Together they make the perfect couple!) , (literally “ox”. Among the most common curse words there are as follows: băga-mi-aş pula – roughly translated to “I would stick my dick in”. E.g. are the next levels. Here are a few of the most common swear words you might encounter around Romania with a convenient English pronunciation guide and the appropriate situations to use them. [Chay POO-ee May]= What the hell? Eg. it implies that only him (the Devil) can believe that. So you want so swear in Romanian? Plimba ursu! We won’t take responsibility for black eyes or bloody noses if you test your skills at the wrong moment. Can you confirm you’re not just messing with me? An example of this phenomenon is the phrase (Futu-ți) paștele și dumnezeii/Dumnezeul mă-tii astăzi și mâine de nenorocit ("(fuck) your mother's Easter and [her] God/gods today and tomorrow, you asshole"), which can, in theory, be further elaborated. A pimp is usually referred to as a pește, which literally translated to "fish". Online dictionaries of the Romanian language, This page was last edited on 3 September 2020, at 04:17. (literally “Your mother’s onions!”). When setting off on an adventure in a new country, every responsible backpacker should learn a few useful words and phrases in the local language. The words zdreanță, boarfă and ștoarfă are all used to refer to a woman of low moral fiber. No these are for real, trust me I’m from a Romanian family and you hear shit like this in every other sentence. [mah DWAR-en Kote / PIE-shpeh] = I don’t give a fuck! Long tirades of various forms of profanity strung together into a syntactically correct sentence is also not unheard of, and the Romanian language certainly allows the formation of such structures. Good luck with your pronunciation, and let’s hope you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’d actually have to use these! So you want so swear in Romanian? So if you really want to swear in Romanian you need to know this one. (literally “What my gun? }, Digital Marketing with by Outlead Marketing, Like the article? The following is a list of words and formulations commonly used as profanity throughout Romania. The word pulă can be translated into English as dick, cock, or prick and is a vulgar way of referring to the penis. Curvă is an insult meaning whore or prostitute, or, more generally, a sexually promiscuous woman. on your mother’s funeral cake from candy to candy) or slobozi-şi-ar dumnezeu caii pe [muh FRE-chee la EE-kreh/ MELLOW-dee-eh] = You’re pissin’ me off ! This has nothing to do with anime, manga or anything otaku, but I said that I will introduce you, guys, to the vast world of Romanian curse words. This is going to be highly explicit content, so if you’re bothered by it…damn, you such a pussy. (literally “What my chickens? ally “my dick”). 4.laba Trista-get in line 12, It used when you are trying to get rid of someone, so you kindly suggest them to take the bear for a walk. mormântul mă-tii (May god let his horses loose on your mother’s grave) or usca-mi-aş chiloţii pe crucea mă-tii (I would airdry my panties on your mother’s funeral stone – it’s a cross in Romania). Shortening this phrase even further yields "mă-ta" (your mother) or "mă-sa" (his/her/its mother). Please reload the CAPTCHA. A common profanity is the phrase "du-te-n pizda mă-tii", meaning "go into your mother's cunt". Yes, that is sarcasm! It is used by the males to describes all those, that have not treat them right and. It is used by the feminine sex to describe their male counterparts who are behaving in a rude or disrespectful way. Literally, these words refer to male homosexuals, although they are generally used as insulting words towards any male, no matter their sexual orientation. 2.freci pula – tosser Another one is "futu-ți pizda mă-tii", "fuck your mother's cunt". Please share on your social network. is an interjection used in the moments of surprised caused by all those blatant lies and fragrant untruths out there. (Fuck!). (literally “ox”. Related to a fute are the phrases "a i-o trage cuiva" ("to fuck someone"), "a da la buci" ("to fuck in the ass") and "futai" ("sexual intercourse"). BEST WORK-FRIENDLY COFFEE SHOPS IN CLUJ-NAPOCA. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do you know a curse, swear or insult that is not listed here? Why? It is most commonly used in expressions such as "în pula mea", which literally translates as in my cock, but has a meaning nearer to the English fuck in that it expresses anger or dissatisfaction. Eg. Start from here: La naiba! Nenorocit, originally an old popular word that literally translates as "unlucky" and described a disadvantaged or unhappy person (similar to the English phrase "poor devil"), is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense with a meaning similar to "motherfucker" in English.

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