degree. Students are not permitted to have a double major with two school majors (e.g., Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering). For more information, see the General Catalog. degree. Double majors involving two majors within Engineering is not allowed (e.g. Keep in mind that at least 20 units must be unique to your minor and not overlapping with any other major or minor in your degree program. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions. Requirements for the B.S. A total of 180 quarter units are required for the degree; 60 of these 180 units must be upper division (course numbers 100-199). If the PTE is assigned manually, students use the nine-digit course ID and PTE number to enroll. A student whose current major is in the College of Letters & Science would need to meet the eligibility requirements as described below to change their primary major to Engineering and then request to add double major. Once you meet the minimum eligibility requirements detailed below, please submit an application by 5pm on the following dates: Application Period for 2020-2021 Academic School Year. The liberal arts curriculum of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciencebegins by bringing together perspectives from many fields to analyze issues, pose questions, and train students to think and write creatively as well as critically. APPLYING INDEPENDENT RESEARCH TO MCDB MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: To enroll in MCDB 196A/B, 199A-D, or 198A-D, students MUST be conducting research in an MCDB approved lab. You may apply any of courses with an asterisk toward the 10 units of MCDB Department Electives as long as 5 units of MCDB departmental electives are also applied to the category. For courses taken in Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 P grades will be accepted to meet these minimum requirements. All minors require that at least 20 units be unique to the minor and not counting towards any other major or minor. Transfer applicants to majors in the College must complete lower division preparation course work specific to their intended majors. The UCLA International Institute stands in solidarity with our Black students and colleagues, and against racial injustice. Courses which count on the MCDB major, may have upper division prerequisites. You must be admitted to these minor programs before your last term. If you are double majoring, you must complete all six of the prep courses (2 western or world civilization courses, the History 97, and 3 lower division electives) plus two upper division history courses, plus the prep and 2 upper division courses for your other major. We recommend that you are in communication with the department of the major you are interested in to find out if they have any minimum eligibility or additional required paperwork. Restrictions are noted in class information in MyUCLA and the Schedule of Classes. Submit a quarter by quarter course plan to 6426 Boelter Hall for counselor review and pre-approval, See list of Prep Courses and how to calculate your Prep GPA here, Computer Engineering (Joint major between. Physics Major Requirements: Preparation for the Major in Physics (B.S. Aerospace Engineering and Math of Computation). To submit a change of major request, complete the following steps (only available during the application period):quarter, STEP 1: Complete CCLE Survey IMPORTANT NOTE: If you get a notification saying not eligible to take the questionnaire, there should be a link on the left side of the page “Course and Enroll me in this” Click on that and fill it out. *Processing may take an additional 7-10 business days for Letters and Science majors with 150 total units or more, as we have to submit your request to the College for additional review. Please consult the Schedule of Classes or the appropriate department. Students then concentrate on a particular field in depth. The department or instructor offering the class may authorize selective enrollment if the enrollment capacity is filled. Students who are approved a change of major will follow the catalog year requirements in the effective term they entered the NEW major (e.g. From study of the ancient origins of traditional theater to avant-garde video and technologically advanced stage and film production, students develop analytic skills while acquiring applied knowledge and experience in their chosen fields. Students admitted to a major outside of Engineering (e.g. Students must complete their major with a scholarship grade-point average of at least 2.0 (C) in all courses in order to remain in the major. Some electives are restricted to the home department’s own majors during first pass. This is different from major requests which are only accepted once a quarter during weeks 1&2. Community Engagement and Social Change Minor, Graduate Student Continuous Registration Policy, Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Exemptions, Health Sciences Summer Fees (Medicine, Dentistry), Undergraduate Study List Deadlines and Fees, Graduate Student Study List Deadlines and Fees, College of Letters and Science Diversity Requirement, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Diversity Requirement, School of Public Affairs Diversity Requirement, School of the Arts and Architecture Diversity Requirement, Departments, Programs, and Freestanding Minors, Names, Changes, Special Marks, and Errors, Professional School and Extension Transcripts, Graduate Individual Studies Classes Master List, Course Inventory Management System (CIMS). Students may petition to follow the previous catalog year that was in effect from their previous major on a case by case basis. Meet with 2nd major/minor department advisor. To apply for one of these minors, please submit the following to Boelter Hall 6426. 