Bazalt Joe will be between the Extinct Civilization Wasteland and Extinct Civilization Research Lab. ►Upon defeating the boss, get back into town and go to the yellow speech bubble before returning to your Home Room. Repeat the previous steps until you have either your perfect fodder or your perfect weapon. The reason being that you want as many Credits as possible. (2), Affinity Lv 4 75%: Nobody could wear it better than you. If you need, you can keep rewinding, but we'll simply avoid progressing the story for now. If you have any events in SBC Glocken, go ahead and do them, otherwise Fast Travel or run to Kirito's Room. Continue East for a Treasure Quest chest with Unfamiliar Coin. Brings arms together as if crossing the arms, then spawns three mechanical warheads. This portion can be harder as the circular path sometimes ignores cover and there is little difference between the beam types. In the corridor, you need to go the the upper level of the Western room and hit the UFG beacon in the NE corner to activate the teleporter. ►After that, watch the event and head through the door to end the quest. As of PC 1.1.2, the game assumes that your ArFA-sys is female for most story/event dialogue. Head to the giant teleporter then fight the boss. You can skip directly to the flugel bow boss, then the flugel depths midpoint. Take the first teleporter, then at the split, kill all the enemies to unlock the West door, then use the West door teleporter to enter an upper level and obtain a chest, then return and take the South door and teleporter. Anyone looking to cheese the NM can go on the platform in the SE corner or the platform on the NW corner (the SE corner seems safer). Before you start, set your difficulty to Extreme. Continue and grab the two chests before using the teleporter. Note: The arrow is where a Treasure Chest Quest item is. Can only be cancelled if you have the ArFA-sys charm. Enter the North room to find another UFG beacon to open the door, then continue until you reach a drop with a caller enemy. Single Artillery enemies cannot harm you and they block many enemy attacks (some attacks such as beams will still go through). (1), Affinity Lv 4: Of course. Level 4 50% would really be level 5 0% if we go off of other information. Enter Flugel Depths? Lower rarity weapons (fewer attribute slots) tend to have cheaper upgrade costs, this means that you may want to first max the attribute on a lower rarity weapon in order to save on chip costs. The Predatory General Shop sells the same Weapons and Accessories as the Weapons Shop except with two Major differences: The Predatory General Shop version will be of a random Rarity between Uncommon to Epic and will include random Attributes in each slot. At last bar, the NM may lean back and fire bombs, avoid these. 100% Skill prof gives roughly +25 cooldown rate (20% cooldown reduction). Note: Unlike on the field, dungeon enemies generally do not respawn until you reload the map. (1), Affinity Lv 4: You're doing a great job! Now, most people will want to use the skill order Vorpal Strike 2, Vorpal Strike 3, Dual Orbital 2. Once the boss is defeated, the quest will update. Charges a dark purple sphere from the mouth and then fires a beam from the sphere. For Support medals, you should get these when working on Affinities and Skill Proficiencies, but revive and buff your allies as well as apply heals to gain Support medals rapidly. Does heavy damage and will likely one shot most players. They may be future content or DLC content. Drop rate boosts can help as drops increase bounty. Yellow = summon orbs underneath party members that spin with a powerful melee attack with strong knockback. Spin missiles. All Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Guides! Aims a targeting line and fires a single beam at a target. You can skip Kirito mode or do it this run. Fight any strong NMs to train your weapon proficiencies while working on your skill proficiencies. On top of the platforms to the South is a chest. Note: If you save over a slot and select "Remove Customizations", the equipment will be removed but the stats you put on will be locked. Do not buy any Weapon Arts that you do not need as they will reset in NG+. 173. From the Entrance, you would run Northward towards the cliff, UFG up and then run towards the NPC Players. A Lost Friend (30 points): Beat the game with the normal ending (Kureha's death). We will remain in Extreme due to the bonus in drop Tier and the increased experience gain. ►Proceed forward after the events and defeat the boss, which should be quite easy. BK Brent may use some of the data here with credit. (Some of these will only be available to the host). This guide will not have any instructions when the only instruction would be to click through text. ►After you have defeated the boss, head to your Home Room and then head back to Town to speak to Bazalt Joe. Take the unlocked North door, then use the teleporter on the East path to activate a Fast Travel console before returning to fight the Boss, Ruthless Angel, which is similar to the Judgement System NM earlier. You can then reset by loading a loadout. The large door should now be unlocked enter for a boss fight. Named enemies generally have a level dependent on the difficulty. Equip your best Sword Barriers, then go to a dangerous area with your team, such as an area where there are snipers, like the Fourth Area dungeon. Afterwards, you'll find a branch with a locked door. Once you activate the marker, you will be returned to Kirito's Room. ►Defeating the boss will end the quest by playing a cutscene and eventually taking you back into the town. Teleport to the SBC Glocken Shop and activate the event, then return Home. Once in the dungeon, head North to start the next quest. Quest Objectives: (Co-Op) Completion, Farming, I want materials., Time Attack. Item drops form Bosses.Other SAO:FB Guides:All Maps.All Endings.Basics Guide.Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter Achievement).Rank 7 Weapons List.Remant WasteLandElite Automaton Lv. Q: Do Sword and Gun & Sword share proficiency gains? Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below! Go ahead and continue through the main storyline until you reach the first boss of Fatal Bullet, The GM. On the ground level against the Northeast side of the platform. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Created Sep 24, 2017. ►Talk to Kureha and then win the fight after that. It will take roughly 699 quests to go from 1 mil to 99.999.999 purely off of interest at 1.02 . A more detailed list will be added later. Office Square and head to the South side of the square to talk to your ArFA-sys. At 100 Int, expect around a 30% decrease in cooldown with a floor value of 5 seconds before the cooldown decreases start.

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