568342 296167 So how old are you Taylor and where you from? 10:54 12:12 24:25 Runik is a popular American "YouTuber." 39.34 MB 28.98 MB Uploader: Runiktv, 320 Kbps ON KING W/ NIQUE & FUNNYMIKE,' 'ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND PRANK ON FUNNYMIKE!! 20:16 The treatment was expensive. Runik and internet comedian and rapper 22 Savage are friends. Runik has released a few original songs that available on his 'YouTube' channel. The channel, however, now primarily hosts pranks, challenges, reaction videos, comedy videos, and vlogs. 25.55 MB 6:03 *BAD IDEA* 733167 401229 He owns a signature line of clothing and accessories in collaboration with Hali that is available for sale online. He is in a relationship with a woman named Hali. Thus, he created a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign to collect funds for his chemotherapy sessions. He has a brother and an older sister. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Uploader: Runiktv, 320 Kbps 41:33 Uploader: TaylorMarie, 320 Kbps She was dancing and singing from the time she was a young girl. Runik was born on January 3, 1998. 779126 16:47 Uploader: Runiktv, 320 Kbps She has released a couple of songs called "Straight A's" and "Shut It Down" on both YouTube and SoundCloud. Runik is a musician, too, and has released a few original songs such as 'I Know,' 'Lost Time,' and 'I Can't Lie.'. The video titled 'Lacing Trey PRANK on Ar’mon & FunnyMike *VERYFUNNY' is the most popular video of the channel and has earned over three million “views.” Other videos on the channel with millions of “views” are 'DRIVE THRU BOONK AND DASH PT2 WITH THE BAD KIDS!!

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