It was a warning, just a warning, he said. It was strange timing. Unlike Ruth, I haven’t forgotten why we’re here. I watched the video, I grew up around a ton of them, unmistakable once you know them. We moved from house to house, striking poses and delighting adults as they filled our pillowcases with candy. but my mom heard it too, we were in the room together. Say that to her face! She’s thin as a scarecrow now and her lips are cracking. "Huh,? I'll try to keep this list updated as the season progresses. I could swear there was a noise out in the woods, a bird or a high pitched wind, and as we moved towards the treehouse, it seemed to follow us. Reggy opened another candy bar, the story drawing him in as the stories almost always did. They ran, they wept, but the whistling followed them on and on. Very distant, north of us. I just made it back. I kind of had a moment where I was struck cold and in shock with disbelief. 4. I didn't scream at the top of my lungs, and after I sort of loudly asked my mom if she heard it, there was still one more. In my dreams, I don't pass out. It was easy, in the dark, to get him where I wanted him. He said, "It's probably just some weirdo outside." The whistling took on a life of its own, rising and falling as its chaotic tune became less and less discernible. i liked Bill until now he sounds different. He was being stupid. For more than a decade /R/HORROR has been's gateway to all things Horror: from movies & TV, to books & games. The lone boy ran and ran, hoping to outdistance the crazed whistling, knowing that his fate would be the same as his friends. I dragged myself to the hatch, my ribs aching, and threw the bolt before falling back, panting. I heard something just as I was returning to the lodge—a low rumble, a growl. I felt like crying as I came to the end of my story. It was getting closer and closer as I told the story. I think everyone was affected to this evil that's worse than the whistlers. There has to be an explanation. It's bright enough to read by, almost enough to feel truly safe. I heard him throw it open and toss the ladder down, descending in a shrieking rage as he made for the whistler. And out of embarrassment stopped the whistling and continued on their way. If you ask me... She made up her mind. and she had no knowledge of the whistler story at all, I told her after. He wrote a paper about it—the idea that the whistlers are in some way dependent on humans and so will always leave one alive. Now I'm not sure if the whistler's are even real, or if they just killed everyone and hallucinated the rest. Please!". My two friends were leaning close now, the lantern making their faces look like Jack-o-lanterns as their eyes begged for the climax. I practice, sometimes. Be sure to go into the wine cellar to see the hanging bobsleigh and to ask about sabring a bottle of Champagne. Do you think that Bill was actually the last survivor, and Ruth died before Bill? Also, why did it happen to start right after the whole Whistler story just randomly popped in my head? (We lived in a suburban cul-de-sac, so there wasn't actually much foot traffic in the area.). I made my brother a promise, and I’ll keep that promise. He runs with low shoulders and a mean little snarl. Reggy looked back at me, snot runners creeping down his face. Hard to tell. I can’t bring myself to tell her that keeping still sounds like a death sentence to me. I haven't been back to the forest since that day, and I don't think I ever will. I thought about it for a moment and realized that I did have a story I could tell. Hearsay. There are similarities between accounts, sure, but she thought every victim was complicit, somehow. We stopped at our homes, dropping off a little excess candy and getting our camping stuff, and told our parents where we were going. Nothing in the other traps. Mask what's true and plant what isn't. There are entire days she didn’t see fit to make note of. When you muted the TV and yelled they were probably like, "Shit, I just freaked some people out. From outside. Mom will be at the airport when we’re rescued. There wasn't any sound of movement, but I wasn't going near the damn window. "I've never even heard of any monster like this before... We must have hit unexplored lands! I piled wood into the stove and made her put on a pair of socks. The story needed to be told, and I had become a conduit for it. Never thought much of it until I read the link post and this one. Ira had the rifle ready. We’ve been out here for months now, and I still don’t know what he meant. Press J to jump to the feed. He took me to the hospital. Terry seemed to notice then that I wasn't really paying attention. Said he walked out of the woods unmolested and found help. Our bodies are broken. If Lo-Fi Games didn't want us making mods they wouldn't have included the Forgotten Construction Set with the game, if they didn't want anyone messing with the Whistler model they would have removed it from the game files, and there certainly wouldn't be an agreement with the Steam Workshop to share and download mods. If it was the whistler, I hoped he was quick, at least. She's beautiful in her own way, I mean she doesn't have a face only a mother could love, but that's just because she doesn't have a head. Then everything fell apart. After I did some research on him, I heard whistling too. He was mute when he came back to camp, and even when he could accuse me he didn’t. No one knows for sure.". Kenshi's world is so high quality because the creator wasn't