A thick pile of printouts catches her eye, and her expression goes sour. Narrator: The whole world's fallen under the Santa Claus spell. You're naughty. He is in his pajamas and sprawled on the floor, having fallen asleep over a book.). ), Bubbles: Yeah-huh. Princess: 'Cause I am better than them! (Close-up of the other two.). She makes her way among the lights, not raising the suspicions of the elves working at the vertical conveyors. (Cut to outside the hole.) In the kitchen, Blossom opens the cabinets in no time flat and stops at the counter with a mixing bowl and some ingredients, which she pours in. Cut to a post with a street sign - 1 North Pole - that promptly finds itself in the growing shadow of the snowball. Narrator: The girls drift off to sleep, their hopes at their heights, (The Professor keeps fiddling with the electrical cords.). Princess: And he'll come and build a parking lot over this cheap little arts-and-crafts popsicle stand of yours! Inside, Bubbles hangs red ribbons on the balcony and garlands on the stair banister in an eyeblink, then scales a wreath toward a painting and gets it to stick up near the top edge. Top left: a tree without gifts. The girls float out, all dressed for the cold - Buttercup sporting a green and white striped cap, Bubbles a scarf and toboggan - and are followed by their classmates at ground level.). ), Blossom: (nervously) Uh... (Pull back behind him.). "The Fight Before Christmas" is the eighth episode of the twenty-second season of The Simpsons. Blossom: We better find Santa and set this straight. But now... (Pull back across the room; this is a different part of the office.) ), (Cut to him. The snow continues to fall, and those lights are still shining into the night. Princess... (He grabs her ear, then hauls her across the office as he continues. Buttercup: Ow! You fix up those lights. She then leaps away and opens a window to slip out.). She ducks away again, an instant before a muscular, tattooed elf carries a large box into view. He came! Stop when she is at center screen.). Back to the doorway, the camera placed so that Ms. Keane is seen from the waist up. Pull back to show her fully suited up, head to toe, and ready for a little covert action. Elves try to rein them in and pull them down from roofs, but without any success whatsoever. 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a Powerpuff Girls special that was released on VHS and DVD on October 7, 2003 and aired on December 12, 2003. If nothing else, this kid thinks big. (She blows a raspberry.). Three appropriately colored and labeled stockings hang from the mantel, and the cookies sit on a nearby table next to a glass of milk. ), (She takes off after the trio. Princess climbs down the side of one feed tank, then up the other, and finally leaps away - but due to the force she exerts, a pipe fitting blows out and starts to leak. She has pages spread out before her and looks rather annoyed.). What about all the nice children who got coal? Princess: Besides, you'll shoot your eye out. I'm out delivering coal all night long, and I come home to the Smashing-and-Crashing Gang? Her sisters catch up and pull her along.). Bubbles: Excuse me? Her fiendishly foul plot: to trick Santa into turning her into the fourth Powerpuff Girl! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The discovery of more coal in Blossom's causes her to gasp, and finding the same in Buttercup's sends her into a fit of hyperventilation. First time, first time it's ever happened. (Princess, now out of view, clears her throat loudly to get his attention. ), (She somersaults across the floor and makes a leap for the doorknob. In and out of all chimneys, each and every abode. She quickly produces two more - a Christmas tree and a gingerbread man - in the same hand by a small feat of legerdemain. I heard reindeer on the roof. ), (The would-be pitcher's face falls and lets the snowball drop to the sidewalk before walking away. Mojo stands placidly by the lowest "branch," ornament in hand.). (They turn away and consider the matter closed, but Bubbles will not let it rest.). The whole thing is now a rough ice sculpture of her head, complete with curly hair: the two side spheres and her crown. Finally, she gets a clear shot and lands a hard kick that sends Princess sailing ahead and o.c. (floating slowly past them) Santa realized that I was the only truly nice kid in the whole world and that you were naughty for not giving me what I want! They quickly emerge. While their dad is downstairs, still working on the lights. She looks into the sky, sees the leader flipping a salute back to her, and takes to the air in pursuit. His coat is the same shade of orange as the