I don’t know why other manufacturers haven’t caught on but, in my mind, this makes Benelli the clear winner if you’re looking for a shotgun that is most versatile. I told a friend who hunts with me occasionally about the problem, and though she’s shorter than I am, her hands are larger. Nova and SuperNova are strong and very durable, able to withstand even extremely harsh conditions of environment and weather. That being said, they do make one for the Nova. (Mechanic is my career so that has something to do with that). Oh yeah, I think I’ll never go back to 20 gauge – it is SO much easier to find steel shot for a 12 gauge. That being said, they do make one for the Nova. With the crazy storms we’re having in Cali this season, that should be good for a little peace of mind. benelli supernova review – 10 years later | field test results June 4, 2019 No Comments I would like to start off this Benelli SuperNova review by stating that I am not affiliated with Benelli … When you hear that round go off, you know something is going on. Sometimes I even RE-read manuals. just clinched the deal. When I first bought the gun, I was a young teenager and I didn’t want a gun that was going to make me flinch and develop bad habits from having too much recoil. That is part of the risk you take when you purchase an assembly line manufactured firearm. Make sure you purchase a sling which is compatible with your weapon system. In shotguns, gun fit is of major, major importance. Interested in making sure that your shotgun’s feed action is as smooth as possible? Have you been trying to decide between the SuperNova and the Nova? With Benelli claiming their ComforTech stock can reduce felt recoil up to 48% over the competition I felt it was important to cover my experience in this Benelli SuperNova review. Benelli does a good job of explaining ComforTech and how it can achieve great recoil reduction on their website through computer-aided design. Having a shorter barrel would allow me to swing around brush a little better and lighten up the gun a smidge for long treks in the woods. Not necessarily. The nova was my first shotgun i got it for my 14th bday. All I am saying is that the SuperNova has more options so it makes the most sense for me. Please note that you do so at your own risk. Having the option to adjust the cast allows left handed shooters to achieve a great fit as well. To me, the LimbSaver Classic Precision-Fit Recoil Pad with the ComforTech stock seemed like a dynamite combination. For example, you can complete the movement of going from the safety to the trigger in one fluid motion. I was never much of a pump fan. While these are fine factory sights, they are not too compatible with harsher conditions. However, it did fall out and I lost it during a hunting trip. As you said, gun fit is important. Now, before you give up on a pump gun, please please please take a good look at the Winchester SXP! If you really dislike any stickiness then the original ComforTech recoil pad works fine, but it’s much harder foam. You can find technical information and specifications on the SuperNova on the, LimbSaver Classic Precision-Fit Recoil Pad, DO DEER MOVE IN THE RAIN? But in dense grouse and woodcock habitat, I think it would be nice to have a 26” barrel. The pump worked excellent and once I got used to pumping the next round in I was downing 10 birds per rotation. The SuperNova gets the job done. You’re doing quite well. Because of the good feedback from the Benelli Supernova Review , I decided to keep a similar format in this post. When deciding which shotgun to buy, I knew that I wanted a shotgun that would withstand a beating. The video was quite helpful as well. The barrel at the muzzle is very easily dented or crushed without the choke in the barrel. For this reason, I felt this was an import aspect to cover in this review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today’s larger males (6’0″ and up) find that many guns are too short in the pull. I am not a fan of violence, let alone unnecessary violence, but nothing – I mean nothing – says “get the hell off my property before I shoot your sorry ass” like a pump-action shotgun. They’re available in a number of different configurations, both from the tactical type setup that we have here, to the hunting type setup, to the skeet and trap type setups that they offer. Thanks, Jim. It seems like the only shotgun manufacturer that sells a shotgun that can digest 2 ¾, 3, and 3 ½ inch shells, has a shimmable stock and adjustable comb, and be reasonably priced is Benelli. A 24-inch rifled slug barrel can be purchased separately for increased accuracy for hunting big game.

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