104AL/104BL) is completed, 12 units of MCDB 199A-C, or MCDB 198A-C may. LS 7A, 7B, 7C, 23L and LS107 are pre-requisites for all MCDB upper division coursework. Among its unique features, it offers a bachelor’s degree in music education together with a teaching certificate, as well as a master’s program in jazz that offers students the opportunity to study with legends such as Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance. Students admitted to a major within Engineering may request a change of major to another Engineering major before the end of their 2nd quarter in residence at UCLA except for the majors listed below. These are firm requirements. NOTE: The Phy Sci major upper division requirements satisfy between 44 – 49 upper division units. We schedule Change of Major workshops throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. The Luskin School of Public Affairs is the public affairs/public service graduate school at UCLA. Any upper division MCDB course will be accepted as an MCDB elective. Any subsequent major changes are not guaranteed; therefore make sure you are applying for a major in which you are genuinely interested. Because they are severely impacted majors, it is NOT possible for transfer students change into the Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering majors. All undergraduate majors offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese lead to the B.A. Interested first-year students can apply to the pre-major through the College of Letters and Science. For current non-engineering students working towards a change of major this is a hard GPA requirement to ensure a successful transition to taking 3-4 Engineering courses a quarter, We strongly recommend that you take the minimum Engineering workload described above and no more to give the space to build strong foundation skills as well as give you your best chances at a successful change of major. The minor or second major must be outside the school (e.g., Electrical Engineering major and Economics major). Applications will be reviewed in the quarter in which they are submitted based on the previous grades. APPLYING INDEPENDENT RESEARCH TO MCDB MAJOR REQUIREMENTS : To enroll in MCDB 196A/B, 199A-D, or 198A-D, students MUST be conducting research in an MCDB approved lab. The MCDB department does not approve Biochemistry/MCDB double major petitions. See IMPORTANT NOTES PERTAINING TO MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (below) for how specific courses count, or do NOT count, toward major electives. There is no paperwork you need from Engineering to process this change. Numbers following some of the majors refer to the following restrictions: Applicants are admitted to pre-major status until prerequisites are satisfactorily completed. 196A/180A/180B (8u) are applied toward the 20 units of elective. See info about Enrolling in CS courses here. The new school is comprised of majors formerly housed in the School of the Arts and College of Letters and Science. UCLA does not consider alternate majors, nor are you allowed to enter as a double major student. 123456789.pdf). This is a 9-page PDF containing the above information. Most class restrictions are related to class level or major. The school determines final approval of a minor or double major request; review is done on a case-by-case basis, and filing the request does not guarantee approval. Enjoy your stay :). The major can be declared by speaking with an adviser in Dodd 329. With SP20, SU20, and F20 allowing P/NP grading options for ENGR students, we will also allow the same for LS students, based on the College’s allowance. While including a strong foundation in the traditional areas of psychology, the major is interdisciplinary in nature and emphasizes subject matter within cognitive psychology, computer science, mathematics, and relat… degree established by the College of Letters & Science are listed in the UCLA General Catalog. Students can confirm their class level and their major or minor under Registration Status in MyUCLA. Notification will be via MyUCLA Message Center. Current Engineering students should already be enrolling in an Engineering Workload and most often will be enrolling in additional major courses. Systems, Microbiology Lab for Professional Schools, Advanced Topics in Molecular Parasitology, Sex Differences in Physiology and Disease, Molecular Mechanisms & Therapies for Muscular Dystrophy. MCDB C150 will be applied to toward the 20 units of elective for the major, MCDB 150AL will fulfill the lab requirement. A maximum of 4 units of approved seminar course credit may be applied to the ELECTIVES requirement.

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