So, this theory goes, they would move up another 10 feet. Miller, Stuart. Playing tennis from a young age helped develop a love for the sport that has grown over the years. In other words, winning a fourth point wins you the game (provided you’ve won by two points). When a player won a point, they got to move up 15 feet, and start the next point from there.   Terms. By: Musse Y. b. However, due to the illness, I could not physically exert myself whatsoever. d. Purpose Statement: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about the history of tennis and about, Introduction So why does tennis do this? And if you already play tennis, remember the reasons why it is so advantageous so you are motivated to keep playing. The first Wimbledon championships were held in 1877. Fast forward about a hundred years. So on a Friday in the middle of July my mom, Mathematics and Tennis I play badminton during my free time because this is the opportunity I have to bond with my friends and family. And the balls she played with had to match international standards dictating their mass, size, deformation, and rebound. This refers to the practice of playing a competitive game simply for the fun of it, not because you might win a prize. Samantha Enslen, Writing for Grammar Girl, Which Tennis Ball is in Use?      There are several different aspects of playing and improving your tennis game. Mental Floss, Sept. 10, 2013. International Tennis Federation. Tennis was to be the thing that would challenge me far beyond anything I could ever have imagined because I learnt that “Sometimes you have to surrender before you can win.” The racquets were made of wood and looked distinctly like snowshoes. At the age of eight, ever played tennis for your high school team or even just for fun? The first tennis match that I played that I recall was a doubles matches. So in tennis, “love” means “zero.” What’s also odd is that instead of counting points as 1, 2, 3, and 4, in tennis, you count them as 15, 30, 40, and game. That means it’s time for Wimbledon, the most widely watched tennis tournament in the world. She runs Dragonfly Editorial, an agency that provides copywriting, editing, and design for scientific, medical, technical, and corporate materials. Needless to say, the age of four I had a dream that one day I would play tennis at place called Wimbledon. This theory is a little shaky because the third point in a tennis game isn’t called 45. Tennis started out around 1000 A.D . The game of tennis has a unique aspect, because it can be played on different surfaces such as: clay, hard and grass. Badminton is like tennis; the only difference is that the net is raised higher and the ball is lighter. I also did a tremendous amount of research on this topic. One is that the number zero has an oval shape, just like an egg. My partner’s name was Bella, she is a grade above me. Most Americans participate is some kind of sporting event, either as a spectator or as a competitor. Course Hero, Inc. With proper procedure, the serve can win many points and games for the. In Greek, “sphairistiké” means “skill in playing at ball.”. So it’s not unreasonable that the same thing happened with “45”; it was eventually shortened to “40.”, As strange as tennis scoring is, at least the sport didn’t retain the very strange name it was almost given: “sphairistiké.” That’s what the originator of modern tennis, one Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, called it back in 1873. One of the reasons is because four main tennis tournaments, which are called Grand Slams, are played on four different surfaces (Girard, Micallef, & Millet, 2010). Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Copyright © 2020 Macmillan Holdings, LLC. Descriptive Essay On Tennis 1030 Words | 5 Pages. Tennis Channel. Let’s start with “love” — the word that means “zero” in tennis. Basketball, by far, was my favorite sport up until then. As a freshman, I was required to play tennis during my PE class. Goose egg, Tennis, Real tennis. New York Times, Sept. 3, 2016. And why not? Samantha Enslen is an award-winning writer who has worked in publishing for more than 20 years. He taught me how to play and keep a score. They featured a field of 22 men, who were advised to bring their own racquets and to wear “shoes without heels.” The balls were hand-sewn, with a flannel casing. This is a game where a net is required which is used for the shuttlecock to be returned over the net. I felt sick with apprehension, the closest I have ever been to playing tennis was Wii sports. Anyone for Sphairistiké? Different strokes, rules, boundaries and many other aspects make up the game of tennis. I had played soccer since I was like 3. I knew that I liked tennis but I had never really played it before. It’s played on the grassy courts of The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, just southwest of London. The server should hold the ball in his or her left hand, touching the ball to the racket face. The OED also notes that “love” has been used for centuries to mean “zero” in other games, such as bridge and whist, the card game from which bridge is derived. Oxford University Press. April 18, 2012. Tennis requires a mastery of many skills to be able to play competitively, but the primary skill needed to win in tennis is the serve. Which Tennis Ball is in Use? Sports are the best ways to deal with the losses and profits in the life by making the balance between body and mind, excitement and sorrow. Thus, their progression forward would be to 15 feet, then 30 feet, then 40 feet— which corresponds to the 15-30-40 scoring method we use in tennis today. But if they won