Now, for the reason I choose this rifle over others — the trigger. Get Started In 3-Gun. The force is strong in this one. I won’t be getting rid of my semi-auto 10/22’s anytime soon, but I enjoy shooting the Savage even more than my Rugers. I highly reccomend this as a first fire arm or as a 50th firearm . It has a pic style scope base. Carabine 22LR SAVAGE MARK II GL Gaucher Bois. I find the appearance quite nice, and the price was fine for me given the features (raised cheek weld, heavy and threaded barrel, accu-trigger, scope mount, sling swivels), let alone being a fine .22 rifle overall. Show. It’s a nice-looking rifle and it shoots well enough that if I miss clay pigeons or tin cans at 50 yards, I deserve ridicule. Sinon bravo au site l'armurerie française pour la disponibilité au téléphone, les prix et la rapidité d'expédition. That extra rail space gives the shooter a lot of flexibility in mounting optics. I expect this wouldn’t be any different. A ce jour, peu de fabricants ont l'expérience de SAVAGE pour construire avec autant de qualité, de force, de précision et de fiabilité des carabines 22Lr et fusils à percussion centrale. When the blade safety is depressed, the sear is allowed to move once the trigger is pulled. You are so right. I’ve set it to its lightest weight and it still takes a firm pull. The only time I’ve ever shot .22s at paper targets was at Boy Scout summer camp. Sorry for all the nicknames in the title, but I just wanted to make it easier for people who buy these 22’s secondhand to find some information on them. La carabine Savage Stevens 300G 22 LR est un excellent rapport qualité prix pour tous passionnés du tir. The budget-friendly line of American-made Leupold VX-Freedom riflescopes found a welcome audience last year, but 2020 sees even more interesting additions to the family, with our hands-down favorite being the illuminated-reticle FireDot line. They are cheap, folded metal mags, but sturdy enough. It has no perceptible take-up or over-travel, breaking as cleanly as millimeter-thin glass. I tried to shoot groups at 100 yards, but my cheap scope wasn’t up to the task. Tubeless, the six-baffle Nav 22 ranges in size from 6.5 to less than 2 inches, conforming to any circumstances you might encounter. The ability to lock the bolt to the rear when repairing is pretty handy. Le calibre 22LR se décline en plusieurs type de cartouches hypersoniques et subsoniques. I hope someone picks one up and tests it to see if that sub MOA is for real, or a fluke…. But every time I take this rifle to the range, I’m glad I paid the extra money for the Savage. Tube magazine under barrel holds 15 rounds of 22LR “a bolt seems silly for this caliber but then look at the accuracy.”, Exactly. It is a short rifle (35.6″) And a short barrel (16.5″). Du fusil de chasse superposé ou semi-automatique jusqu’au flash-ball de défense en passant par la cartouche de chasse ou encore la cible pour stand de tir, l’armurerie en ligne vous offre le meilleur du marché et toutes les gammes de prix. But only one group was reported. It can use any 10/22 magazine and comes with two 10 round magazines. Because it was handed down, this is the only gun I own that is safe from being sold and will likely be handed down, so it’s still got a lifetime of hunting rabbits and gophers in store. I put a cheap scope on top anyway. Sélection client. How To Do It . Given the follower/feed lip alignment, it take some attention to slide each round in, but practice makes perfect. I find myself using it much more than I had ever planned ( figured Id keep it maintained and just leave it for his use) the trigger is so crisp and the pistol grip feels great especially with a bipod on front looking through the glass at 50 yards the grouping is so tight its almost boring no challenge. I’m a casual shooter, so maybe I’ll never quite “get” all the chatter and fuss about groups fluctuating from tenths of an inch with a .22. Savage make very good quality firearms extremely accurate and reliable I get those same groups using the model A22 lr so it does not surprise me in a bolt action rifle. The checkering is sharp and a piece of paper slips between the forearm and the barrel, showing that the barrel is indeed free-floating. Superior technology makes Savage firearms great, but people make them the greatest. WATCH VIDEO . Aside from some burrs found around the trigger guard, the stock is well made. Even without a free floating barrel, the