Yes. programs available click here). Integrated Science students must work with the department to ensure contract requirements are met. Navigator do? *Faculty of Science Students* - Science uses Degree Navigator for your first specialization. Does Degree Navigator do official graduation checks? 4. Did you select "Audit-UBC Report" under Degree Description? to complete a minimum of 24 credits outside of their major and minor subject area(s) to You must complete 24 credits outside both your major and minor and you’ll have to check for these manually. Yes. Advisors/Administrators - If you have come to this page, please use your CWL to login to the SISC to access Degree Navigator. Hopefully you will get as many completed requirements as you want and you can see which credits you’re missing. More details on Degree Navigator for Science students can be found on the Science Website. If you meet all the requirements for graduation, your report will show For a minor or double major, refer to the courses listed in your application. Go back to your Degree Navigator report and see how those courses that you are now registered in change your report. Consult Science Advising or your department advisor. For Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science and the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), please visit Science Advising for a manual graduation check. All Science undergraduate students have access to and can use Degree Navigator, EXCEPT those in: You should be viewing the Degree Navigator report you entered after selecting "Audit-UBC Report". Show the cumulative number of upper-level credits (at least 60) you need for a double major or double honours program. Can I check my requirements for that using Degree Navigator? Does Degree Navigator do official graduation checks? Dual Degrees in Music, Arts, and Education. You will see X’s next to the requirements that you haven’t completed. How to read and understand your Degree Navigator report. Your session of Degree Navigator has timed out. If you didn't, please review the instructions on accessing your report. Although the Degree Navigator checks for specific faculty and program requirements (i.e. When you meet the requirements, you will need to apply for graduation through the Student Service Centre. British Columbia Licensing Courses British Columbia Licensing Courses. Year 1 Students For Year 1 students, while you do not yet have a specialization, you can use the Search > Degree function in the top-left corner of Degree Navigator to see how your courses could fit into different specializations. Degree Navigator is not applicable to Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, General Science and Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) students at this time. For example, search "BSc Major Biology" and select the relevant result, then open the report following the instructions below to see how your courses could apply in the Major in Biology. Plan hypothetical registration scenarios for future sessions, including possible majors and minors. eligibility for graduation. restrictions on double counting credit, both for the BA and the BFA. BA Double Major students are required to have a minimum of UBC Faculty of Science, Office of the Dean Earth Sciences Building, 2178-2207 Main Mall, UBC Integrated and General Science Graduation Checklist. Navigator before, click on the link that applies to you: If you have declared your major, click here. As one of the Student Engagement and Development Advisors, I am responsible for developing and implementing orientation and transition programs for BCom students at UBC Sauder. Degree Navigator is not applicable to Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, General Science and Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) students at this time.

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