The group had surround Loki, who was once more trying to catch his breath after a Hulk attack. Tony looked up surprised and Loki opened his eyes. I think he’s listening to music in this one.” Steve looked through the folder with Tony and everyone started crowding around to look at the sketches. “It’s called, 'Honesty’ by Pink Sweat$,” y/n said nervously.“ "Well let’s have a listen then shall we?” Loki said as he hit play. "Technically, we're not all mortal, because your brother's a god," Tony pointed out. "I'm being so sincere right now" to Tony's complete and utter horror, Loki began to dance. Please consider turning it on! Avengers, Loki, Bucky, Pietro. For quite a long time I have been finding myself not much enjoying the stories I read anymore. No, that wasn't fair, he was a Norse god, and he didn't get to sing portal songs. “Bruce where did you get that file?.” “From your night sta-”. "There is research to be done" Loki flipped the switch on the third machine, entirely ignoring Tony. But things go horribly wrong from the beginning and Thor finds he must fight to protect her from the last person he expected. “What is this? He had a plan. "I am a Jotun. You were standing in front of me this whole time, Loki: *picks a flower and and gives it to you*, Loki: *walks in holding up a huge flower crown*, Loki: *placing the flower crown on your head*, Loki: *Wraps his arms around you and kisses you on the forehead*. ^.^ (*Tom Hiddleston fangirl dance*), "You're all the world's greatest heroes, yet you were all too embarrassed to admit you played instruments," Fury sighed, shaking his head. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have faved, alerted and reviewed! You record it for blackmail. “Darling, I already won when I met you,” Loki said smiling. When Loki is brought for judgement (opening scene from Thor TDW) that debt is repaid. She wouldn’t have wanted to spend her evening any other way. ", "Can you sing something else?" Is this…me?” Y/n’s face started to flush. Much to his surprise, it comes from a source he would never have expected. As she was walking back to her room in the Avengers HQ, she gazed past Loki’s room. "No, like I said yesterday." In this story Queen Hel is not Loki's daughter (otherwise it would just be icky). Like the reader has a playlist with a song that reminds them of every avenger, and when Loki asks them what his song is about, it’s a love song and he realizes that she loves him and fluffy stuff.. ik this is kinda vague but I just want Loki fluff tbh”, Summary: Loki and reader explore music as well as their feelings for each other, Authors note: I hope y’all enjoy my first one shot <3, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Peter: If you were a booger! "I…uh…thank you….Tony…" Loki bowed his head, going scarlet. =) Thanks! Loki, dramatically taking a seat beside you: Hey baby, I know we’re in a biology class but if anything we got CHEMISTRY ;), You: *keeps writing notes and doesn’t look up from your paper*, Loki: I need help with my English homework afterwards, I’m trying to rearrange the alphabet and put “U” and “I” together :), Loki: I’m chemisTRYING to get you to go out with me, Loki, slowly getting up from his seat: oh, what’s the point. Y/n started to fall for him, but she could never let him know because she didn’t want to ruin what they had. He looked up at her sometimes whenever he reads his books, but she just assumed that he thought that she was just another agent. "Thor, get your girlfriend off of me." Bum bum bum Got any grapes?" Smut. "You're original, cannot be replaced" Clint smiled. Tony considered the words. But reader cries at one point but only for a short period of time. "Because when I arrive—" Loki suddenly stopped singing. “Great job reindeer games!” said Tony alongside the rest of the avengers leaning against y/n’s doorframe. "Havin' sex can make a nice man out the meanest…" Tony continued. "BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BA-DRUM!" It was eventually decided that Loki, Thor, and Clint would go first, followed by a Loki solo. Loki quipped an eyebrow “Who the hell is Bucky?” you asked, Sam guffawed against your chest “James Buchanan Barnes, he’s an old friend of Caps,” Nat smirked “like, first world war old.” You imagined a wizened old man hobbling along the corridors.

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