If we didn’t want this to happen we should of stopped the stupid exploiting everything we could type of culture and all the cheating that happens. Groundbreaking Step to Uplift Women in Esports, CS:GO: “Different Words, Same Action. What’s even more sad is seeing a link to a very detailed explanation why this kind of protection is beneficial in the article posted above and still seeing comments which were made by people who never even read it: However, there is a kernel-mode driver for the system that loads when you boot into Windows. I doubt people know what they are talking about out of ignorance and bigotry because they are largely basing any argument here off the fact that Tencent is chinese and therefor anything riot does with any sort of data prodding is suspect and ehh it’s frankly a tired argument. You know that, I know that, but very, very many who download this game will not. That’s why they had to update it several times weekly. This whole 100k thing is just a smokescreen to take folk’s eyes off the real issue, in my opinion. I don’t think it’s entirely irrational in an age where companies make billions selling personal data to be be concerned over personal and digital privacy nor does that make you exactly paranoid. Riot Games have made it mandatory for vgk.sys to run 24*7, an absolute necessity to play Valorant. Secondly you assume it is pertinent data that is taken many times. Making Valorant a fair and safe playing environment has been on the forefront of Riot’s mind, as it has not only discussed the Vanguard driver but additional measures like the Fog of War wallhack protection. You can uninstall it when you uninstall the game it is a separate uninstall and you could easily watch what a driver process is doing if you know what the heck you are doing. In fact I would argue it’s ignorance that leads you to the conclusion that it would be bigotry in the first place. The Black Market: 0 /0/ 0. Much of what exploiters look for is a way to “elevate their privilege” on any computer to get the equivalent of “ring 0” access. While it is not the only one to do this, Vanguard has recently become a hot topic in the community because of it. VALORANT Patch Notes 0.50. Credit cap, ability cost adjustments, as well as important Agent and weapon updates are part of this beefy patch. Kernel-based drivers can also create system-wide stability issues that bring with them the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death). When you can actually play Valorant, have you found yourself wanting to forfeit a lot of matches? Join Date: Feb 2019. By the logic followed then perhaps the largest shareholder and the actual “owner” of tencent (Naspers a south african company based in cape town) would also have increased pressure on tencent. Not for Valorant, or any other game. Office is on a lap top that I use only for Office. These china companies be they investment, vc, holding companies or what have you aren’t going to start doing a bunch of shady shit with their western based investment because a ton of them are big money for these companies simply because a lot of people spend money in the west on gaming and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry for these folks and is slated to grow. Sooner or later it’ll be leveraged for an exploit. Vampire the Masquerade sinks its teeth into the battle royale genre. It’s probably fine, at least for now. How then do you expect this poorly informed and tech unsavvy group of gamers/parents/children to defend themselves against an unwanted intrusion? By following these simple steps some players have been able to fix error code 0 and play Valorant.

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