This book was readable, but definitely not one of Sandra Brown's best (her best is very very good!). He had a bird’s eye view of the center part in her hair. The front door was standing open when we got here. I actually listened to it on CD during my drive time to and from work. This time, however, Caroline King, his one time lover called him in for a favor. Paul Wheeler (show all 15 items) Julie Routledge. Enter handsome deputy sheriff Ski Nyland who has other ideas concerning Berry's story and he lets her know it too. Patchwork quilt folded over the arm of an upholstered easy chair. She gulped a breath. She needs his help with something involving their daughter, Berry - whom he has also not seen since in 30 years. Sometimes it’s nice to lose your own world and troubles and find a new one. I acted on impulse without thinking it through.”, “You call me in the middle of the freakin’ night. “Hey!” He was careful to hurdle the bloodstain on the rug as he chased after her. Charles W. Eliot. A bottle of shampoo in the corner of the tub was uncapped. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She’d barely glanced at his ID. Not my most fave book, but a solid good read. Please try your request again later. To unsubscribe, text. Creighton Wheeler. “Is he all right?”, Whimpering, she looked past Ski to the bloodstain just beyond the threshold. Her skin was very pale, her lips practically white. “Yeah.” That seemed to be the only word he was capable of uttering. Yet, as his nostalgia deepens, Dodge comes ever closer to losing his precious family to a madman. While this book is lengthy I do recommend it to anyone in need of a good “keep you up all night” kind of book. In a rare move, Brown follows up one of her most recent novels, Smash Cut, with a second novel about one of its characters. To create our... Hard-living detective-turned-P.I., Dodge Hanley tries not to dwell on the past. They just aren't relatable to me. ... Related book awards. He reached through the darkness for the lamp switch and turned it on. He was reluctant to confirm it before he knew who was asking. His analysis was once he gets there, he'll do whatever he can and than fly right back to Atlanta or so he thought. This book was good. It hadn’t been fired recently. Dodge has always been a tough no-nonsense cop and he has never apologized for his actions, leagal or illegal but one thing he most definetly knew for sure, he will not rest until this guy is dead! People/Characters: Dodge Hanley. The secondary h also admits that she. She whirled around and yanked it from his grip. Dodge, first seen in Sandra Brown’s Smash Cut, is a quiet man, one who takes on any assignment by his boss, Derek Mitchell, without complaint or explanation. Are you sick?”, Relief made him weak. But one look at Caroline and the daughter he never knew made up his mind for him. Matching lamps on either side of an unmade queen size bed cast discs of light onto the pale, peachy-colored wall. Please try again. “That’s your job,” the woman EMT replied. If you just want something to breeze through without having to give it much thought, this one works, but I found the little inaccuracies started to get to me. In this tantalizing thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown, a woman, seeking to learn her father's involvement in a twenty-year-old heist that ended in … The woman EMT threw a blanket over him. Two empty wine glasses were on the coffee table in front of a slip-covered sofa. “Caroline King?” Ski asked with surprise. He sucked tobacco smoke into his lungs and exhaled as he said, “Yeah. This was a very light read. He’ll get here as soon as he can.”, “So until he gets here,” Ski said sternly, “it’s up to you not to let anybody else inside, and that includes our own men. They were red from crying, but they were the only color in her face. “Fair to say that you’re surprised to hear from me?”. She moaned into her hands and shook her head. Living alone and with little company but his boss and his never-ending supply of cigarettes, Dodge is a man living life as he pleases – until Caroline calls. Derek Mitchell. Julie Mitchell. Dodge Hanley, first introduced in SMASH CUT as Derek Mitchell’s irascible but indispensable staff investigator, returns as the flawed protagonist of TOUGH CUSTOMER. Created by Sandra Brown. Nobody in it. I know that they's a both shootin' irons, but there is a difference so either he's got a pistol or a revolver, which is it? How he completes the assignment is, to Derek, a mystery, one he has no desire of uncovering. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. So, joining him in this story is Ski Nyland, a taciturn Texas sheriff who tries his best to keep Dodge in line, while also coming to admire the older man’s no-nonsense approach to getting the bad guy. She dropped her hands from her face and gaped at him. Not your typical romance but heartfelt none the same. I coudnt quite figure out exactly what age that made Dodge and Caroline but they had to at least be in there late 50 or early 60's. The plot that unfolds is tumultuous. To him, it must represent the Big Time. This book jumps back and forth between past (Dodge and the Caroline King's relationship) and present (someone is trying to kill their child) making the storytelling choppy and slow. I liked Dodge as a character and actually think I could read more about him.

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