RELATED: Classic SUVs That Deserve an Electric Conversion. Not only does the Tesla crate motor bolt right up, but the crate also connects directly to a driveshaft, allowing the same rear axel to be used. Companies like Electric GT have been dreaming up ways to intelligently package Tesla drive units into classic cars for some time now, and many other DIY packages have made the rounds. He estimated that the additional components such as batteries could bring the cost of a complete powertrain to around $50,000. Even the vehicle's factory third member can be utilized in order to change out drive ratios. Perhaps one day soon we'll see an acceptance of EV drivetrains in older vehicles, and when we do, Revolt will be there waiting. The Revolt Tesla comes with the motor, inline gear reduction where a traditional transmission would bolt up behind an engine, and the universal joint which bolts right up to the driveshaft. Even better, it's a bolt-in setup gunning to replace one of the most common crate engine choices out there, GM's small-block V-8. The crate motor produces a claimed 450 kW, or 550 hp. Ready for a Tesla drive in your V8 muscle car? Five decades of technological advancement in one compared to raw, rumbling power in the other. No more technical details were disclosed, but it’s confirmed that all the ‘converted’ cars will have access to Superchargers and Autopilot capabilities. We'll likely know more when the unit prepares for release in early 2021. EV conversion Stories August 6. Additional components, including batteries, can bring a complete powertrain conversion to $50,000. Scrap the Small-Block V-8 Swap and Sub in This Literal Tesla Crate Motor. These used 18650 Tesla-Smart Car modules are compr ... Model : 18650-3: Manufacturer : Tesla: Weight : 42.00: Price: $799.00 $990.00 Watch Eddy and team install the reVolt CR-43 Motor into the beloved 1965 Mustang, a true American classic. According to EV West, which will sell the Tesla crate motors, the original Tesla Model S drive units have to be stripped down, the differential casting cut free, and the motors smoothed up and bolted to a new aluminum gear reduction. © Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. We get it. The company announced on Facebook that it would soon start selling a Tesla crate motor kit. All rights reserved. EV West says that the crate motor will be available in a month or two and will cost around $30,000. Classic SUVs That Deserve an Electric Conversion. If you can't wait for that, though, EV West has another way to easily add electric power to your classic. This kit includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, dash display and control unit (EV Controls), throttle pedal, throttle pedal plug and pins, brake switch, brake switch plug and pins, encoder plug and pins, inverter plug and pins, axle clips, 2 axles, pre-charge relay, … Our kits are American CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength and weight savings. EV West is now offering a crate electric motor called the Revolt Tesla. The motor features a 2:1 reduction gear before going to the driveshaft and subsequently your differential. It has a 2:1 reduction gear before going to the driveshaft and differential. EV West tells The Drive that the motor is based on Tesla's rear-drive unit, and there will eventually be an option for a "P" (Performance) model upgrade. In addition to the motor, builders will still need to acquire the various other components of an EV swap. The conversion, as you might suspect, isn’t inexpensive. We spare no expense on creating superior quality powertrains that will give you a ride that you will never forget. Revolt also stated on their website that this kit would include “a highly modified 400-kW Tesla Model S motor producing approximately 533 hp with over 800 [lb-ft] of torque at the yolk.” Of course, that will vary depending on how many batteries you need. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Such was the case when the guys over at Revolt Systems decided they wanted to fit a modern drivetrain into a 1965 Ford Mustang.

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