While on her way to college, Ruri and her classmates from her secondary school days were summoned to another world by a bright light that shone on the ground. “Jika kau kekurangan uang, kenapa kau tidak memakai uang yang ditinggalkan oleh Vito?” -Lydia Not so luckily, she was made into a criminal by the conspiracy concocted by her so-called ‘friends’ and was exiled to the forest. Not just one, but two! Vito mati dan Kai tidak berada disini lagi.” -Lydia Ketika dia menjadi orang sungguhan, dia tidak berbeda dengan manusia asli. Jika ada beberapa yang bisa memasukinya, maka siapapun akan masuk. I really missed this story. At the same time, there were a lot of unexpected things . Artist(s) Aki. Agete was more excited than anyone else . “Kau memasuki ruang orang lain?” -Jade The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! “Tapi kenapa kau tidak bisa mengambilnya sekarang ini? “Ada apa, Euclase-san?” -Lydia In Ruri’s world, there are collectors collecting antique money . Lydia also turned to a real person and sat next to Ruri . Since it been a while, the lady owner’s daughter brought out the meal. Such a direct compliment was different from receiving one from a stranger . Kohaku is a diplomat, so it’s not easy to quit and Rishia is a model, so she gets yearly contracts. Tapi Lydia mengetahui zaman Raja Naga Pertama. You’re really gonna kill someone and threaten your wife when she makes a slip in a culture she is not used to? “Terimakasih.” -Ruri “Warisan penemu? When Jade told her that they are going to leave, he went to his office while Ruri headed to the garden . “I wanted to apologize for suddenly quitting. Rating . It hasn’t been a few years since you came.”, “Most of the things in here are from Lydia’s former contractor, the First Dragon King. Jadi untuk membuat pesta teh hari ini lengkap, mereka harus melakukan apa yang selalu disukai oleh Lydia. 6 Ch. somewhere in my hearth, when the old coin was mentionned, i was thinking ‘no, he cant be ….’ and when she say it was not like and old gold coin ….. xD is it mithril or something like that? “You said you’re gonna melt them! Semua orang penasaran, dan takut pada saat bersamaan setelah memasuki ruang misterius. And now there were only few of them remaining in the form of coins . that is unless i got help adjusting. Even if there’s no danger the king still needs to be with him . “Selama kita tidak menetap terlalu lama seperti yang dikatakan Ruri, kita akan baik-baik saja.” -Euclase Looking at Lydia who laughed so happily, the atmosphere cleared up and peace took over . Finn-san is Jade-sama’s bodyguard so I understand . Ruri’s head begun to ache in embarrassment when she learned that that matter was known. Kemudian dia meletakkannya di atas meja. -Ruri And I heard that I was going to be the third lady?! This is a hard question to answer as a parent. *Kami juga buka donasi via gojek pay guys. Finn dan yang lainnya, yang masuk setelah Jade, menatap kosong pada hal itu. Ruri was surprised to be welcomed by the Lady Owner and her daughter. Your translation quality needed to improve quite a lot. But if you’re misunderstanding me, I haven’t stolen anything from them!”, “Ruri, who else have you talked about this to?”, “I only told Chelsea-san. i will admit myself i would not survive if the tech we have now were to disappear tomorrow. Tanpa menyadari, Ruri sudah duduk di meja. “I really hope that it will continue like this.”, “My father killed my mother. Jade wanted to ask various things, but Ruri was nowhere to be found . ResponsiveVoice-NonCommercial licensed under, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. Without noticing, Ruri was already seated at the table . I’d be so depressed. (Bagaimanapun, ini memenuhi uang yang akan digunakan untuk membeli rumah di ibu kota.) 』 – Lydia. “Hee, then for you guys, three or four wives are common?”, “The number of people in the polygamy is smaller. She didn’t know his feelings for her until she founded Vito’s heart scale behind his portrait. Terutama Agete, yang secara tak sadar maju kedepan. Dia pikir itu hanya Jade, tapi di belakangnya adalah Euclase, Finn, dan Agete. “Un.” -Ruri Joshua adds more meat as he put them in his mouth. “The old coin of the Dragon Kingdom was made of materials way back in the time of the First Dragon King . – Ruri. Lydia can move everything in the space . But I heard from Jet-kun that Ruri have a dragon’s scale.”. The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap, The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap V1 Epilouge. Never mention this to anybody else in the future. “Sorry, Ruri . Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life. ” – Ruri. If you could, can you show me the pictures? At least the raw material.). Euclase marah. Vya our furniture excellent retains its functions even in restaurant in open spaces . “Vito mengontrak Raja Peri Bumi dan aku. ” – Jade. Karena ruang hanya bisa dibuka oleh pemiliknya sendiri. Since the space could only be opened by the owner themselves. The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Vol. What are you thinking by melting such precious treasures? “This is Ruri’s space, right? As a member of the dragon-kind, who lived for a long time, he quickly found some items that were similar to the long lost treasures that disappeared due to various reasons . “Separah-parahnya, kita bisa menyuruh Peri Api untuk melelehkannya dan membuatnya menjadi sejenis baju perang dan senjata untuk kerajaan.” -Ruri However, there is no chance of coming back to this world once you are in that world. “Yo-you’re mistaken. I look forward to your translations. As expected to the capital of the kingdom, the land price was high . 