There is a bit of a shortage of mountain bike stuff at the moment with the pandemic. If you look at the side profile of the bike you will notice that it is more angular and less upright than a normal MTB of this price. Thanks for the very useful article. “Life is like riding a bicycle. CILO rama Cr-Mo VITUS999 Light Tube RETRO Roz. It may seem strange to be praising a saddle but, If you spend the day on a trail in the summer you will learn to appreciate it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Seat and the Handle bars are from the world-famous Nukeproof brand. If you can spend the extra, go for the VRS. The Nucleus is a good choice, as it is pretty versatile. The Hydraulic braking system is far superior to the mechanical cable system and works in a similar way to your car (If you have one). There are a few different versions of the 2020 Vitus Nucleus you need to know about and in this post, I am going to talk about all of them to help you decide on which one to buy. I am the owner of multiple websites and create high quality SEO optimised content. The tyre choice is a good one, as they dig into the dirt and other surfaces very well. Hi, thanks for your review, I’m getting the 29 version buy what’s your thought on the vrs over the vr? A 32 tooth cog gives a great balance on the gear ration both on and off-road. The 2020 Vitus Nucleus has seen a slight rise in price, but it still remains excellent value for money. The 2020 Vitus Nucleus has a perfect feel to it as soon as you jump on. But, the WTB Vigilante and Trailboss give a great balance between grip and rolling resistance. These type of bikes have a more upright stance and a designed for riding over the countryside and doing some off-road riding. For a bike in this price bracket, the Suntour forks are pretty good. When we look at MTB from £300 – £1000 We are basically looking at Cross Country (XC) bikes. All orders will be completed by Affiliate companies of GOYB. These are easy to modulate and give great stopping power in comparison to the old style cable operated ones. The brakes themselves are pretty good and will stop you quickly but you will turn heads in an emergency. Mtb Vitus Nucleus VR. If you see something that is not related to Hardtails in anyway feel free to pm me and tell me I don’t see everything, Press J to jump to the feed. It has a better drivetrain with an extra gear, this will make climbing a lot easier. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for your comment. The Vitus Nucleus 27vrs 2020 is a next step design from the already multi award-winning series of bikes. It’s the foundation of the Vitus mountain bike range, with aggressive geometry designed to … The 29er has a little bit more reach, wheelbase etc and a slightly slacker head angle. The bars are a decent width depending on frame size Small 760mm, Medium 760mm, Large 780mm and Extra Large 800mm. The clutch system keeps the chain pulled tight and therefore lowers the risk of you chain falling off. Post your hardtail pics! Vitus Mythique 29 VR Bike (Deore 1x10) 2020, RockShox Recon Gold RL Solo Air Forks - Boost. The 2020 Vitus Nucleus is a great choice of mountain bike. After clocking over 5,000km on my Vitus Nucleus hardtail, I decided it was time to treat it to some upgrades.The original Suntour fork was a weak point in the spec, and was past its best. The only drawback I found is that they make a loud noise when being used aggressively. I must admit I am sold on this bike. Let me know if you find one and how you get on with it. I really like these bikes, and I have been looking for a good one bike to by my wife for Christmas. This means you will get more fun from the bike when you are shredding at the bike trail. This makes the steering more responsive and the shorter stem makes the turning circle much tighter whilst increasing the ability to lift the front wheel in a jump or drop. The Bottom Brackets which are now classed as consumable are cheap to replace and easy to get hold of when it goes wrong. Good strong wheels are your interface with the ground. When, I installed the clutch system on my bike it completely changed the ride. You get a choice between 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes. Go check out their site for many other bargains. This will cause the chain to drop. Buy soon, these bike sell out quickly. The frame on this Vitus is quite a slack angle for a lower end bike. . If you weren’t aware, Vitus is Chain Reaction Cycle’s own brand of bikes. The Vitus Nucleus has been the best value sub £500 hardtail for three years according to. The 2020 Vitus Nucleus is the perfect bike for someone that wants to get in to the sport. This is an evolutionary model from last years VRS range and it offers great punching power for its price bracket. I class bikes in this price range as an entry level bike if you are trying to be serious and cross-country or a high end bike for those who want a great bike