afraid to cut things that had a lot of effort put into them and it buns me out when people disrespect that. It was tuneless and wafting, and as it warbled across my sanity, I knew just what was stalking these kids through the woods. It was probably just a raccoon or something that had been spooked when we arrived. I was Hawkeye, bow slung over my shoulder and cheep mask covering my eyes, Reggy was the hulk, body painted green with absurd foam hulk hands on his real hands, and Terry was Captain America, his store-bought costume topped off by a trash can lid shield that he had painted a star on. The person who brought Bill’s journal to my attention has asked not to be identified. His face was still hidden by the cloak, his eyes a glittering twosome amidst the swirling dark void, and I could see thick red fluid around the collar of the cloak. Once we were safe inside the treehouse, lanterns on and candy spilled onto the floor; I began to feel at ease. Welcome to Whistler. I literally felt a jolt go through me and I just yelled "Holy shit, did you just hear that?" The whistling was discordant, jangling against their nerves, sounding like nothing they had ever heard before. He wrote a paper about it—the idea that the whistlers are in some way dependent on humans and so will always leave one alive. It felt more like an inquisitive tap, a gentle knock. Ruth likes to remind me of the things he knew that we’re both useless for. "And as Patches pushed at his door, trying to catch him, the boy snuck out of his window and disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.". You listen to static long enough and it starts to sound like something, so we keep the lounge radio off. He was never supposed to come back that day. Blender hates me. he breathed before he threw himself out the window. I'm going out there. A knife, while he slept. That’s what I keep hearing, kept hearing, as I scraped away the soil and deepened the hole, as I grabbed roots and hauled away stones. Any Nosleep stories merely borrowed it. She isn’t documenting the whistlers anymore. Gentle as can be. It was in a big old tree set into a clearing, a fire pit dug in its shadow, with a dumbwaiter to pull things up and rope ladder to climb up through a trap door. Nothing bad could happen to us here. Terry turned to look at the bare window, and Reggy walked over to look out into the inky blackness. But I think about Kirker Farley. This was no wind through the bowes of a tree. ", "Go away. The jagged chords wafted up into the treehouse, and I saw Terry shudder as he began again. He was dressed in a dark gray cloak, a tall cowboy hat making him look almost seven feet tall as it poked for the skies, and the toes of pointy boots poked from beneath the cloak. He had leaned against it, safe at last, but as the banging began, he remembered one important fact. Ruth saw me limping and chewed me out, says I’m walking too far, putting too much weight on my bad leg too soon. "I just want it to stop." I latched the hatch and came back to find him with his arms crossed and an indignant look on his face, "Think you can do a better story? Reggy began to rock in the corner, sobbing loudly as the man whistled and whistled below. I would help, but I get the feeling she doesn’t want me around the lodge. "Get out of my way. I hear it, and I hope that I get to leave for college before it becomes too much to bear. Unless you work for Lo-Fi Games we don't know why the Whistler was never finished, they may have run out of time, there might have been a conflict with the original artist, it may as you said, not fit in the world they were building. But not today. Terry came to the climax of his story, the boy's friends dying badly, as he escaped the sleepover and ran back to his home. I wonder if she's supposed to be some kind of ancient war crime, maybe back from when the robots rebelled? It wormed into my consciousness, spinning through the trees outside like a drunken bird. I was sprinting away at Ira’s side, deciding the horrific din meant only that we’d done our jobs well, that the whistlers deemed the transaction acceptable, that they would leave us alone for a few more nights. A warning. It's really hard for me to lie, and anyone that knows me would agree. Choose to be a thief, a bandit, a rebel, a warlord or a mercenary. If they could make it, if they could walk it, they would be safe. Sometimes someone hears them but no one sees them. I told them about how I'd locked the trap door and passed out as I watched the man try to batter his way in. We came to the treehouse at long last, and in the light of the full moon, it looked ghostly and strange. There is always one survivor, always someone spared. It was already there, a collapsed burrow of some kind, so convenient, a receptacle for my darkest instincts. Usually at work. The other two were oblivious, but the sound made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Tied him to a tree, waited until we heard them closing in, until his screams were drowned out by the whistling, and the other thing, the screeching and deep growling and the snapping of bones. A living human begets more humans. To scare him into the trap. There was good rope in the Jeep. Its the same whistle i make. If it's not an actual human, tell it to leave you alone. The boy became afraid, the steps sounded large, but he couldn't see anything in the trees as they proceeded down the trail. Half the noises of the woods come from the trees themselves.

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