shorts he usually wears, and he has on a black hat and scarf. (On the end of this line, cut to just inside the computer room, putting him o.c. Blossom: The point, Princess, is that you better change your ways, or all you're ever gonna get from Santa is a big fat lump of coal in your stocking. Be nice for Santa. Wake up! (He jabs at a button on the dashboard. ), (He connects the cords and voices a stifled little cry of anticipation. ), (She charges ahead and quickly pulls up on her opponent, who is again flying low and now taking a course through a field of small floes. Their quarry approaches an area in which several fallen trees lie across snowdrifts and small hills, with little space left to squeeze under them. She yelps in pain under his words.). At the door, Ms. Keane wades through a knot of cheering kids who have put on their cold-weather gear.). During Christmas Eve, Bubbles wakes up after hearing Santa come and goes downstairs to get an early look at the presents, but is devastated when she not only finds no presents under the tree, but also a lump of coal in her stocking. In this one-hour episode, five episodes were mentioned in this episode by The Powerpuff Girls of why Princess is naughty: 1) You bought the city and legalized crime! Princess: But I'm not gonna let you brats ruin my Christmas. Bubbles just barely scrapes past several that fall toward her, but must pull up short to avoid behind hit by another that sends up a cloud of snow when it hits the ground. Bubbles gasps. Blossom: Whoo-hoo! He steps aside and turns around, and we see her behind him. They spoke not a word, but took care of their deed, (During the first line of this couplet, they come down the chimney, unload a pile of gifts, stuff the stockings, and exit as they came in. Princess blinks stupidly up at her; a quick flash of light, and Princess has run into a tree as Blossom did earlier. Princess sees the remaining two sisters zeroing in on her with fresh bloodlust in their eyes. Blossom, meanwhile, continues her drive toward the goal line and finds Princess moving into position to strafe from above. They get themselves dug out just in time to be run over; it carries them along and sails off a cliff, describing a long arc through empty space. Cut to just outside it; she eases it open and peeks eagerly into the hall. She soars along a few hundred yards more before realizing that she has been stripped of her powers, then loses her forward momentum and drops from sight with a sharp gasp. The driver is holding the door open for her. Oh, Santa... (She gives them her biggest and most vicious grin, drops to a rooftop, and bounces off it to head for the city proper, her laughter echoing in the air. Bubbles: You gave us a bomb for our birthday! You can use your mobile device without any trouble. (On the end of this, zoom in on one window and dissolve to the living room within that house. Maybe you didn't check the list twice! Realizing the truth, Santa declares he doesn't need some list to know who is truly naughty and nice. (Cut to a slow pan across the present-laden base of a tree.). Their faces register complete surprise, and as the projectile approaches, it rotates to show the side opposite that seen when Princess threw it. (The manor's exterior; she throws the doors open and steps out.) ), (The girls and Princess continue their final mad dash. Amid yelling and cursing from all parties, the girls get in as many licks as they can from their respective positions. Two more such dissolves show the entire subdivision and then the planet from outer space.). (Close-up of Blossom in the living room. Public domain Christmas songs, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Princess: Well, this time I am gonna be a Powerpuff Girl! Inside, Princess is tucked in for bed and still quite out of sorts. Ow! So I woke up, and then I heard Santa on the roof. I mean, really good? sound of the Santa doll snaps her out of it. Not for worldwide rejoicing, but her plot's activation. So they stopped once or twice to have milk and some cookies. Coffeepots, first aid kit, sink, a vending machine stocked with Nog Cola, table and chairs, bulletin board with notices tacked up - the sort of thing you might find in any factory. The family watches the spectacle. I get to put the star on the tree! Driver: Seems my finger has slipped. Bubbles: Because Santa has his own list, and he checks it twice. They knew that their job was to fly through the skies... (The girls streak into view and over the horizon.). She kicks and throws several toys all over the place as she speaks, then finishes by grabbing a hobby horse and breaking it over her knee.

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