a third point, they couldn’t move up 15 more feet, or they’d be sitting right on top of the net. Over the next few pages, I will do my best to explain the forehand and backhand stroke, the serve and volley, the rules of tennis, and without a doubt the grandslam. Another theory is related to the expression “to play a sport for love,” as opposed to playing for money. The ball is bouncier, and the racquets have changed also. Droplets of sweat began to run down my face as I approached the top of the line. The second theory is that tennis’s scoring system is based on the movement of hands around a clock, with the quarter hours—15, 30, and 45—being progress points in winning the game. Dancing or Dance, We all love to do and learn new skills to get better which we can show off on events in family gathering, party and weddings.So here we will give you number of essays on topic of dancing. It’s because tennis is based on a much earlier game known as “jeu de paume,” meaning “game of palms.” It got this name because players used their hands, rather than racquets, to bat a ball back and forth. You can find her at or on Twitter as @DragonflyEdit. Her racquet was made of a carbon-graphite compound originally developed for use in space flight. However, consider the fact that amateur tennis players often shorten “15” to “five” when calling out their scores, purely because it’s easier to say. If they won another point, they could move up another 15 feet. Playing. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the weird scoring system used in tennis. See you on the court sometime, and thanks for reading! Sam is the vice president of ACES, The Society for Editing, and is the managing editor of Tracking Changes, ACES' quarterly journal. So in tennis, “love” means “zero.” What’s also odd is that instead of counting points as 1, 2, 3, and 4, in tennis, you count them as 15, 30, 40, and game. The Major’s friends loved his game but suggested a simpler name: “lawn tennis.” And fortunately, that’s the name that has stuck around until today. Yes, that great sport known as tennis. Since I was a kid I had good interest for tennis. First prize for the ladies was a silver flower basket, valued at 20 guineas. I have grown up spending my Sunday evenings on tennis courts, playing countless matches and enjoying our time together. The player controls the speed, the placement, and the spin of the ball. People don’t love sports for one simple reason. We love sports because of the memories they hold—the days spent at the ballpark with our families and the friendships we formed with our first teammates. 6 Horse Racing Idioms: ‘to Spur,’ ‘to Hold Your Horses,’ and More. c. Need Statement: Many of us are going into the PT/OT career field and if we have a better understanding of tennis, maybe it can help us when dealing with patient’s injuries. History In the pantheon of great American sports, there is one that stands out. Conradt, Stacy. This explanation is suggested but not verified by the Oxford English Dictionary. tennis from a young age helped develop a love for the sport that has grown over the years. We love sports for all that they represent in our lives. The French word for “egg” is “l’oeuf.” Say “l’oeuf” five times fast, and it starts to sound like “love.” L’oeuf, l’oeuf, l’oeuf, l’oeuf, l’oeuf. My mom had said many times “Maybe you should try out tennis because you are not playing soccer?”. “Tennis or sphairistike?” Posted via Twitter December 12, 2017. TFP 162: The Best Tennis Racquets for Your Game with Jean-Pierre Jounier. Table tennis or ping-pong is a game played on a flat table divided by a net. We will help students to get the best essays on “Essay on Dancing” topic and we have written 9 essays with great care and balanced flow for students of school and college level. Approval Tests, tennis balls. Yonex VCore 100 Galaxy Black Tennis Racquet. Two or four players hit a light ball using a round bat across the table. Love, Tennis, Sphairistike. It Makes a Difference. Most of my days consisted of television and becoming very much out of shape. In order to play this game you need 2-4 players. I felt sick with apprehension, the closest I have ever been to playing tennis was Wii sports. This sport is a fast moving energetic game where a lot of thinking is required. It’s almost July. From a young age tennis was my most passionate sport. The score of tennis can be difficult to remember, ball floated very slowly through the air. About Wimbledon. By the time I was 8-years-old my dad bought a table tennis(ping pong table). For my Personal Exercise Programme coursework I have chosen Badminton as my sport, the reason behind this is I enjoy playing it with my friends in sport centres as well as watching the sport. TFP 163: 8 Ways to Generate Massive Topspin. I have grown up spending my Sunday, evenings on tennis courts, playing countless matches and enjoying our time together. Nathanael Pfiester Why I Play And Love Tennis Tennis has always been a tradition in my family. Where did tennis get its scoring system? Table Tennis . The ball should only bounce once on one side of the table before the players hit it back to the other side. Some of the sports are cricket, hockey (national game), football, basket ball, volley ball, tennis, running, skipping, high and low jumping, discus throw, badminton, rowing, swimming, kho-kho, kabaddi, and many more. Seems like a bit of a stretch, until you consider the fact that we also call “zero” on a scoreboard a “goose egg.” Sports fans have been saying this since at least 1867 … about the time the first tennis matches were being played.

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