Rose water is cooling and has a very pleasant, calming aroma as well. Internal solution: Consume warm foods and beverages, and eat at least one tablespoon of ghee or olive oil every day to aid digestion, Cravatta says. Leave for 20 minutes. It is full of antioxidants and reverses all the damage caused by free radicals. We normally don’t spend too much time taking care of our eyes, despite it being one of the most used organs of our body. Mix thoroughly. Why Is My Baby Losing Hair And What Should I Do About It? Alternatively, you can also use cucumber juice. It involves the administration or inhalation of medicated liquids through the nose. Cocoa butter too is full of antioxidants and is also known to be an excellent moisturizing agent. Mix the oil obtained with a few drops of Vitamin E oil. Some special Ayurvedic therapies can also help you to Eye Care and treat your eye problems. This helps in cooling the eyes from inside out. Internal solution: Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, which is dehydrating. It is very effective in soothing tired eyes and works wonders in improving the appearance of sunken eyes. We normally don’t spend too much time taking care of our eyes, despite it being one of the most used organs of our body. How to use: Mix all the ingredients. Therefore, it strengthens your vision as well as the eye muscles. These are the local external therapies (pertaining to site) administered based on the Clinical features and diagnosis along with treatment modalities like Panchakarma/detoxification and Internal Medications accordingly. External solution: Wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from harmful UV and UVA rays. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. A self-massage recomended by Cravatta: With your ring finger, apply light pressure on the inside corner of your eye socket. How Do You Make Under Eye Hollows Disappear? Apply this paste gently on your under-eye area. Indicated in Inflammatory conditions (Pitta dosha Vitiation). It has anti-inflammatory properties too. In ancient Indian lore, a fetus's eyes were thought to be formed when light particles from the sun and moon passed through the eyes of the expectant mother, traveled along the nervous system, and entered the womb, says Vasant Lad, founder of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatments for Eye Diseases. What can be a better way of treating sunken eyes than with coconut oil? It also helpful in reducing the itching or irritation caused to eyes. Peaches are an excellent source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and collagen. Take Away. can cause irritation and redness in eyes. Almond oil nourishes the under eye region and gives a new release of life to hollow eyes with its vitamin E rich content. Also Read: 15 Best Home Remedies For Wrinkles, Ingredients: 1 tablespoon coffee powder, ½ tablespoon cocoa butter. According to Ayurveda philosophy, ‘Drishti dosha’ or the failing vision problem is believed to result from nervous debility and also from long lasting ailments of constipation and common cold. Now put cold slices of potato or cucumber over your eyes and also the honey chandan pack. If these options don’t work for you, you can also opt for dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery. carrots, pumpkins, squash, peaches, apricots, mangoes, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes etc. Used as treatment & also as preventive measures. Both these nutrients play a vital role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Following are some changes which can prove extremely beneficial in removing sunken eyes: Also Read: Best Ancient Indian Hair Care Secrets, Also Read: 21 Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Growth. Cup the palms around the eyes for a few minutes everyday. This cleansing therapy helps you completely get rid of the toxins, as well as brings your pitta right back on track. Useful in abhishyandi (conjunctivitis) and vranas(Ulcers) of the eyes. As you apply it, lie down flat and make sure that you lift your head slightly up using a rolled towel or a thin pillow. Take two slices of … This Ayurvedic procedure includes keeping wheat flour doughnuts above the eyes and filling them with warm ghee. Let it remain on your eyes for 10 to 12 minutes. In this Ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes, various oils and herbal pastes are used to soothe your eyes and improve the vision. Wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. They also consist of collagen, a fiber naturally produced by our skin which is responsible for maintaining the skin’s thickness and suppleness. Include deep orange fruit and vegetables that are rich in beta carotene in your daily diet e.g. Let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Application of medicine to the internal surface of lid margin. Tea bags are full of antioxidants and flavonoids, which improve sunken eyes by promoting blood circulation there. It is useful in treatment of computer vision syndrome and dry eyes. Why it works: Sandalwood is an Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems including sunken eyes. Apply and leave it for the whole night. Let it stay for 20 minutes. They also happen due to doshic imbalance. The next morning, peel and eat them. This is usually done after Tarpana. You should also think of quitting smoking and drinking. Makeup application as per occasion, face shape & season, Wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your eyes, Take medication for your allergies, if any, Maintain a healthy and balanced diet enriched especially with vitamin K. In the morning (and if necessary from time to time during the day), rinse the eyes with cool water, while also simultaneously retaining cool water in the mouth. Sunken eyes are caused by many factors which include aging, dehydration, lack of adequate sleep, drastic weight loss, smoking, sun exposure, and allergies among others. How to use: Massage under eye area with avocado oil. Please do not substitute it for professional medical advice. She says the starch in potatoes and the potassium, B and C vitamins, and tannin in apples all help fade dark circles. 