In 2019 we have seen content cut to 1 episode a day, no more long series, and clickbait titles. Almost every video is full of energy and real conversation. Funny how a small channel is willing to scrap 3 whole, separate recording sessions of a game, but a channel with 3 million subscribers has difficulty even pausing the episode to skip boring parts. The problem becomes when he then starts to do this "bit" on his social media...or when actually talking with fans...or when talking shit to people who were trying to help them for 3 episodes...or when there's a joke he knows no one (not even Dan) likes and tells him to stop, but he continues it for several playthroughs, at random, with no context and for no reason other than people don't like it. His criticism was directed primarily towards what he had witnessed behind-the-scenes in the production and the intention behind the game. The only issue I have with this comment is that you label Arin as “middle aged” lol. Matt and Ryan also both put a ton work into their show so they still work off of each other. Supermega does bits like the one OP described. Also, it is very common for SuperMega to ask the fans what they want, and very often do they take the fans wants into consideration. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, As Ding Dong would explain in this Reddit post, The first teasers for Dream Daddy are released, Ding Dong criticizes Dream Daddy on stream, Julian makes a Tumblr post explaining why Dream Daddy "rubs [him] the wrong way", Brian (i.e. Posted by 1 year ago. "Friendship Energy!" July 12, 2018: Chris announces that Ding Dong and Julian are leaving OneyPlays. ?oldid=100078, The two duos face off again. The Grumps and SuperMega start a new game of Monopoly on the Haunted board, with the Grumps and SuperMega each sharing a piece and playing as a team: Arin and Danny play as the dinosaur piece, and Matt and Ryan play as the battleship. It really reminds me of good ol days of Game Grumps that I miss so dearly. I want to thank you for introducing me to this channel. GG, on the other hand, don’t really know how to work with each other (rather, Dan doesn’t know how to work with Arin, and Arin doesn’t know how to work with human beings), which leads to shoddy commentary, confusion, frustration, misunderstandings of what a “bit” is, and a whole load of missed opportunities. now someone make a post with this info added to some of the other dumb questions we get every week from people that cant use the search bar. Sr Pelo Controversy (summarized with the help of this thread). Their channel name can be replaced with any duo or single channel that takes pride in their work. That's just what you can expect from Arin whenever you watch an episode. Chris's Tweet from November 8th of 2018 that "heartfelt ≠ monetized" is almost certainly a reference to Arin's monetized Ghoul Grumps apology video that had been released two days earlier. Didn't you listen to the shamien?? Samsung Galaxy Snap Case, The Redder Half of Supermega iPhone Soft Case, Available as Standard or Express delivery, 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption, Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders. Any particular episodes you'd recommend starting with? the whole unfollowing on social media thing was probably either to save face in front their boss from supermega's side and to just cut off seeing any drama from both sides. I guess my point was how the Grumps tend to take series further than they need to go (i.e. Ninja Brian) makes a series of posts on Twitter, Suzy makes a post distancing Ding Dong and Julian from the project by saying that they "had nothing to do with beta testing/ work on the game", played a beta build of the game prior to its announcement, Ding Dong explains the fallout to the controversy in this RantGrumps post, Chris announces that Ding Dong and Julian are leaving OneyPlays, Julian would address his own situation in depth in a post on his Tumblr, enjoyed the recording process, and was "thankful that it kept me from being homeless for a couple years", Animator Sr Pelo posts a parody video of storytime animations, Arin makes his infamous "This is mean" post, Sr Pelo apologizes to Arin saying that he didn't "mean any harm" with his video, tells him not to apologize and not to "let someone bully you out of your sense of humor cos they lost theirs", the "old school-newgrounds types" who were supporting Sr Pelo, "Newgrounds made [him], and is probably the place with the least hate [Arin has] ever gotten anywhere online", Arin makes an apology post distancing himself from his "problematic" past, Arin's monetized Ghoul Grumps apology video, Oney posted a Twitter comment simply reading "HA", the possible veiled references to the Grumps in OneyPlays videos.

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