IIroha's unique Revival Magia can be quite useful, but the random targeting makes it slightly unreliable. Custom Tier List Maker. Kazumi has two blasts discs and two magia discs, so she's well suited for either type of team. no inflated points due to usage of F-Tier, or otherwise useless, Memoriae as defined in Memoria Tier List), as this is roughly the point where fielding your strongest available girls, without further tactics, starts not being good enough. A subreddit dedicated to the anime series, manga and mobile game "Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica Side Story: Magia Record". Consider supporting GamePress and the author of this article by joining GamePress Boost! Has the stats of a glass cannon, but Akira Shinobu's 3 Charge Discs prevent her from ever playing that role. However, her magia puts the Curse debuff on Darc for a turn so be careful when using her magia without having an anti-curse memoria equipped. Tsukasa's connect only does one thing, and that's restore MP. Pair Mami with support Mami or Kanoko to continuously stun-lock enemies. The developer f4samurai has said on record that all magical girls featured in MagiReco will eventually unleash their full potential. Her Connect draws fire to other girls, which could be a double-edged sword. Strong stats and an improved connect / magia. This is due to the fact that as described in. Solid attack and bulk with 3 blast discs allows Nanaka Tokiwa to use powerful Puella Blast Combos. The Sword Which Strikes in the Space Between Light and Dark, Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style, The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex, I'll Repeat It No Matter How Many Times It Takes, It's Not Like I'm Going to Disappear or Anything. Her personal memoria is guaranteed critical hit for Ayame, which can be useful but lack of blast discs lowers this usefulness. Join us to … So who all managed to log in for all 494 days of na? Effects are evaluated based on their actual effectiveness. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. When paired with a support Kanoko or Mami Tomoe, Connects can be passed back and forth between them to completely skip most enemy turns. In general you can clear most if not all of PvE with any set of girls sufficiently raised, SSR or not, so you don't need much of a tier list for that. This page is preserverd for now as a reference as it can still be appliable, particularly for the NA server. This is usually synonymous with targeting the girl with the lowest DEF, except if it has type advantage, then the target will be a girl of the weak element. Her only strong point is she is easily slotted due to being a welfare unit. Her magia lowers attack and also grants Curse. In Magia Record, the best Magical Girl will always be your personal favorite. Unfortunately, there are now over 450 Memoria on the JP server, over half of which are 3★ or 4★. Her Connect increases defense and grants damage cut which can help your team mates to survive against strong attacks. Due to being the only Magical Girl capped at 3 stars currently, Iroha Tamaki has some of the lowest stats in the game right now. Screenshot_20201031-0200421920×1080 487 KB The Endure from her Personal Memoria and Magia further helps her in this role. As the only magical girl with Defense Pierce on her Connect currently available, she can help cut through tanks like Kirika Kure. Her magia lowers defense, but she only has one accele disc  so you'll rarely magia with her. This page is preserverd for now as a reference as it can still be appliable, particularly for the NA server. Her BACCA Discs means she has only one Blast Disc to contribute. Later event challenge quests, and some of the main story's later chapters/challenge quests, can be be rough. The order of the memoriae within each tier is arbitrary, and thus does not reflect any difference in power level within the tier. Melissa's connect and magia are geared mostly towards magia-building teams and she is well suited for her role as support. Stat distribution is more important for active memoriae than for passive memoriae, due to their effect seeing less use. This tier list ranks fully awakened, 5-Star Magical Girls based on how well they perform in Story, Challenge, and Event Quests in non-Mirror Match PvE contents. The 100% chance to Fog enemies from her Connect helps waste enemy turns, and her Personal Memoria with Monopolize Draw helps her use her Connect quickly. Memoriae available on the 3rd turn have a great preference, offensive 4th turn may be considered useful, and other memoriae are all considered. Her main flaw is a lack of defense meaning low durability.
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(So Kure, Madoka, Mami, Momoko, and Rena) The rest have to wait for uncaps later on, and can only be raised to 4 stars at the moment. A nice sustain. So who all managed to log in for all 494 days of na? While weaker initially and receiving their 5☆ Awakening later, these girls benefits from easier unlocks to their 4th memoria slots. Explanations are finished for the NA launch magical girls, so the initial Gamepress tier list is finally ready! Her Endure Connect and 60% chance for a critical hit may be useful, but other girls much have better offensive or defensive Connects. Her connect grants provoke, evasion, and critical hits but the evasion isn't guaranteed unless she's 5*. Ren has a powerful single-target Magia, and her Dark attribute ensures no enemy will resist her attacks. Well thanks for this resource, I have no real idea which memorias are good other than Friends so I just restructured my PvP memorias based on this. 3 Accele discs and a personal Memoria with Monopolize Draw, guaranteeing an immediate Puella Accele Combo for quickly MP charge. Those Common Magical Girls that gained their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel are moved to the 5☆ PvE Tier List. But her connect lowers your defense and her magia deals no damage while also cursing Mitama. Despite this she has surprisingly good attack. I’m always thirsty for more memoria resources, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the magiarecord community. If Kaede is the team’s only Forest element, her Memoria can function as a Monopolize Draw, guaranteeing a Puella Combo and Connect. Her Connect’s Damage Up is still helpful, and her Magia’s guaranteed stun all enemies is very handy. The memoriae are ranked mainly for mirrors, but the ranking will mostly also hold true for normal questing. Works similarly to Nanaka Tokiwa, but without her Blast Draw. updated version: Common Magical Girls includes 2☆~3☆ Magical Girls, the heroine Iroha Tamaki, and other Event Magical Girls such as Homura Akemi (Glasses). Don't Underestimate the Power of Cuteness! Kyoko can easily clear waves of enemies thanks to her high attack and triple Blast discs. updated version: Most are not yet implemented, the first ones NA will get are Isuzu Ren(tier 1), Sakura Kyouko(tier 1), and Shizumi Konoha(Tier 2) Since most memorias can be equipped on everyone and there're a variety of team formations to choose from, your favorite Magical Girl will always have a role to play in your team. ATK and DEF get boosted with her connect so she can take down girls with her personal memoria or be used as an off-tank to stall. PvE Quests Tier List - Common Magical Girls. The characters of the Magia record game are categorized into seven groups, we update the Magia record tier list on a monthly basis. Note that this page is no longer actively updated. Blast Up has a cap at +100%, implying that a carrier of, Chance to either leave the girl alive, or overkill (do a lot more damage than needed) is considered. Magical Girls whose primary strength is their cuteness go here.

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