11 Home Remedies To Treat Eye Infections Naturally, Muscular Dystrophy: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment, Ayurveda For Alzheimer’s: Approach And Treatments, Virechana Panchakarma: An Ayurvedic Detox For Pitta Dosha. Also Read: 11 Best DIY Charcoal Masks For Face, Ingredients: ½ peach, 1 tablespoon honey, 5 drops of almond oil. Olive oil is one such oil which has a very high fatty acid and antioxidant content. It is safer and way cheaper than any other solution. Following a pitta reducing diet and lifestyle is highly recommended as a preventative measure for maintaining eye health. The treatment is done by creating a pool of pure herbal ghee (clarified organic butter) over the eye. What makes fish oil more effective than any other oil is its ability to promote the healing process. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that poor eating habits are reflected in the face, especially in the undereye area. Dip the cotton balls, one by one, into the mixture. (especially during hot weather), avoiding hot, pungent, oily foods, avoiding alcohol, keeping oneself well-hydrated, avoiding over exercising, avoiding over-exposure to the sun, going to bed early (by 10 pm latest) etc. It nourishes skin, improves complexion, and brings out natural radiance. Why it works: Enriched with essential fatty acids, avocado oil seeps deep into the delicate under-eye skin to nourish and hydrate. Coconut oil is also a great source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids making it a perfect partner to combat the woe of hollow eyes. Pamper Your Peepers. These Ayurvedic remedies can soothe and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes. Squeeze excess water from the tea bags, and ensure that the bags are not too hot or warm (if yes, keep out of warm tea for a minute or so till the bags become cooler). Do it for 8-10 minutes. Do it for at least one month. It is an excellent source of vitamin E which is extremely beneficial for the skin. Q. The constant use of electronics, the pollution, chemicals, and various other factors can degrade the health of our eyes. Can you imagine your life without vision? Lack of nourishment in the skin is one of the reasons for hollow eyes. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional. Alochaka Pitta, a sub-dosha of pitta is what governs eye health. Tear trough “deformity” is actually a very a common problem in the population. Also, eye diseases like cataract which is the major cause of loss of vision is referred to as Linganasha. Yogic eye exercises like tratak (gazing at a lighted candle flame or thumb), meditation, and relaxation exercises go a long way in maintaining good eye health. Ayurvedic eye treatment procedures can completely heal and strengthen your eyes. Why it works: Very few people know that almond oil is non-comedogenic and one of the most gentle oils. Ingredients: 1 fish oil capsule, 2 drops of Vitamin E oil. According to the book, 'The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies' by Dr. Vasant Lad, individuals who work in front of a computer for a long time, watch a lot of television or movies, or live in a city with high air pollution, may find their eyes become irritated and strained. It improves the texture of the skin and with regular use, it can get rid of sunken eyes. Sandalwood and honey are very beneficial for treating sunken eyes. Apart from home remedies for sunken eyes, you can also check our the best homemade wax recipes to get rid of hair naturally! How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy? You can either use warm tea bags or cold ones. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is great for eye health too! You may also cut 2 slices of cucumbers and place them alternately on the eyes and under the eyes (depending on where the cotton balls are placed). How to use: Massage under-eye skin with coconut oil using your ring finger. Tear Trough Treatment, Sunken Eye Treatment. Ayurveda offers various therapies for a proper Eye Care. Another option is the use of a topical eye cream with retinol. This Ayurvedic eye treatment works as an effective panchakarma therapy. Rinse with cold water. Rinse with cold water. Ingredients discussed can interfere with certain medications. Sometimes, hollow tired eyes can also be an indication of an underlying medical condition. Almond oil has emollient properties that allow it to penetrate deep into the layers of skin to nourish it from within. Why it works: This mask is another one of the best home remedies for sunken eyes. Once they have cooled down enough, put them on your eyes and relax. Leave it overnight. It replenishes the lost nutrients, nourishes skin, improves complexion, moisturizes and repairs damaged skin. How to use: Grate half a carrot to obtain its juice. Q. Why it works: Potatoes are rich in skin-friendly nutrients and are easily available. In Ayurveda, the eye related disease is not restricted to the eyes itself, but is considered as a result of imbalance of the Doshas in human body. Ayurveda enthusiast! This … Egg whites are known for their skin tightening effect and honey is an excellent moisturizer, combined in this mask, all these ingredients effectively treat sunken eyes.

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