You can see that the cutaways are even around the temples. If we look at the inside though, it’s a nice microfiber material that is very smooth against the skin. There are two reflective pops; it’s an integrated cheek pad and a neck roll system. Owners say the unlocking and rotation of the chin guard is effortless and smooth. Now, diving into some of the nuances of the helmet. The helmet has a “glasses friendly” logo on each side, yet I could not get even the thinnest glasses through to my ears. It weighs about 3.75lbs (1.7Kg) which isn’t the lightest helmet, but shouldn’t really cause you any problems because that’s just about bang on the average weight across all modular helmets. Shark Evo-One 2 – a compact, flip-front helmet with Pinlock Max Vision included. Lo que más destaco de este casco es que tiene un diseño muy particular de su calota y atractivo, los colores llamativos como lo es el amarillo son una excelente opción para no pasar desapercibido en la ruta y que los vehículos nos perciban con facilidad. Ver Precio. Cierre micrométrico con correa de apertura rápida. It even has cutaways to feel less claustrophobic. Welcome to our breakdown of the LS2 Valiant helmet that was released in the spring of 2018. In his situation visor down and clicked. But, if you want to go out and ride 250-400 miles in a day, the LS2 Valiant is going to start to feel very heavy. No importa si acabas de comprar tu motocicleta o si eres un piloto con experiencia, el hecho de elegir un casco es igual de importante para todos. Por último, con más de 30 años, Shark es una de las empresas líderes en la creación de cascos. has llegado al lugar indicado, ya que hemos realizado una comparativa eligiendo las mejores opciones de Givi, LS2 y Shark, para que puedas determinar cuál es el más indicado para ti. Ver Precio. No siempre es sencillo hacerlo, por eso en esta ocasión te ayudaremos a tomar la decisión acertada. Click above to drop onto their LS2 helmets pages or *quick view store T&Cs here. You can do that for around the £155 ( $300 ) mark. We’ve definitely seen this configuration before. For town commutes I couldn’t see the weight being an issue (though if I were an urban commuter attracted to the Valiant I’d probably just buy an open-face helmet). For some, that may be a weird design choice. Sun visor actually comes down far enough to keep out of your line of sight. I soon developed the muscle memory needed to lift the chinbar over to the back of the helmet and then flick the visor back down as my hand returned to the bike’s bars. It is a heavier helmet, keep it in mind. Interior con propiedades antibacterianas. This system works well on the Valiant. They ditched it because it’s really complicated. It slides out from back to front and snaps in the plastic on the front. Midland BTX2 and BTX1 Pro S motorcycle intercoms, the best pack for riding? The issue I found with the LS2 Varliant is the ability to use comms for touring bikes. It hasn’t been Snell tested, but looking at the UK SHARP test data, their average score for a tested LS2 polycarbonate helmet is 3 stars out of 5. Hemos elegido en esta oportunidad a varios tipos de cascos y te mostraremos las características de cada uno de ellos, para que al final sepas cuál se adapta mejor a tus necesidades y presupuesto. Yes, that’s the worry with modular helmets and as you say, it can be a roll of the dice. My worries were well founded as last week a Co-Rider friend of mine with a valiant was involved in an accident. We’ve definitely seen this configuration before. Óptima ventilación en frente y parte trasera logrando una muy buena circulación de aire. I point out the issues only so you can decide whether you can accept them. I am coming from a Shoei Neotec I, which is miserable in hot weather and LOUD. The shielding mechanism of this helmet has to be up and cracked for the chin bar mechanism to work. Finally on safety, the Valiant is fastened using a micrometric 2 chin strap – that’s a micrometric fastener with a metal ratchet instead of the old plastic version. Essentially the LS2 Valiant is a flipfront with a difference, with a chinbar that pivots up before sliding over the top of the shell to rest at the back of the helmet. Welcome to our breakdown of the LS2 Valiant helmet that was released in the spring of 2018. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add-ons like a breathguard and chin curtains are a lack, but they would both make it impossible to slide the chinbar back over the shell. For other helmets that have proven they’ll give superior impact protection in the Snell test, look here. No! They’re exiting out the back, and it’s going to create a cooling factor in the helmet.

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