Cheers to them! I think it mostly refers to the 500cc GP bikes which spent a few years in development and just an occasional start before Honda finally re-joined the two-stroke formation… . All that effort and learning should have been memorialized. Like the RC213V-S, anyone that hates on the NR750 RC40 street bike just does not and never will”‘get it” – period. But to what end? The bike was originally sold in Austria and is the highest performance version of the NR750. Featured Listing: 1996 Yamaha YZF600R for Sale. The bike was originally sold in Austria and is the highest performance version of the NR750. It is truly amazing. At this years outdoor European Motorcycle Show at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation (Brookline, MA), there was 1 on display inside. Not making more power than your turbo Busa? - There are Honda Nr750s for sale right now on Car & Classic Destined like them for the dimly-lit exhibit, and the auction house…, Hard to get excited about these. The NR750 is unbelievably cool and drop dead gorgeous. Spam free! As a practice we rehost images and ad copy to preserve the listing for future reference. Same with carbon fiber; the stupid triple clamp and gauge cover set was bout $120, now you can get them for practically nothing all day. And yeah, I would ride it! Thanks again to everyone who commented. RC30 will wax an NR around any track and was 5 years old when the NR hit the street, hum-drum plain old round pistons and all. After all, you have to be the only guy in the comments section who can actually speak from personal experience about this bike, and it’s very interesting to hear that the cliches about Honda’s engineering excellence hold true here. Let’s not knock it, also, on the basis that NR750 really changed what the sports bikes would look in the future. I don’t expect everyone to love it and didn’t buy it for them anyway. Get all our new posts delivered to your email automatically. To me it represents a novel but failed engineering exercise in the oval pistons. Check. There was a brief description of the bike on a card attached. Enter your email address: We re-post public classified advertisements. Tad, the “facts on the ground” are clear here – it has oval pistons, and it runs! And after finally winning ONE race with it, Honda put the entire oval-piston concept to bed, aside from this extremely limited production roadbike. i see it is no longer on ebay, does anybody know what it went for? I kind of agree with many of you, that it’s kind of difficult to see the point of NR750. No extra space for it then in your rooms full of WSBK and GP trophies. Still it’s a smashing middleweight and 90’s techno-barge, not unlike the Porsche 959 or Ducati’s Desmosedici. Its a surprisingly wide bike (many have damage or scuffs on the rear right where riders boots impacted unaware of the width). Who else lost as much money on oval pistons as Honda? That R-175 NR red makes a Ferrari look dull and a Superleggera cheap.It looks like new! The Honda NR750, an outgrowth of the NR500 GP bike, was a rare specimen back in the early 1990s when it was new and I just got a note from Tim, one of our regulars here, that he spotted one of these exotic machines for sale on eBay over in the UK. Please email me at, © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Nice to see these still out there looking so fine. Enter your email address: We re-post public classified advertisements. Then to follow up with the NR, Honda unleashed the 900RR which kicked every other bike in the world at that point in the teeth. With everything Honda went throught a learned, i think it would have been more fitting, and a laugh riot, if they had instead released the following: As the sheet lifts off the production nr750 at the 1992 unveiling, the world casts eyes on the worlds first oval piston, 750cc “result of a decade’s perfection”. 106 hp, pure crap again… If you don’t get the NR fine, Ducati certainly spent the next several years thinking all about it for you so you don’t have to. Its about which manufacturer has the most money to throw at engineering exercises. I’d never heard that, and either the rules loophole got closed or Honda agreed that it was a dead-end because they went to a two-stroke after a couple unsuccessful seasons, at least in Grand Prix racing. Honda perfected mass reduction and coupled it with mass centralization, all rolling with a 16in front wheel. Honda wanted to build 1000 of these but the orders dried up after 322 were built. Yes I’d like to have one. Yes overall way cool bike. I stand by my opinion that those who don’t get it, never will. It was fast and did exactly what it set out to do.Win races within the letter of the rules. Pure crap then, ‘eh? Come on! I think you hit the nail on the head with this comment. Featured Listing: 1974 Yamaha TZ750 Racer! Single. Honda was the 600 LB gorilla in the room and the mere fact they would design and compete with something like this was impressive. So does a CBR1000F… And I agree the engineering that went into it is immense. Anyone who would like a video of the bike running, send me a message and I’ll happily send a video or a link. yup Billy, didn’t want to start the post with Never Ready, but I did want to reference the story. Hmmm, dunno, but I do like my TIN coated fork sliders. The pure nerdiness of this bike is hard to beat. Even sold one or two of them too…. Truth & Paul, I agree it would likely make a great soft-sport road bike (never ridden one so only commenting based on specs/reviews). Not a lot of HP (I heard the fly in the oval piston ointment is getting the piston rings to seal correctly), heavy, and didn’t impress/succeed in racing. Thanks for joining the comments here on RSBFS, Steve. Here at Visordown we've been lucky enough to ride the NR750. Anyway, definitely an Iconic Bike! 1992 Honda NR750 – RC40 ( Ireland ) for sale on eBay,,, List Your Bike on RSBFS with a Featured Listing, 2003 BMW 330i Sedan ZHP Performance Package. Check. You don’t see many oval piston sport bikes for sale these days, or any other days, for that matter. But I don’t think the looks have aged very well and the oval pistons were simply a way to exploit a rules loophole. It will require active suspension to make the bike anywhere near rideable, thousands of hours of R&D but damn the torpedoes men, all hands on deck to deliver the pinnacle of Honda’s engineering might! Hopefully the bike has found a new home. This is as rare as it gets. Amazing bike Steve and the fact that you put miles on it, That’s even better! If you just like quirky engineering, great, buy what you like and be happy, but don’t insist that those of us who care more about performance than novelty are bellyachers and nit pickers. I remember reading about them when they were new. Just the bits of stories that I heard about the testing and all the teething problems that they went through, just the fact that it works and works well is magic to me, they made it work! It’s a damn cool bike! And I’m still waiting to hear about the “facts on the ground” you guys keep referencing, regarding the oval-pistoned bike’s performance. Not to mention, this is ’92 so unless you were in the military or on an F1 team, that is about as close to Ti as any mortals got. Featured Listing: 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R for Sale, Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore.

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