Sam was shown to be very saddened by the loss of his friend, even more since a handful of other hunters had been killed in a short period of time. The two hunters parted ways soon after. This page is comprised of Sam Winchester's relationships over the years. In We Happy Few, Chuck admitted to being God to Sam and Dean by teleporting them to the bunker and even used the soul of Kevin Tran to fully convince the brothers. However, he was reluctant to continue the exorcism after she gave them John's location, as she could still be useful and exorcising the demon would probably kill the girl she was possessing. BAD 1 - 2 POOR 2 - 3 FAIR 3 - 4 GOOD 4 - 5. During the case, Sam recalled the time he spent with Sully. Despite a mutual attraction, and Dean offering to stay in town for a while, Sam decided to leave. Sam seemed to consider Gadreel a friend after everything he did when he switched sides, as when he told Dean off for going with Crowley rather than his "real friends", he specifically referred to Gadreel as one. Sam later told Castiel that he could kind of sense Gadreel in his head and he felt that Gadreel felt misunderstood, not evil. Months later, Azazel kidnapped Sam and many other Special Children in order to have them fight each other to the death, and take the winner as the leader of his demon army. When Mick Davies attempted to kill Eileen in retaliation as per British Men of Letters protocol, Sam was the one to talk him out of it, insisting it had been an accident. Despite this, possibly putting his trust in Dean knowing what he was doing, Sam at least reluctantly trusted Benny and lead them to the portal out. Sam worked with Meg to stop Kevin Tran from running off with The Word of God and was a little shocked when angels believed he was in a relationship with her. During Last Call, Sam and Eileen spent some time together, including a night of margaritas out and a morning making a big breakfast. Sam was devastated to know that Henry's fate could have been avoided with a warning but understood the circumstances. Sam helped Castiel track down and save Gadreel and the three worked together to stop Metatron. In Mother's Little Helper, Sam learned of the case his grandfather was on before his initiation and the events that led to the massacre of the Men of Letters. As for the PS5, the next-gen console will be rolling out on November 12, a day before the game’s launch, so those getting it on the 12th can start preloading the game right away. Samuel was dead up until Season 6 when Sam was also raised from Hell. When they met again in The Monster at the End of This Book, Lilith tried to bargain with Sam who feigned cooperation until moving to kill her.

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