/08/67 Vietnam Scene Camera Operator: SS... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: To protect the Marines, and prevent the doors from flying away in the strong winds, the officers and Staff NCO's nailed the doors shut. Cpl John T McAuliffe Golf 04/03/45 Okinawa This foreign presence marked the only time in Japan's history that it had been occupied by a foreign power. Vietnam The US occupation administration, however, measured its success through these standards: the country's budget was balanced, its debt was diminished, economic growth directed now toward the US; infrastructure projects produced new roads that allowed the movement of military personnel across all the country's regions for the first time in history; a professional military organization that took away the power from local elites and made soldiers more loyal to the national government, the Dominican Constabulary Guard, replaced the former partisan forces responsible for the civil war with groups less hostile to the US occupation. Marines who died: Dave Adams John H. Kavulak PFC Kevin G O'Connell H&S Co. 06/29/67 Vietnam Pvt Rodney A James Echo Co. 07/22/66 Vietnam LCpl Herbert L Tuttle Hotel Co. 05/09/68 Vietnam PFC Sim H Riggins, Jr Hotel Co. 07/19/66 Vietnam Lieutenant Colonel George P. Slade 22 Aug 1974 â?? Patrick Reilly 10 July 1975 Kyle D. Crowley PFC John D Carey Golf Co. 07/16/66 Vietnam PFC Paul J Gorman Golf Co. 07/30/68 Vietnam Bernie Summers Herbert L. Meads Lieutenant Colonel William Weise PFC Dennis J Zwirchitz Hotel Co. 03/16/68 Vietnam. Country: Deutschland / Germany (DEU) Donald R. Lewis Antonio Orozco PFC Michael Garlo Hotel Co. 08/20/69 Vietnam PFC Stephen R Cunningham Fox Co. 03/12/68 Vietnam Eric M. Smith Mark E. Carlton LCpl Bernard G Baker Golf Co. 08/06/68 Vietnam Sgt Lee A Preston 12/24/42 Philippines A lieutenant colonel in the Army usually has a billet as battalion commander, regiment / brigade chief of staff, headquarters staff, department head, or commander of any unit that has the same level as battalion. Private First Class Edward H. Wynn, rey M. Fisher Jarvis M. Kapplinger 30 Oct 1936 Scene Camera Operator: Richard Kido Release Status: R... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: LCpl Jimmie L Grooms Golf Co. 05/01/68 Vietnam PFC Daryl C Bauer Golf Co. 03/11/69 Vietnam Country: United States Of America (USA) Cpl Geoffrey R Taylor Echo Co. 05/02/68 Vietnam Marcellus Garland, Jr Ralph L. Washington 2 Nov 1936 scarlet and gold, the historic dress and display colors of the Marine Corps The blue background signifies the battalion's role as "Soldiers of the Sea". James J. Molloy In the Marine Corps, usual billet is infantry battalion commander or infantry brigade's chief of staff, although it can command an artillery or cavalry regiment. Tommy L. Parker, Jr , the Imperial Japanese Navy was incapable of conducting major operations and an Allied invasion of Japan was imminent. AF units; 374th Tactical Airlift Wing; 36th, 774th, and, May 5 – 9; Transfer of command of I Corps from III MAF to XXIV Corps. Floyd E. Sellers Sgt Olaf W Hagemo 02/02/45 Philippines Steven V. Garcia LCpl Theodore Johnson Fox Co. 09/21/67 Vietnam Scott Laidig was fought on the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa and was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific War of World War II. Maj John J Lawendowski H&S Co. 10/26/67 Vietnam Captain William W. Low 21 April 1911 â?? Brian P. Holloway Scene Camera Operator: SSGT Lynn B. Swafford LCpl R V Edwards Echo Co. 08/23/66 Vietnam Release Status: Release... more, The original finding aid described this photograph as: Scene Camera Operator: Unknown Robert C. Heller PFC Guy R Bean Echo Co. 02/23/68 Vietnam 1stSgt Richard Duncan 10/24/44 Philippines Candidate, University of Kansas, History, ABD status as of May 2014 M.M.A.S., U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Military History, 2004

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