It is hinted in the film (and confirmed by Robert Rodriguez in a live chat with fans on that the reason the Predators are hunting like this is to help themselves "evolve". ", which supports this theory, though it's not inconceivable that he was going to rape and kill her. But Royce is able to finish the Predator off with his axe thanks to Isabelle's well-placed shot.Bottom line: The ultimate downfall of the Predators seems to be arrogance or carelessness in all the films. (1) He wasn't, and he lied to seem useful. Edit, Stans had stolen one of the armored vests that Noland had scavenged. Royce said that the sun hadn't moved since they got there, but a few hours later it's suddenly night. Buy this interesting Axe while supplies last for $89.99. "Royce covers himself in mud to help hide his heat signature.During a confrontation Isabelle says, "You set us up! No sport." As he plummets to certain death, an emblem on his chest lights up and the canopy deploys automatically. He went off his meds for 3 days..." Stans is also seen showing genuine care and concern for other members of the group, something serial killers are only capable of pretending to do. Edit, The title is a play-on-words, so we know that the human characters are supposed to be among the most dangerous humans on earth as well as the Predators that hunt them.1. No one has ever seen another life-supporting planet so who's to say what one would look like. Portrayed by In a deleted scene, he admits to having been a surgeon addicted to drugs. Edit, In the real world, maybe. Samurai Swords, Website Policy Sometime in the early 21st Century he joined the Los Zetas drug cartel. External Reviews As they exit into the sewers, Nikolai is shot in the back by the Tracker. What is the creature that they flush out by using Edwin as bait? It's a standalone movie with events taking place in an unspecified later time (no earlier than 2000) and belonging to the same fictional universe as the events of classic Predator. So he stabbed her nine times. Movie Swords In every Predator film; the Predators all have their masks removed for extended periods of time and seem to have no difficulty breathing, not to mention being able to howl, growl and roar. The behind-the-scenes would probably reveal that Laurence Fishburne's filming time was limited, so they didn't have the time or budget to give him an elaborate exit. Royce made the calculated effort to alert the predators to their location in the hopes that they would want to set the group free in order to hunt them in the open as opposed to letting them die trapped in a room. When they find the Classic Predator tied to the monolith, a small projectile hits Mombasa in the abdomen. He fires back at Isabella, injuring her in the shoulder, but leaving enough time for Royce to get back up and decapitate the Predator. Making this film series more of a loosely tied together anthology series. There is also a small dagger, which separates with the push of a button. They came into contact with a Predator that stalked and killed the mercenaries one by one. He says to her, "Don't worry, it's not fatal. There are a few theories on this. Because the scene was deleted, it may not necessarily be canon. There is also a deleted scene in which he admits he was a doctor and was addicted to prescription meds that resulted in him hallucinating a woman attacking him while he was operating on her. Unknown to Isabelle, Cuchillo was already dead, previously killed by either the Hell-Hounds or one of the Predators. Military Swords Stans could very well have been a hitman for a syndicate or something along those lines; he may not have done it simply for pleasure, but because he was contracted to do so.

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