WTB ›, Currency: The short knobs in the center do not offer great mud traction and clearance. Any of the newer floor pumps with the charge chamber should avoid this issue, though. I'm able to set the bead on a floor pump with any tubeless ready tire nowadays. RUB They are not new to making tires by any means, and in fact have some of the earliest mountain bike tires ever. With the all time classic like the Maxxis Minion DHF, Schwalbe Magic Mary or the WTB Vigilante, or some of our newer favorites like the Maxxis Assegai, choosing a tire really comes down to your own preference. WTB is a name that should be considered when looking at new tires. After some cursing, it was off to the local service station to hunt down the compressor. Any tradeoffs from the DHF WT? Thanks, ordering one today. Or would you say the Vigilante is just a better front tire? We were pretty much "over it." Chain Smoker Urban Dictionary, These are some of our employees go-to tires. Weather on the first day was dry, dusty and loose, but overnight rain brought mixed conditions for the second day. We do have a funny video on DHF vs DHR II where we ask the shop guys what they prefer, and the results are a variety. All 29". NZD, While we wouldn’t consider any of our reviews or blogs biased, this is one of my all time favorite tires, so I won’t try to over sell it. Currently Eying WTBs hard. At 70+ USD a tire, they cost about the same as the equivalent e*thirteen and less than a similar version in the Maxxis line. If you ride hard, the KOM Tough gets additional twin internal I-beams for extra strength. The DHF has you covered when its time to slow down. Add €3.45 for the Tough 29er version (UK price is the same). This tire really just works great in almost all conditions. I had an set of the older vigilantes on Nobl rims and they were almost impossible to remove. Maxxis › Starting with the Maxxis Minion DHF is not a mistake, as it is commonly the most spec’d front tire on all heavy duty trail bikes, enduro bikes, and DH bikes. All of WTB's latest treads measure true to size making the Vigilante 29 x 2.5 a big tire. I tried a 2.6 Trail Boss mounted on Nobl'sTR36 rim on my Jeffsy. I run this combo with a 2.6" up front, loving them so far in the dry dusty stuff here in California! Tale Of Tales Ending Explained, On regular terrain, it was less of an issue but when things got steep and deep there was a lack of speed control available. That said, a Vigilante on the front is great in the current PNW conditions and provides more hold than a DHF. TCS Light is a reasonably sturdy tire carcass, one that I would say is stronger than an EXO trail tire. Tough is 2-ply. Most recently their Vigilante tire is proving to be an amazing choice for many riders. It's hard to describe. While this tire was only available in a folding DH casing to start, it is now offered in Maxxis DD casing, and will soon be available in both EXO and EXO+, so there are sure to be options for everyone. It’s never failed me. It's claimed the firm base layer bumps up into each lug in the tire to add support. Retail prices are €66.50 for the 27.5in and €69.95 for the 29in. Dear Uncle Dave: How do you Keep a Secret Bike, Secret? Mountain biking's best kept secret are these. In practice, I can’t argue with this. Offered in 2.3, 2.5 and 2.6 widths, a light or tough casing (really easy to understand those), and Fast Rolling or High Grip rubber options. You didn't quit riding because you're old, you're old because you quit riding. Walmart Visa Gift Card Customer Service, When you find yourself in situations where you need to really to slow and stop, the Minion DHF is able to shut things down in a hurry. Even though I decided not to keep it on my bike, the traction I had on the bike while going downhill was second to none. I feel you really get a great transition from center to side knobs.

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