So I do not believe this story. @Jayna for a second I thought you were my best friend posting under a new blog name. You can’t hold on to someone dead. Maybe he’s looking for a quick fix or knows he won’t find someone like that so just get it over with? he is a widower and was deeply committed to natasha. My mom was a true homemaker and loved taking care of my father and her home. I wish the best for him and the children. This is not Liam’s style and I doubt his friends would disrepect him by leaking this, either. Wow that is fast. Sometimes I wish I were a man. Since Natasha’s tragic death, Liam has casually dated a string of women, including Swedish model Jennifer Ohlsson, but the insider says Liam has steered clear of serious relationships for fear of upsetting his sons, Michael and Daniel. My mom was a zombie for months after my dad passed.). He deserves to be happy, after all. @Kitty Katy LOL! People on this site are up in arms when Jake Gyllenhall “dates” someone 8 years younger than him but Liam here is dating someone that could easily be his daughter (typical) and it’s all “kudos! My father was consumed with my mom not being alone. It may be a little soon to *marry* the woman, though. LIAM NEESON’S wife, Natasha Richardson, died in a skiing accident almost 10 years ago and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, has now spoken out on the heartbreak of coping with her death. Hollywood star is unrecognisable as he appears gaunt in New York. That said I’d like to put in my two cents. Before you jump on my *ss saying I don’t understand, I’ve been through this myself. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Despite having had other guys by my side I would keep on missing him. For those of you who have never lose a spouse, you don’t have a clue. And the grief was horrible, but the loneliness and sadness killed me to watch. My husband died 5 years ago at the age of 50 – I was 49. [As in he dumped me.] #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { I admit I don’t understand the “loneliness” coming out of grief. I would make it a very long engagement. But, I would think that changes your perspective on marraige greatly, to say the least. It seems that once a man has been married for a very long time, he seeks out that type of companionship again. I will never date or marry again but I WISH I could because being lonely is hard, missing someone is hard, missing your former life is hard. I personally think he should devote himself to his boys because there were other deaths in the Redgrave family after Natasha’s passing. Yeah, I’m conflicted about this too. So, even though it is sometimes hard to understand people’s motivations in cases like this, I believe in loving again after loss and I believe that there is no acceptable time limit or behavior pattern for grief. Awwwwwwwww Poor Kate Gosselin. They thought they cured it and there’s youtube clips of them on a Christian show talking about it and him singing to her. He’s an exception. That’s love. I’m sorry about the loss of both of your parents though. Ronan was the youngest child of Liam’s sister Bernadette Sexton who has six children. k says: April 8, 2011 at 9:28 am. Tangent: Every time I see a story about him, I always think of the “Evian water bottle” comment about the size of his dong. Get all of your fashion news, videos, and pics including info about shoes, bags, dresses and all of the latest styles! Her husband was truly her soulmate. Everyone deals with grief differently. This one said yes, and they tied the knot only two months after their first date. It just is, like most and myself have mentioned on here from their parents or whomever. The guy is almost 60. So i wish Liam all the best in his new relationship as i know i am going down the same path. It’s been a few years since his wife died so it’s not like he’s marrying someone else 6 months after his wife’s funeral. poor Liam”. float: left; People don’t understand the horrific loneliness a widow or widower go through. He was always seen in the vacinity of a hotel with her. My father adored my mother, adored. We joke that mom said, enough foolishness, it’s time to come home to me. Hope they are happy. I have to feel for the new woman in that she must sense his heart is still at arms length while reaching out to find a way beyond the grief. 50-year-old Supermodel Janice Dickinson has discussed sexual encounters with various Hollywood celebrities, heaping the most praise onto 'Kingdom of Heaven' actor, Liam Neeson. They’re unable to dwell too badly on the loss if they have another person to focus on. newspaper archive. For a time, he made jokes about how all the old ladies in the retirement village were after him now that he was single. Liam is 58 years old, he doesn’t have the time for a lengthy courtship, and I’d imagine that when you’re that age you know exactly what you want in a spouse. this man is soo sexy…well was definitely much sexier in his “High Spirits” role. (besides all you guys). Natasha and Liam Neeson tied the knot in 1994 and the couple had two sons together, Michael, 23, and Daniel, 22. Looking good, Liam! Best wishes to the couple. He deserves happiness, where and when he finds it. It was a heavy, solid oak desk where the computer oak tray never moved. It came a year and a half after Natasha Richardson’s death, so it wasn’t like Liam jumped right into the dating pool. i bet they even have will have photos of natasha in their home together. You can still grieve (but it gets easier as time goes on) and love someone else, too, who is in the world, the living. 