with good cross-country and off-road ability. Here we have one of the latest offerings from a great brand. So, your choice depends on your personal preference, but taller riders tend to go for the 29er. It has a composed and capable feel, which gives you confidence on the trails. It is now coming into the winter months and I have yet to decide on a bike that is best for me! They also corner very well due to the low centre of gravity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The geometry is spot on and for a bike in this price range, has great specifications. Welcome to the Vitus Nucleus, 4 x winner of MBR magazine £500 Hardtail of the Year. However, I will also create content on whatever topic you need. You get even more control from the hydraulic disc brakes. There are a few different versions of the 2020 Vitus Nucleus you need to know about and in this post, I am going to talk about all of them to help you decide on which one to buy. So was it cheaper this way or to just buy a bike with components you wanted? The Nukeproof Neutron Saddle is comfortable and reliable. The components on this bike are great for its price, making it an ideal option for someone wanting to get into mountain biking. Climbing is a breeze on this bike, but in comparison to its rivals, it excels on the downhills. I’m glad you liked my post, I hope it was useful for you. Your email address will not be published. If you have a look you will get an idea of how much this saves you. You will be able to get riding without needing to pay for any extra upgrades before your first ride. Required fields are marked *. 2020 GT Avalanche: Everything you need to know. The 2020 Vitus Nucleus has seen a slight rise in price, but it still remains excellent value for money. I like very wide bar. Not only is the Deore a true MTB gear set the bonus of a clutch to hold the chain tight on rough terrain will help keep that chain in place. Decent Tyres mean fewer punctures and decent wheels mean less buckling. We know this sound as the Turkey Gobble and if you here it you will know why. Upgrades were mostly from PB Buysell-2018 Rockshox Revelation with 130mm MY21 Debonair spring-Spank Spike Race 33 DH 135×12 rear wheel (used a conversion axle)-Mercury Enduro front wheel-Deore 10 speed These are components that you can price on line again, as upgrades. The crank is strong and reliable and will serve most levels of rider very well. The geometry of the 2020 Vitus Nucleus is set up for aggressive riding. Tektro have been making some pretty decent brakes now for a few years. The feeling you get from the 2020 Vitus Nucleus is one that makes you want to push harder and ride fast. Your email address will not be published. The Nucleus VR is the entry-level mountain bike from Vitus. Some of these bikes I haven’t even seen displayed.. Love love love the information you provided for each bike, …So much detail about a bike, I’d never think writing about….It’s so we’ll thought out & detailed…. Buy Vitus Bikes & Vitus Products Online at Chain Reaction Cycles. Many bikes in this price range come with poor quality tyres. The M290 has good stopping power for you average weight rider. Thanks for your comment. The Vitus comes pre installed with them as standard. I hope this helps, let me know what you decide and what you think of it. This 29″ wheeled version is very capable and great fun to ride. Hi Chris, glad you found it useful. I love taking on hikes with my bikes..But who knew which one choose from that fit your needs.. Vitus First emerging as a frame builder in 1970s France, Vitus Bikes played a pivotal role in pioneering the design and manufacture of lugged and bonded aluminium frames, the most iconic being the 979, groundbreaking at the time and still prized among collectors today. This adjustability allows you to dial in the optimum feel you want. The 27.5″ will feel agile and easy to change direction, while the 29″ wheels roll over rocks and roots better, allowing a smoother ride and a faster straight-line speed. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fantastic Value & Free Worldwide Shipping Available. I live in the French Alps and when I am not working, I spend as much time as possible snowboarding, hiking, keeping fit and mountain biking. I am thinking I may have a Christmas present to myself in the works here! These can really take punishment and are an excellent upgrade option on a normal bike. I hope this has been of help to you. The fork is air-sprung, which is lighter than a coil spring and is adjustable. 5 hours ago. Is it worth the extra money? The Main Elements that stand out to me on this bike are the components that are above and beyond Standard. The value for money is seriously impressive. As a buyer you will not be spending out on upgrades all the time because when you need to upgrade this bike, you will be ready to take the next level jump in MTB.

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