Afterwards, fast travel home to 221B Baker Street. Start by heading left and following the stone path surrounding the green. Next examine the Mayan Calendar itself, turn it around and look at the back to see 12 symbols that you will write down. Once you get the door open, you will need to click the red circle to have Watson shove Holmes out of the way of an arrow and dive into cover. Once it passes run to the end of the path and duck into cover in the last cover on the right to exit. After looking around talk to the man in Blue to continue the Story. The paths leading to the rooms are linear and either lead to obvious dead ends or the rooms in question, so you cannot get lost. The first room will be a maze that you can only solve by walking on the correct path. I really don't know what they were thinking with some it did. Hmm. Then pick up the bottom clock and examine the back. Begin creating a Portrait of Bernard: Ask Bernard all of the questions. Go to your Archives. You will cross a bridge with holes in it, simply avoid the holes and cross it, you'll have to run though as it will collapse after you. Press the button that appears on screen when close to the balcony to grab on and get on the balcony. Look inside the broken boxes with Sherlock Talent () to find a Key. The fourth room has floor tiles that will either stay in place or move out of the way revealing spikes you can fall into. I am playing through the game "Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter" and in the second case titled "A Study in Green" I am running into some things that have me wondering what is going on. Examine the chest next to the globe to discover a golden statue piece, pick it up and examine both ends. Walkthrough Part 7 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 8 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 9 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 10 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 11 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 12 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 13 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 14 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 15 - A Study in Green Case, Walkthrough Part 16 - Mary Sutherland's Case, Walkthrough Part 22 - Chain Reaction Case, Walkthrough Part 23 - Chain Reaction Case, Walkthrough Part 24 - Chain Reaction Case, Walkthrough Part 25 - Chain Reaction Case, Walkthrough Part 27 - Fever Dreams | Ending, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter - Story Trailer, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter - Gameplay Video. Upon winning, you will be told you can return tomorrow to receive your prize, The Mayan Calendar. Mayan Calendar + Facts about the crime = False Statement, Greystoke's Visit + Sir Charles was alone = Prepared, Club Debt + Greystoke's Collection = Other Collections, Didn't Enter + Albeit's Version = Testimonies, Albeit's Son + Escape through the window = Small Stature, Albeit's Model + Albeit's Visions = Temple Model, Albeit's Version + Albeit's Visions = Albeit's Lies, Big Bubble appears = Find out the truth about the Temple (required to use the Model and continue the Story! The robot will throw his spear and break some boxes in the back. Following the numbers next to the symbols on the left page, the answers are as follows: With that deciphered, leave the room and go right down the hall, then enter the next door on the right to find Greystoke's Body. After completing Prey Tell, you'll automatically start up Case #2, A Study in Green. When you ask What Happened?, say Curse. Click on the letter, then click on the kettle to hold it in the steam. Activate Sherlock Talent at the corner and look at the stone ground to see scratches on the stone. Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. Basically any representation of Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock is hot shoulden't be trusted too much. Albeit's Home it located on the east side, use the picture below for reference: Once you find the location, you'll need to click on the correct street, Brook Street, which in the center and a bit towards the bottom right corner, it's a horizontal street. To make matters worse the ceiling will start caving in behind you so you'll need to move fast. Climb up the "ladder" fence and cross the beams, then climb up the ladder at the end. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Click on the Golden Statue, then click the gold section and either of the stone sections. Begin making a Portrait of Sir Charles when prompted: Return to Lestrade and activate Imagination Mode (). Click on the lower missing tile to add the tile we found in the Foundry safe and open the globe, then click on the gap in the ground to add the Pyramid Model. When you arrive at night you will have to pick the lock on the door to enter. Open the third box to the left of the rectangles. Aim your gun up at the shadows and fire at the silhouette in the 4 or 5 different spots it runs to and Holmes will make a run for the table, if you fail Holmes will be shot with an arrow. Switch to Holmes and cross the beams to the center of the room. Examine Greystoke on the ground and look at the spear in his chest, and the spilled documents in the grass. Go to your Analysis Table and click on the letter. , then pick up the locket before opening it and examining it. [spoiler](#s "The correct solution to the case is that the crimes were perpetrated one of the victim's former team members that was left behind by the others after (according only to Holmes' imagination) being caught in a trap inside the temple. Though to be fair, some Sherlockian scholars (Leslie Klinger, for example) have speculated as to whether or not there is a homosexual relationship in "Wisteria Lodge".... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. When you enter the room, open the chest to the left and pick up the two documents: Authorization for slave liberation, and Letter from Albeit, then pick up the locket before opening it and examining it. The third room will have a large boulder rolling after you and it WILL catch up to you, so use the hiding spots along the walls to duck into cover and dodge the boulder, some spots are obstructed by vines so make sure you don't get too greedy and run too far. Speak with Lestrade and report your conclusion, then fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street. ", then head up the stairs and press the button prompt to dodge the statue head rolling towards you. When you reach the rope, click on the red circle to drop the curtain. Walkthrough Part 8 - A Study in Green Case From: Throneful Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. Go left through another tunnel, and follow the road. When you start, you'll find out Holmes is … You can pass in front of smiling statues, but if you pass in front of an angry one, you will be sprayed with poisonous gas and sent back to the start of the room. You will have 4 Red Balls and your opponent will have 4 Brown Balls. When you ask about Tecun Uman, hit the prompt and say Statue Creation. I chalked this up to just part of the writing, as a handful of Sherlock stories end fairly anticlimactically (The Engineers Thumb comes to mind), but it ended up being brought back up and resolved later on. When you throw, press once to start up the power meter, then press again when the meter is around the middle to throw it out onto the lawn. With this done, fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street and enter your room. I feel like there is a good chunk of the story left untold here. The voice and char model change for Holmes felt really off too. Click and rub the cloth over the painted section to reveal another man, then click on him. Pick up the metal arm, and examine it. Go to the first lever (farthest from the office door) and use it to pull the fence all the way to the right. Stuck in this game? Facing the room with your back to the way you came in, label the pillars 1 though 6 starting from the left. With that done, open your Casebook and fast travel to Scotland Yard. Ask him all of the questions available. Sherlock "Don Draper" Holmes is not to be trusted? Speak with him for a moment to get his card, then follow him to Grub Street via fast travel. Head back out into the Foundry and to the anvil straight ahead of the office door and click on the flames. Pull the odd looking lever between the turnable tracks to turn them. When finished, fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street. Walk through the room and speak with the man in the wheelchair on the right side to find out he is James Byron, then create a Portrait: Once complete we find out James Byron is actually Albeit. When you arrive, speak to the man at the table then look at his clipboard. I said the same thing. However I have played "The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes" and there was a similar event where an early case was only "Partially explained". ), Marley's Work + Facts about the crime = No Automaton, Assailant in Albeit's House + Physical Abilities = Attacks. This walkthrough is the property of Examine the bed in the room, then open the closet and examine it using Sherlock Talent (. Enter the room and click on the Tecun Uman robot inside, then click on it again to begin another mini-game. Go to the middle lever on the right side wall and use it to drop the metal cage onto the cart. Examine both of the photos, then open the left side drawer to collect a few more documents: Estimate of requirements for guests night, and Letter to Sir Charles from Lloyd's Bank. Continue until you see a red brick building on your right called Bernard Marley Foundry, then enter it. Head into your room (door right of the fireplace) and put on your Sports Clothes in your wardrode, then open your Casebook and fast travel to the Club. Examine his body and take note of the hole in his chest, his right eye, the autopsy line in the center of his chest, and the scars on his stomach. Head back upstairs and speak with Albeit again to find out that the Pyramid can be used with the globe in the Club, then fast travel to the Club. Start by setting up a portrait of Alice: Choose any response you like in response to Katelyn playing the piano, after the cutscene it will change to the next morning. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Use it on the Solvent, then click on the photo to drop the Solvent onto it. The goal of Boules is to start by throwing the white ball out onto the lawn. Choosing to convict the member of the team with the talent of creating clockwork statues that CAN in fact throw heavy metal spears is marked as the wrong solution. Why is there no explanation for the statues? I understand that the character of Sherlock Holmes is intelligent on a super-human level, but there was no reason for the player to believe anything that happened in that case except "He's Sherlock Holmes and he is super smart".

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