Discover and book tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping—everywhere from national parks to blueberry farms. Starting a listing is completely free and easy—it only takes minutes from start to publish. We are deeply proud of the impact Hipcamp creates by making … All Hipcampers should review and adhere to these standards for safety, trip preparation, and respect in order to uphold Hipcamp’s most important value: “leave it better.”. If you get started by offering dry camping (Self contained RVs only) or your property is larger than 20 acres you do not need to offer a toilet. A 3% processing fee that goes directly to Stripe, our secure payment processor. Keep your campground from getting overcrowded—Hipcampers especially love Hipcamps for privacy and safe distances from others. Book tent camping, treehouses, cabins, yurts, primitive backcountry sites, car camping, airstreams, tiny houses, RV camping, glamping tents and more. If anyone can hear your campers, make sure they respect quiet hours from 10:00pm to 8:00am (unless your area has other established quiet hours). Hipcamp unlocks access to private land, creating new places for people to get outside and … By: Shelby Watson-Hampton, Lancaster Farming Maryland farmers are finding a new source of income through a vacation rental platform. © 2020 Hipcamp, Inc. All rights reserved. Listings should connect Hipcampers with nature above all, which means that homes in suburban and residential areas aren’t a fit for our platform. These are landowners that allow … Directions should be detailed, photos should be representative of where Hipcampers stay, and your description should be up to date. Hipcamp is everywhere you want to camp. We recommend you set clear and concise rules to help Hipcampers easily keep them in mind. We are thrilled to provide the peace of mind that you will be taken care of. Less than 7 days before check-in, we’ll deduct $100 from your next payout The cancellation fee may be waived if you have completed at least 10 c… Cancellations create a disappointing experience for Hipcampers, so Hosts are expected to honor all scheduled bookings. We host about a thousand campers per year on 6 sites on our 722-acre ranch. Sign up for free, host when you want, and get paid every week. Hipcamp provides Registered Hosts insurance for third party claims through the Hipcamp Host Protection Plan. Do your research to understand and comply with local laws and fire restrictions. If any Hipcampers don’t have a stellar time, Hosts should take the time to address concerns and learn from these experiences. A permitted toilet of some kind (indoor, porta-potty, etc.) Bu… Please visit the Host Protection page for detailed information about Hipcamp Insurance including who is eligible for coverage, and how the policy works in general. Staying in contact with your guests before and during their stay helps them feel secure and supported. For a smooth experience, make yourself available to answer any questions they might have, especially around their expected arrival time. We are deeply proud of the impact Hipcamp creates by making … Create a good experience for Hipcampers by responding to booking requests and inquiries within 24 hours—they’re excited about the idea of staying at your property and it’s disappointing when they don’t hear back. Any hazards should either be removed or clearly marked. You’re taken care of in the rare event of a Hipcamper injury or property damage. Hosts are expected to comply with any and all applicable laws. Discover unique experiences on ranches, nature preserves, farms, vineyards, and public campgrounds across the world. Your Hipcamp calendar will automatically update when your other calendars do. We integrate with the National Weather Service to provide valuable fire advisories to Hosts and Hipcampers. We reserve the right to remove any posts or members that are defamatory, offensive, spammy, or off-topic. You can print and post these fire safety essentials at your campground to help keep safety in mind. Hipcamp combines community-building with profitable return. Hosts are responsible for setting the maximum occupancy for each site. "We are looking for land owners to join the platform. Here’s how: Luckily, we’re proud to say that we’ve had very few instances of bad Hipcamper behavior. I'm ecstatic to be sharing my beautiful land, Hipcampers love being here, and I’m able to supplement my income. One of our core values is to ‘leave it better,’ meaning that we expect you to keep it positive with anyone you may meet as a Hipcamp Host. Click the button below to continue. Sign up for free, host when you want, and get paid every week. If you’re passionate about the outdoors and would like to work in a fast … All Hosts should review and adhere to these standards around providing a positive Hipcamp experience, being a thoughtful neighbor, and serving as a responsible citizen. If you can have campfires, know how to create a safe setup and review safety expectations with Hipcampers before they arrive. You can feel secure with our $1 million insurance policy. Within the first 8 months of partnering with us, several Hipcamp Hosts earned as much as $9,000, $11,000, $18,000 and even $21,000. The good news is that Hipcamp covers hosts with a $1 million insurance policy and a $10,000 property protection plan. Keep in mind that unwarranted cancellations can impact how your listing appears in search results and even result in deactivation. You can read more about Hipcamp Insurance and Hipcamp Property Protection … Each Hipcamper agrees during checkout that they reviewed the rules and guidelines you’ve set up. Recreate responsibly during COVID-19. We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination at Hipcamp and are committed to helping our Host and Hipcamper community be inclusive. Hipcamp Hosts take pride in their land, caring for it and sharing it with the Hipcamp community. All Hosts should review and adhere to these standards around not just providing a positive Hipcamper experience, but also being a thoughtful neighbor, a responsible citizen, and an environmental steward.

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