While reliable statistics on anything are hard to come by in Iraq, officials say there have been as many as 50 suicides this year in this city of 350,000 — at least double the rate in the United States — compared with 80 all of last year. That’s the epiphany that lies behind “Meet the Unlikely Hero Saving California’s Oldest Weekly Paper,” a captivating feature story written by Tim Arango, a New York Times national correspondent, that brings a small but life-affirming boost to a newspaper industry on the ropes. (A painted message on the door says it is the “oldest volunteer fire department west of the Mississippi.”). “I wasn't in love with her, but we are here, living together. The assassination came after days of protests by Turks angry over Russias support for the Syrian government in the conflict and the Russian role in the killings and destruction in Aleppo, the northern Syrian city. Among their beliefs is a special reverence for a figure called Melek Taus, whom Muslims regard as Satan. Jenan Merza, 16, forced to wed a cousin, shot herself. He was one of the most extraordinary players in the history of our game with accomplishments that are legendary: five NBA championships, an NBA MVP award, 18 NBA All-Star selections, and two Olympic gold medals. The NTSB typically issues a preliminary report within about 10 days of a crash that gives a rough summary of what investigators have learned. He was averse to political correctness and not immune from using curse words in print. You’ve been an international correspondent in war zones, most recently as the Times’ Baghdad/Istanbul bureau chief, before moving to the Los Angeles bureau in 2017. And that’s not a paraphrase, but a direct quote.” Arango sketches in that romance, along with some idiosyncracies that are familiar to any newsroom rat. Carl Butz, the new owner of The Mountain Messenger, in the paper’s office in Downieville, Calif. Mr. Butz and Jill Tahija, The Messenger’s only other employee, working on an edition of the paper. The ambassador is not innocent. The most common methods among women are self-immolation and gunshots. Ms. Merza said she watched the show, and she admitted, “I wish I had that life,” but her anguish seems more basic. Her small black-and-white dog, Ladybug, a Boston terrier-Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, bounded around the cluttered newsroom. Turkish officials said the assailant was killed by other officers in a shootout. Butz tells Arango that the previous owner “called me a romantic idealist and a nut case. I spent two and a half days with Carl at The Messenger, and then I would say a day and a half writing. Turkey is very aware of the size of this failure, and I think the government will make every effort to investigate this fully, Sinan Ulgen, a Turkish former diplomat who is the chairman of the Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies, an Istanbul research organization, said of the Russian diplomats assassination. “We would have to fall off the face of the earth to make one of those papers on a normal news day,” Lee Adams, a county supervisor, told Arango. Relations between Turkey and Russia reached a low point in November 2015 after Turkey shot down a Russian jet near the Syrian border. While the focus is on Carl Butz, the story strikes me as a three-fold profile of the new owner, The Mountain Messenger and the town of Downieville. Fair Use Notice: This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. More recently, when officials secured a spot on the National Register of Historic Places for a local school built in the Art Deco style in 1931, they used the paper’s archives to confirm the details of how it was built and who paid for it. Newspapers across America, especially in rural areas like here in Sierra County, have been dying at an alarming rate, and Downieville was about to become the latest “news desert.” The obituaries for the paper had already been written. But some analysts played down the notion that the assassination would lead to a new rupture, saying it could conversely bring the countries closer together in a shared fight against terrorism. Mohammed al-Shibli, a Syrian activist who participated, said, I felt extreme happiness when I heard the news of the assassination. “It wasn't that.”. You give Mr. Butz and his grief over his wife’s death the last moment in the story? [3], "Tim Arango Is Next NYT Baghdad Bureau Chief", "Looking for adventure, reporter leaves NYC for Iraq", "Amid Grumbling, Times Lands New Media Reporter", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tim_Arango&oldid=934102942, Articles with short description added by PearBOT 5, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 January 2020, at 19:55. Mr. Russell had read them on microfilm at a library. By Julie Bosman, Kate Taylor and Tim Arango Aug. 10, 2019 The man who shot nine people to death last weekend in Dayton, Ohio, seethed at female classmates and threatened them with violence. [4] He joined The New York Times in 2007. “He called me a romantic idealist and a nut case. It is Turkey, not Syria. Historians said it might have been the first since Pyotr Voykov, a Soviet ambassador to Poland, was shot to death in Warsaw in 1927. That's what happens here, we marry our relatives.”. Tweets to this user: From @sbplama Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 10:40 am. “I want to stay with my mom and not go back to my husband,” she said. When the war began, Turkey was rising and confident, and Mr. Erdogan, then its prime minister, began supporting rebels seeking the ouster of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. Step back! As Ms. Tahija worked on the front page — the next day it would be filled with stories about a local poetry competition, the upcoming census, wildfire prevention and a local supervisors meeting — Mr. Butz shifted his focus to finishing his letter to readers. For this, they have often been branded as devil worshipers, which has justified historical oppression of the sect by extremist Muslims. The Messenger is more than just a chronicle of weekly happenings — government meetings, births and deaths, the police blotter, the weather — but also a repository of the county’s history. With no journalism experience and without even looking at the books, Butz plunked down a sales price “in the four figures” early this year and  took over The Messenger, a money loser with 700 subscribers, no website or social media, a one-person editorial staff and a cluttered two-room office over a Main Street beauty salon. He finished his career with 33,643 points scored, which ranked third in NBA history from the time he retired until LeBron James passed him on the scoring list Saturday night. This is a monumental loss for the entire basketball community and our hearts are quite simply broken.

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