| The Exception (2017) Rated R for sexuality, graphic nudity, language and brief violence. What's all the fuss about? The ending of Inception is meant to leave you thinking and questioning the nature of reality. 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Jordan Feels Responsible For Helping Hollywood Improve, Wesley Snipes Denies Blade 3 On-Set Behavior Rumor, Justice League: Joss Whedon's Racism Accusation Fallout Explained, Children Of The Corn Reboot Released In Only Two Theaters (In Florida). free! Sign up for our daily newsletter to receive personalized movie news for But then there's the theory that the entire film could have been a big con to get Cobb to let go of his past guilt, which would mean that none of the film is real, and it's all been played out inside Dom's head the entire time. A young German officer named Capt. JOIN NOW. Cobb states that the projections within a dreamer's mind are embodiments of their subconscious, so maybe that's a hint that all of Cobb's team are part of his mind trying to get him to let go of Mal, and Mal and all of the projections out to kill him and his team are the part of his subconscious fighting the urge to let go. - Cobb and Saito are able to remember the meaningful conversations they had and that there is a reality they existed in before Limbo, where both of them had deep desires still waiting to be fulfilled (Cobb and his kids, Saito and his business). This would make sense, since we never actually see him or Saito leave limbo. Well, yes, and that's the fun of it! Based on The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, a 2003 fictionalized historical novel about Kaiser Wilhelm II’s waning days in exile, the drama opens in 1940 as Hitler is busy invading European countries. I've heard some people say that it falls right before the cut to black, but it doesn't. “Those sort of things were what made it interesting to me, as opposed to looking at something strictly about battles.”. The deeper you go, the further removed your mind is from reality. Plummer’s deposed monarch, whose withered left arm doesn’t stop him from chopping wood or lighting cigarettes, actually roots for this taboo twosome. The dreamer is the person whose mind actually houses the dream and it is the dreamer's mind that the subject/mark is ultimately brought into in order to to be conned by the extractor. Christopher Plummer as Kaiser Wilhelm II. Jai said: “The period itself has always fascinated me. It manages to engage the audience while delivering its chases, crashes and explosions, and leaves its viewers with a satisfying, yet ambiguous ending, designed to spark debate over what really happened. The first is, he never escaped limbo and died, entering what could be considered "heaven." So, this means that we leave Cobb in a dream. So, maybe it's possible for the dream to be so real that your totem lies to you. Then again, when Courtney and James strip down, words are unnecessary. It’s different, an interesting one. Here's a rundown of who is actually dreaming each level of the Fischer con: If you're more of a visual person, Cinema Blend has put together a handy graphic detailing the different levels featured in Inception: The Mark - The mark (Cillain Murphy) is the person who the extractor and his team are trying to con. One major peeve: The accents spoken by various cast members are all over the place. It is May, 1940. He's still physically on the plane, but brain dead, left in a coma, and eventually deceased. There was a lot of drama and some pretty heavy intimate stuff as well. Was the top still spinning? However, if you keep track of how Dom spins the top in previous segments of "reality", you'll notice that it falls over relatively quickly, much faster than we see it spin for at the end of the film. Because of the extractor's manipulations, the mark goes along with the faux reality of dream, ultimately reaching the point where they either realize it's a dream, or open their mind and reveal their secrets. As a result, to avert a possible attempt against the life of the silver-haired former monarch, the reluctant Wehrmacht Captain, Stefan Brandt, is put in charge of his security, as there are rumours that a stealthy spy is in their midst. The Kaiser's wife orders their dismissal, but the old man intervenes and countermands her instructions. The Dreamer - The architect and the dreamer are not always the same person. Find out! Now The Exception, based on novel The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, sees the former King and grandson of Queen Victoria played by Christopher Plummer. “It wasn’t necessarily a wildly received book in its time, but I think it was well handled.”. Through Saito's memory of Cobb's totem and some shared dialogue that included key trigger phrases - "Leap of faith," "Old man full of regret, waiting to die alone," etc. The more I delve into the layers of the film, the more evidence I find for this theory. Janet McTeer as Princess Hermine. What Did It Mean? Nolan throws a lot of fancy math at you but it's all really inconsequential. As Brandt begins to infiltrate the Kaiser's life in search of clues, he finds himself drawn into an unexpected and passionate romance with Mieke, one of the Kaiser's maids.I do not own any of the clips. When Cobb has to "wake" again in Limbo, his mind is muddled just like old man Saito's brain. UPDATE 2: The cast has also confirmed our explanation of Inception's ending. It also doesn’t help that Mieke has caught the eye of her husband, winning him over by sweetly helping him feed his ducks. for sexuality, graphic nudity, language and brief violence. Leading a talented cast, Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer brings humanity to the complicated Kaiser. If you'll notice, Cobb's subconscious is the only one that can affect other dreamers' dreams. Brandt denies it, but then asks her to marry him. This leads us to conclude that, because it's been spinning for a much longer time at the end of the film, that it won't stop anytime soon.

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