82 Responses to “Enquirer: Liam Neeson is engaged to 36-year-old Freya St. Johnston” Comments are Closed. I didn’t realize he was 58. how many of us have been in that situation, not a lot so we can’t really know what it’s like obviously. Photos courtesy of WENN. I also seem to remember that Sir Paul did not observe what is considered a decent mourning period. Personally, I wouldn’t be in much of a hurry to get remarried LOL But that is just based on my experience. When you grow older, you realise that what’s count is CURRENT happiness. So if I were Freya .. You sit home alone for three years after years waking up to someone every day and sharing your life with them and let people tell you it’s too soon. “You’ve banged your head. Well I speak from experience. Only he knows if he is ready. A lot of men tend to move on too quickly, and use the next woman as a means of healing. I come at this from a special perspective. It makes for more emotional upheaval. Since he was seen with Freya in September, he has been casually dating at least 3 other women. Life is too short & is for the living, He is so darn handsome! They get lonely and they need wives. It does almost seem like those in happy loving marriages move on sooner…maybe they do have a better outlook on marriage and just need to share their lives with someone. So, it’s especially hard for me to understand his father’s motivations in all this. Her doctor told her she couldn’t go on like that and put her on an antidepressant. But she was gone and his pain and loneliness killed me worrying about him and was slowly killing him. It must be even harder when you become a widower at a relatively young age. I hope my instincts are wrong and that they are happy together. So, as long as my boyfriend approves, I am happy for his dad. Just emailed hubby the news and he is the only one who understands my loss! From personal experience, you can love again after losing your spouse and you don’t ever really know when or where that is going to happen. Typo on my name last post. What??!! And, of course, he’s still grieving. Everyone deals with these things in their own way and, if this report is true, I wish Liam all the happiness in the world! Time can make it better – but there is and there will ALWAYS be a huge hole in your heart.”, You are right in that if you truly loved someone & lost them, then no other person is going to make that hurt go away. Very sexy man. Adore him! The British actress told People: “Time does not heal; that would seem to me to say that suddenly it’s okay, and it’s not.”. My mom waited 2 years after my dad’s car accident. I’ve seen many get engaged much sooner than two years later. I would doubt Freya EVER met his sons. ha ha ah ha ha aha a. Liam is such an intensely private man I doubt he, or anyone who is close to him, would ever leak private details to a tabloid. But, while you always miss them, it does begin to ease. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. CB, how can you say it’s too soon? She’s been very patient with Liam and never once pressured him to move fast or make any commitments.”, “Freya is a single parent of two kids and they’re already blending their families. } I mean, if you lose somebody getting “another one” doesn’t fill the void… if it does indeed fill the void then maybe there wasn’t much to fill in after all. “But Liam’s sons like Freya and told him that Natasha would have wanted him to be happy. I’m ok with whatever Liam does because he seemed like he was a good husband to & really loved Natasha. He actually lasted longer than a year after she passed on and that was surprising. @ mln: i thought the same thing! When my boyfriend’s mother passed away, his father began dating again a mere month or two later. You tend to know what you want in a relationship faster when you’re older. Agreed, Kaiser! “But Freya has been a ray of sunshine in his life after so much darkness. I hope he find happiness, Liam’s new girlfriend emerged as Freya St. Johnston, Pennsylvania is not playing around [Towleroad], How to stop voter intimidation at the polls [Buzzfeed]. I hope he’s ready to be a father again. But when he poured his heart out to her how his life felt so empty, she finally accepted that he was seeing someone and tried to be happy for him. I just hope he doesn’t have a Paul McCartney moment and get married without a prenup. #gallery-1 { The one thing everyone is missing is this: Freya is in “PR” and what does the following read like. He said I should have left him and reached out to Liam when I had the chance…now it’s too late! He did not sound in any way like someone ready for marriage. We all joked that he had robbed the cradle because she was ten years younger than him. I can not explain to anyone what it is like to live in this house that at one time had a happy, loud family and now the quiet that surrounds me is hurtful. On the other hand, the night before my dad died a year or so later, my brother sat down at his computer on a senior dating site looking at older women in the area for my dad because he was so lonely. So, my attitude is whatever makes him happy. He started dating her a year and a half after Natasha died. All of us grieve in our own way and own time and unless he is out there banging 20 year old strippers than I see him as doing what’s right for him and I don’t judge either way. I was devastated & never ever thought or wanted another love in my life How could I. I was done, too. Liam, Liam – what about me? Almost 10 years on, her mum, Vanessa Redgrave, said “time does not heal” the pain of losing her daughter. His soulmate was his dead wife and her soulmate was her dead husband. Seriously, if he were going to be ready to move on, why can’t he move on with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!? 1 or 2 tweet on the same subject I don’t take it as true but 5 or 6 from different sources, I believe. i am sure that she (wherever she is) wouldn’t want him to remain alone and would want him to find someone who loves him and would take care of him and her boys. I give him credit. I don’t know but it seems really sudden. They did everything together and one night he died in her arms from a sudden heart attack. While I it took me a long time to understand it, I was only 9 at the time and very sad and angry, I later learned from my aunts that my mom had been trying to set my dad up with someone before she died, because she wanted to make sure that he and my brothers and sister and I were taken care of. hopefully this will be happier than paul mc cartney’s rebound to heather. Vanessa, 81, said she “treasures” her family more now since losing her eldest daughter. Ive been a fan of his forever it seems, so I wish him well if this is true, but Im not sure I trust the Enquirer as a reliable source.

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