B22 produces some amazing groups. The rifle has A22 stamped on the barrel and was bought from a reputable sporting goods store. A knurled knob ensures a sure grip on the B22’s smooth-cycling bolt. Trigger is nice, never adjusted any accu trigger I have, yes I have several savage rifles. The AccuTrigger on these rimfire rifles can be adjusted from a low of two and one-half up to around six pounds, for those who prefer a heavier trigger pull, for whatever reason. Mike Stroff. It certainly feels sturdy and tough enough to take a good amount of abuse. Stock: Synthetic Brevet des Métiers d'Art, Nos munitions de chasses dans les plus grandes marques et aux meilleurs prix Reliability on my Savage 6A has been a bit hit and miss. But used ones out there are typically available for lower prices and there’s something to be said for a full sized, wood stock 22. The gills seem to attract crud from outside as well as powder from shooting. As you can probably guess, I didn’t have high standards when I searched for a bolt-action .22 a few years ago. Réf 2814. Réf 3717. The only excuse to shoot three round groups is if your shooting some high price ($5.00 a round) ammo. Vous retrouverez sur nos pages les articles de chasse les plus élitistes mais aussi les plus populaires. Just insert each cartridge at a slight angle, push the feed lips with the rim of the round, then rotate into place. My expectation, though, was that the Savage’s stout barrel is stout wouldn’t be affected by any contact it makes with the stock. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? (Photo by Matthew Forte). Want this for my daughter to compete at local 22lr matches and the highly specialized HammerMill Free-Float-o-Meter for all my long guns. The magazine could be a little easier to load and the stock could benefit from more texture and a butt pad. It’s easy to adjust, but difficult to feel for the author to feel the change. Bombe de défense TW1000 PEPPER FOG - JET poivre OC, Matraque téléscopique - Tonfas - Menottes, Pistolet d'alarme UMAREX - Beretta . Colt . MarkII magazines are somewhere between ‘functional’ and ‘terrible’. The one blemish is the plastic trigger guard. My only regret with this rifle is that I bought a $20 scope for a rifle whose fine lines and decent accuracy warrant something better. The the “SR” in the B22 FV-SR model designation stands for suppressor ready. Not to mention, it’s a snap to clean as well. Loading the Savage 6A is like loading any other tube fed 22: convenient and inconvenient all at once. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? All I’ll add is a cheap scope. Your “astounding 0.067-inch three-round group” is a statistical fluke unless you can show us a bunch of them. 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Grâce au boitier fraisé de cette carabine 22 long rifle Savage vous pouvez facilement y monter une lunette de visée. MSRP: $344 ($249.99 at Brownells). Quick adjust rear sight elevator, front sight can be drifted side to side for windage. Bolt gun. The Savage AccuTrigger allows the shooter to take full advantage of the mechanical accuracy built into the rifle, with its crisp two and one-half pound pull. per page . Carabine 22LR SAVAGE B22 PRECISION. Fortunately for TTAG, they just so happen to know someone who is on a silencer store’s NFA trust who can ask nicely to borrow a few and let us know…. I was caught up in the Internet tales of astounding accuracy and I wondered how I had managed to survive so long without an AccuTrigger gun. Win A DSA SA58 FAL Rifle w/ EOTech XPS3 Holographic Sight ($3500 Value!) You’ll get used to it. I shoot a lot of rimfire, and I doubt most any production gun will shoot consistent five (5) round groups much better than 0.5 inches at 50 yards even with match grade ammo. Ergonomics  * * * * Otherwise, the location is fine. Les cookies assurent le bon fonctionnement de nos services. This miracle trigger suddenly became my only requirement for my new rifle. Three round groups are almost meaningless. Using Remington match grade ammo, the B22 FV-SR produced an astounding 0.067-inch three-round group at 50 yards shooting from sandbags. Thanks for any info in advance…. Weight: 6 pounds The Savage 6A is a semi automatic, tube magazine-fed 22LR rifle with some really interesting features. This rifle would be nice in a pistol caliber, or 300 BLK or 7.62×39. Style and Appearance  * * * * *

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