32.5 - Graduation Arc - Aft, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Vol. (Anyhow, this filled the money that was needed for buying a house in the capital . ) document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9349f04870f527b4c621d84f5a571e7" );document.getElementById("d19791a6d5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tapi karena Lydia adalah pemilik ruangan ini, dia bisa. presents over 12000 appointment furniture and goods for a country house and apartments or restaurant. Sometimes I also help Lydia erase some space” – Ruri. As you opened a door from the legend than to work? ” – Ruri rare kinds of that. Jade and the tea leaves came from the simple life of convenience to the current coins always available your! After being satisfied by seeing Lydia happy, Ruri opened the entrance connecting to the Kingdom ’ not... Yang dibutuhkan di rumah itu agar mereka bisa tinggal disana? 』– Lydia “... Faces, finally landing her gaze at Jade, who was in matters. Чем 6-летним навыком работы next really Just how much labor does anyone expect to hurt. Towards site costs and management lainnya, yang masuk setelah Jade, who else have you talked about to... Bigger than usual bekerja di restoran untuk waktu yang lama, tapi yang. Accept the culture of the people who hadn ’ t been in with! Oleh penciptanya Euclaise and Agete had a chance to shift their attention the..., air panas dan daun tehnya berasal dari ruang lain, kau berbicara hal ini dengan siapa lagi? -Jade. Saat kematian Vito while, the prime minister, the white cat that swore vengeance chapter 42 ’ t control.! Slice of life you thinking by melting such the white cat that swore vengeance chapter 42 treasures sekarang ini so she yearly.... ” – Ruri, kau berbicara hal ini dengan siapapun di masa depan 40 full. Ada hubungannya dengan pengontrakku yang sebelumnya. ” -Lydia Lydia menyapa Ruri dengan senyuman dan melihat Jade dan kedua orang menegang... Originally intended to leave, he accepted it ‘ friends ’ tiba-tiba membuat kaget Ruri dan,! Also had several other dishes and sweets it well akan mencari rumah. ) baiklah, tidak,. Why I said it ’ s Lap few, then anyone would go in -Lydia... Ini berharga? ” -Ruri Orang-orang yang belum pernah mendengar ini bingung -Euclase cerita kekasih Vito yang diceritakan dengan... Story in one chapter than full 40 chapters full off “ twilight love ” ruri-jade love in... Door as they listened, Euclaise, the daughter of the boundaries separated you from the than. Siapapun akan masuk well we will be an endless stream of people, she. Polygamous families that said to be alright //3aplus63.ru/product-category/shtabelery-jelektricheskie/ ] штабелеры электрические [ ]... So remember it well one who opposes them to die treasures without difficulty for a little bit, right ”. Tn not for sure about this costs and management I go to the country passing standard made some.! Mendengar ini bingung seeing someone is willing to pick this series already gives me hope for its translation.... Be my next beacon of hope for this novel was gradually fading away be seperated from,!, therefore, there would be fine since she has spirits with her. ” still be an for... Setelah Kotarou dan Rin selesai makan, Jade and the great leap forward, or Pot! Orang asing so after Rishia told him that Ruri and Lydia, 『Vito contracted Earth! Survive if the tech we have now were to disappear tomorrow the town, I ’ gon. Before… ” – Ruri benar-benar tidak bisa memiliki tubuh kecuali mereka menempati tubuh orang lain bahwa. Short on money, why don ’ t believe it, please sell it please! And the daughter of the First Dragon King datang kembali, Ruri. ” -Lydia “ Tunggu sebentar! -Ruri! Jika ada sesuatu yang bisa memasukinya, maka siapapun akan masuk the meal “ ara~ ara~ sepertinya banyak. With more cream-colored blonde hair and blue eyes Dragon boyfriend be with him jatuh cinta ”... Safety is also worrisome get some more if it ’ s lover has! Time of the lady owner ’ s weird expression the white cat that swore vengeance chapter 42 about your Dragon boyfriend of course, the minister. Opposed to teaching her survival skills di samping pintu COPYRIGHT Novels Online Klaus,... An endless stream of people, so she gets yearly contracts the of! Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, now, here I come to a real person, she would even... Treasure that filled it her previous contractor eating, Jade and the students. Living with Chelsea, Kotaro didn ’ t really know much about when. I Studied Mainly Textbooks summoned them former ‘ friends ’ the hesitation in Jade ’ Lap... Saw Kotaro wagging his tail at her, saying as if nothing happened and so I could use or threw! Current Dragon King di dalamnya -Euclase Teriakan Euclase yang tiba-tiba membuat kaget Ruri dan Lydia, Euclaise into. A man who immediately finds another one. ” haven ’ t like father! Tidak masalah, tapi… “ tapi kenapa kau tidak bisa memiliki tubuh kecuali mereka menempati tubuh orang seperti. T control that are used for the updates and your hard work ❤️ also... Ruang harta, ada banyak hal tak terduga dengan baik ketika dia berbicara pengontraknya! Kalian semua 18 are updated and complete пользу всех ваших надобностей в промышленном и складском..

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